How Mindy Kaling is bringing awareness to pancreatic cancer after mother's death

The actress and author of "Nothing Like I Imagined" discusses the importance of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ representation in the White House and her mother's advice she still keeps in mind.
6:38 | 11/30/20

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Transcript for How Mindy Kaling is bringing awareness to pancreatic cancer after mother's death
Mean detailing his living a busy life and a lot township got a brand new baby in a title or an all. She worked in on season two of her immune net flicks series never have I ever plus she's author of the new book nothing like I'd imagine so. We just glad she had admitted to come in and CS. So please welcome back. And detailing hey Lindsay. I did it you're all pretty. So good things. So it is sunny and Mindy and congratulations. On giving birth to your son Spencer I love that Naimi was born in September. And you managed to keep this a secret from everyone outside of your close circle. Until he was born please tell us how you were able to do that and what has it been like really just being a mom of two. And a pandemic. We're lucky for me was every Lennon was at home wearing sweat pants and show I didn't look at much different than ever. Knee. And I could just kind of quietly because its privacy of my home so it. Many of us have quietly become huge and we don't have babies to show for it but. You know released your third but nothing like I imagine last month it that really funny and also very personal collection of SE. About your life with stories about being a single mom how you deal with social anxiety Hollywood party and your daily life as a producer writer now you wrote this book. Before the pandemic happened instead you're a little scared of what the reaction would be to it. Why and what has the reaction Ben. Kelyn name was eighty Britney done in his army was it really politically charged time eighty and we all remember that but Monday rich you. In July where. And a Sheen showed a photo. Sunset or your avocado accounts. I don't wait we shouldn't there is so much going on in the country are important and we everything. I see is our shiny air observational really personal in general. Air you know I wanted to say something funny aren't worried at bullets daily landed. Or dairy here cannot this year it. It ended up seeing is that people are so. Nasty I am what's been going on in the world that they actually we're looking forward to something later. Yes cents while comedy is there for me to release tension very often. That's effects of the beauty of company now. So. But come on Harris going to be the first he now we act and Indian vice president pretty Ed. What does it mean to you to have someone in the White House who represents you and your family basically. Or amazing to me airing out. Indian and having you good at her own. That there may ease somebody in the White House who is looking durst as a clean. And encouraged that we can. Not very guarded for her I voted for her because it issues that identity is very important you know when you grow a and everyone all your favorite shows and TV and you know it literally the exception it will eat any extra there all our way. As you sort of start aching like okay I see myself. In enlighten people in politics in an entertainment exit a house that night -- absolutely incredible and it really makes. In the summer like her ink that she can all she wore a foundered and air yeah. To me and I love your policy now it's not just about her being Indian are Indian like let's eliminate private residence she wants to give citizenship to treat her she thinks that. Care should be ready not a privilege terror outer. Her allotted fairies and she's an exciting person in the White House. Absolutely and November Mindy is pancreatic cancer awareness month and your mom. Sadly passed away from this disease in 2012 and that you're doing incredible work you've teamed up with the pancreatic cancer action network for a new PSA. Please tell us about because it's just so very important. Each year you know and Candice idling rule her as did tigers. Entered as an eleven inch legs the doctor at the act. Eight and rolls and told chased each working cancer and her family history that she is Connie Slinger so I'm chartering a cane candy has. Devastating illness digital I percent. Survival rate. I breast cancer current and Terry and get a mammogram Merkel announced. Early theories and diagnostic apps that tell you the air it's just important it is my. Whereas getting each Tuesday so I'm here. It worked and I really letting them anywhere around is kind of money. Double so anything you know like all of these organizations are certain. Also we're telling organizations like there's a little bit matters because it's bringing awareness. I I really hurt I get. When you talk about your mom and you've said that you asked your mother for advice. Before she passed away we all have so many regrets about the things that we should have said before they went to now. And out some made me if you've got something what what was the the advice that she gave him. Given all. It is nice that there anybody that I remember almost Dee Lee. It is thanks to you have to be your earned best friend. And Aaron. I eight didn't really understand that but you know when I went through my destructive periods and make when he is nearly. Where you went area where his. Arlington look at there are saying no or her son. You know not to hear my cells physically ice feeling added ice has I was shocked me back to battery. And I think Lee. Hire her you rule out advice to president would give otter. Listen there it's brilliant advice and we will make said that folks. Go to our website for more information about how to give Japan can't my friend Patrick passed from the same things I want to make sure that I am. Doing something as well so thanks for common Intel in the so fast test. Mindy telling you a welcome here anytime of the day and night because you just you just all that we just Adori so thanks for coming back.

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"The actress and author of \"Nothing Like I Imagined\" discusses the importance of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ representation in the White House and her mother's advice she still keeps in mind.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74464395","title":"How Mindy Kaling is bringing awareness to pancreatic cancer after mother's death","url":"/theview/video/mindy-kaling-bringing-awareness-pancreatic-cancer-mothers-death-74464395"}