Rahm Emanuel explains Bernie Sanders' campaign strategy

Rahm Emanuel, the former chief of staff to Barack Obama, discusses the possibility of Sanders becoming the Democratic nominee and the reason why other candidates aren’t dropping out of the race just yet.
7:40 | 02/24/20

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Transcript for Rahm Emanuel explains Bernie Sanders' campaign strategy
So, three states have cast their votes so far in the primary. What's your take on all of this I'm facing east and I'm praying. No, so here's -- look, my take on it is we have a long way to go. This is not insightful but Bernie Sanders is the front-runner and after super Tuesday if nothing changes he'll have be the presumptive nominee. Not after South Carolina, but after super Tuesday. Here's why I would just step back, look at president Clinton's elections, president Obama's elections and the two national midterms, 2016 and 2018, the playbook is pretty straightforward which is you do well in the urban areas, and don't get killed in the rural parts, that's how you win. Bernie Sanders is basically saying, I don't need that strategy, I'm going to turn out the democratic base, I would just say you have six, not one, six models of success and it's not an accident the 2018 election. That's the survival of the fittest. To me this is, you know, where I agree with you, number one goal -- get him out. Number two goal -- get him out. Number three goal -- get him out. And I know we're in Vegas but I'm not playing the roulette table on this. You've been in democratic politics forever. President Obama's chief of mayor of Chicago. Throughout this entire election you've one of the people sounding the alarm Bernie's socialism and pie in the sky policy proposals may not look. They'll look at any other candidate with him he's the hard line and they'll go to trump. Why dpamable in this way? The democratic base has no control anymore, it's just about what the base wants. There's a split here, one is, the base of the party has gotten more Progressive. But that's not a winning strategy for the general election. Remember, in the last hundred years, four presidents have lost re-election, Hoover, depression. Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and George Bush 41 all recessions. Something can happen in the next nine months. Therefore, this has to thread the needle, what's interesting, you have a number of people who say, I'll never vote for trump. On the other hand, they're saying, you'll give me Bernie I'm not voting there. We want those voters, we want them in the camp, number one, two, three goal -- get him out. That's why to me is crazy. That said, it's not just congressional. We have a real shot at the senate. Not without Bernie at the top. What's at stake, government mansions, statehouse and you mentioned the supreme court there. I have mentioned before. I was doing it in code. Like this. Arizona -- Going to be a swing state. It's going to be a swing state. You know, it could be a swing state and I'd say the top two states right now are Arizona and Wisconsin. Well, you know, lot of folks are saying then the establishment figures in the democratic party need to step up and start talking, when do you think is the time where your old boss president Barack Obama is going to weigh in, because there are reports that president Obama does not think that Bernie should be the nominee. Let me just say, I don't think that's good idea. Because I think it could be another way to pivot off the establishment. Here's what I think, the candidates in the field. A bit amateur hour, you're in Vegas, you're attacking Bloomberg who's not on the ballot. The guy that's the front-runner sitting to the immediate right. And he's right there. And two years ago, one of the worst mass shootings in America history is in Vegas and nobody brings it up. Number two, where did Bernie Sanders have his heart attack? Nevada. Did anyone ask him D you use medicare or your government-provided senate health care plan? Which one did you put down when you went to the hospital? Five more minutes I can give you 20 more questions and let your emotions about Bloomberg putting $400 million down cloud and I can take a few of those, all of us could have fun with that. You go and attack Bloomberg not on the ballot. The guy who's the front-runner you don't try to grab the coat tails. Don't you think that will happen tomorrow? It's a real referendum on the debate moderators. But they're not running. Right. They're listening to you right now. I had the exact thought you're having, why are you going after Bloomberg when Bernie is the front-runner? Listen -- So, in 2016 -- I used to walk into Leon pannetta's office in the morning, Leon would look at me and go, are you sure you're not tie tallian? Not Italian enough to date your daughter. The other candidates refused to dropped out. So, now, we have the same dilemma here, klobuchar is very low and buttigieg. Do you think they will do the right thing and they can solidify the moderate voters? Here's what's interesting at this time, you know in '92, '96, 2008 and 2012, the times I have done presidential politics, if you placed third or fourth consistently you would have been out by now but because of the change if fund-raising and the internet, candidates running third and fourth, I have $20 million, you know, okay, lightning is strike one day so they don't have to get out. I have better jokes than the

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"Rahm Emanuel, the former chief of staff to Barack Obama, discusses the possibility of Sanders becoming the Democratic nominee and the reason why other candidates aren’t dropping out of the race just yet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69180184","title":"Rahm Emanuel explains Bernie Sanders' campaign strategy","url":"/theview/video/rahm-emanuel-explains-bernie-sanders-campaign-strategy-69180184"}