Olivia Munn speaks about assault on friend's mom, rise in Asian American hate crimes

“The Asian community, my community, we have not really felt seen," the actress said on "The View" about the recent wave of violence against Asian Americans after her friend’s mother was attacked.
7:46 | 02/26/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olivia Munn speaks about assault on friend's mom, rise in Asian American hate crimes
Ever since the outbreak of cope in nineteen assaults on Asian Americans have increase of alarming numbers. And one such attack personally affected the life of actress Olivia mine who's here to tell us how she use the power of social media. To help please welcome Olivia mod. Hello welcome to the show Olivea nice to see you. Used to CT banks are having reeks. Sure so last week in your friend's mom was attacked by a man in Queens New York. Tell us what happened to her and house how she's doing now. Yeah my friend's mom was waiting in line at the bakery to get some arts and Arizona. I ever bought altercation red. The studies unit video and then he pressure. And and and it escalated and as you see their issue is. Shops so. Viciously about issue is curled horizontally and air hurt each still flailing she hits a metal newspaper stand box and I'm as it goes on contest. Massive Cashner had. And armed. Thankfully there's a bystander that saw what happens followed the guy got teachers are and and because we had such good pictures where able to put that out and social media and the NYPD was an able to find and arrest him. Well Olivier you were instrumental in helping the police find the suspect in this attack. He used social media but how did you do it and how did you react when he found out the suspect was caught. Because I had those great pictures I was able to just. Going to social media asking her not to do their thing and help us find this guy I also DM. The NYPD on against Graham and said we have these pictures it's happened in my car all I don't want to poster out almost immediately. And about ways. One afternoon and the very next morning I wake up. I have a DM from the NYPD saying we are a guide because of social media because we add such. An influx of tips from people on line Aaron and we found a guy west and the very emotional morning for me because. For so long. The Asian community my community we have not really felt scene that. Aren't important to anybody else and that we just kind of have it taken on the Jennings he's going to show the fact backed. You know I asked people to help and they did. And it came to this conclusion was just a really emotional moment partly because just outback. It felt like my people were seen a little bit more that day. Well the man who attacks your friend's mom was charged with harassment and assault but not a hate crime. Why isn't this being labeled as a hate crime. My understanding it's difficult arm because you have to. They after that say things that are. In our our our. Racist and it's hard with this community in particular especially because some many of the hate crimes against elder people in our community so. The armed my friend's mom. Debt doesn't speak English very well so weather heats and something raised or not she and it. Repeat that back to the police officers honored and said that makes it very difficult. However I must say that whether or not hate crimes are explicitly charged in this case. We can't ignore that fact that there has been astronomical rise. In attacks are on the Asian communities since the pandemic was weaponized against. So I don't know how they go about extremists I'm not a politician now lawmaker by its. We we can't ignore their correlation between the two. That's exactly what I want to talking about but also. You know I think it's time pardon for a Friday group that feels attacked. To Cary Smartphones to two be able to memorialize their. It's made such a difference for the African American community would minority community you see something tape they polled state. Scream about it. But look it just made ever happens to this center and trump spent four years. Drumming up hate. In this country. Wave comments and he focused on aviation community he called the me that Kobe to the China virus. Do you think his hateful rhetoric led to this increase in net tax. On the Asian community that we're seeing all across the country. You know scientists. Discourage. People from associating antivirus wit any country. Or place. They encourage world leaders to use the scientific. And I do believe that. Fist astronomical rise and hate crimes against Asians is a direct cause of the refusal to do. Olivier said that more people need to speak up about anti Asian crimes because the older generation in this community is sometimes afraid to say any thing. Tell us about that. Yeah it's a cultural thing and my community. People. Armed don't really understand that. You know win most most my my mother my grandma my mother is a refugee from get. It they she came in your not speaking a language. And it's just really wanted to. Survive and be an American and so a lot of the elders and our community. They are conditioned to not cause anyways we are conditioned to be second it is at that is simply exists in this country. Arm and survived and make it through it is enough it's not. We're not they're not asking to drive and I asked in to be treated equally they're just asking that simply. Not die and that's not enough that's not OK and that's the problem is that there are what was stands on Sam's mom. My granny saw that video she went to the hospital came back where seven to ten stitches in the middle are hard. And she walks in the house. And she. Kept turning away from Sam's she when it let. Her son's see her face and he had to stop currency like mom what happened is she wasn't going to all of these or do anything because that's the condition which is. We take it on the chin and we keep going and we don't want to cause any waves by. Our generation my generation. It's our job to. To show our hair's a short grandparents that they paved every single road for us. And now we have to take them back to getting and I road and walk them down it. And show them how say it can be and show them that we are here that we belong here and now we are Americans. Now we can be safe in our country and said. That's what we are trying to do right now by ample financed by cutting Sam go to at least with his mother. Which Sony she didn't want to do it all she doesn't like getting in its attention. She's very conditioned to. To think that she doesn't deserves. Armed any of this love and support its tests. Arm it's just a very sad part of our community by we are trying very very hard you. To let them know that they raise us right and that we are here to speak up that we are get a fight for them we are getting better about it. Yes well I hope that. Does your appearance on our show helped to raise awareness of this issue he doing a very good job yourself thanks so much Olivea mind.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"“The Asian community, my community, we have not really felt seen,\" the actress said on \"The View\" about the recent wave of violence against Asian Americans after her friend’s mother was attacked.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76139853","title":"Olivia Munn speaks about assault on friend's mom, rise in Asian American hate crimes","url":"/theview/video/olivia-munn-speaks-assault-friends-mom-rise-asian-76139853"}