Pete Buttigieg addresses appealing to black voters

The presidential candidate discusses why black voters are important to him, as well as Mike Bloomberg’s entry into the field.
3:26 | 02/06/20

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Transcript for Pete Buttigieg addresses appealing to black voters
So Bloomberg, let's talk about him for a second because he got a boost in Iowa. He wasn't even there and he got a boost in Iowa. There's something about this guy besides his money, that people are responding to. Does that make you angry that he wasn't there, doesn't go to any of the debates and just throws his money in and has these incredible ads he's throwing or does it make you envious? I'm not envious. There's no other candidate I'd rather trade places with right now. But I do think if you want to be president of the United States, at some point you actually have to look people in the eye and let them ask you questions and let them kick the tires on your ideas and stand up among your competitors and debate who's got the best vision for the country. He's going to do that eventually. Eventually, I guess. Part of the idea of the role of the early states, south Carolina, Nevada, Iowa, where we just were, New Hampshire where we are now, is to force candidates to actually have human contact. That's so important so you can't just purchase the presidency by throwing money onto the airways, but I know this, as somebody who according to Forbes magazine I'm the least wealthy person running forg president. I was certainly among the least well known. Well, you're the youngest. And the youngest. And have come to this point. What that shows me is that Americans at the end of the day are not going to look just for the biggest name. They're going to look for who's offering answers on how their lives are going to be better. To me every election comes down to one question, how is my life going to be different if you're president instead of you. I think we have the best answers to those questions and we will continue to campaign on them. Okay. Now, when you were here before, we discussed the issues you've had with black voters, and I don't hold a lot of stock in the Iowa results because I don't think Iowa is representative of the democratic party and the country at all. It has 4% black population. And you know that for the past 30 years the democratic nominee has not been able to win without the black vote. Nationally you're only polling around 2% with black voters. There was a report recently in "The New York Times" about problems within your own campaign, citing employees of color who didn't feel that they were being heard within your campaign and you've had some difficulty hiring a more diverse what are you doing to address those issues within your campaign, and how do you get that black vote? What that story reflected are the steps that we took as a campaign, the steps that are unprecedented in presidential campaigns to make sure that everybody was heard. And I'm proud of having built a campaign that's over 40% people of color, including in leadership and key positions. It makes us a better campaign. You did have retreats, some retreats. Conversations, structures and continuing to make sure that we get that right internally but externally I also understand why black voters are skeptical. Look, black voters, I'm thinking in particular about black women who have been the backbone of the democratic party. You need us. But not only in order to win --. Someone said he's got it. Not only to win but to deserve to win. What kind of country will we be if we're not closing the gender pay gap. What country will we be if we fail to continue to deliver the economic empowerment for entrepreneurs of color. They're playing our song.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"The presidential candidate discusses why black voters are important to him, as well as Mike Bloomberg’s entry into the field.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68804858","title":"Pete Buttigieg addresses appealing to black voters","url":"/theview/video/pete-buttigieg-addresses-appealing-black-voters-68804858"}