Rep. Tim Ryan tells 'The View' he's 'going to run for president of the United States'

The Ohio congressman announces his candidacy for president on "The View" and shares how he'll stand out among other candidates.
11:58 | 04/04/19

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Transcript for Rep. Tim Ryan tells 'The View' he's 'going to run for president of the United States'
In 2016 Donald Trump flipped representative Tim Ryan's home county in Ohio from blue to red for the first time in 44 years. On the promise of bringing jobs back. But they recently lost 4,500 jobs and $3 billion to the local economy with the closure of a local automotive plant. So is this Democrat ready to take on trump? Let's ask him. Please welcome congressman Tim Ryan. You can get into that whole thing in a second about how the plant closed. You've run for office before. Yes. This is not your first day at the rodeo. No. Are you going to run again now? So, this country as you all know you talk about it every single day here, it's divided. This has been going on a long time. Our country has been divided for a long time. I can go back into the late 1970s to when Youngstown sheet and tube closed and my father lost his job. Going back 20 years my cousin Donny, his last act at the factory was to unbolt a machine, put it in a crate and send it to China. I can go back a few weeks where my daughter called me crying from school because her friend was crying to her her dad just got transferred at the local general motors plant, the kids had to move. My daughter called me and said you have to do something. I said I'm going to do something. I'm going to run for president of the United States. We're going to make sure this doesn't happen anymore. So you're running? Yeah. All right. I love that you made it official right here on "The view." Right here. First time ever on the show. Why not? You get lucky you might get two baby bassinets. There's something to "The view" bump, the campaign bump. What's going to make you different? Trump was the first Republican president to win your county. You talk about the coastal domination of the Democrat party. They miss the rust belt states. What will make you different? I think the same thing. I understand the legacy of job loss. In the last 17, 18, 19 years in public office I've been working hard to figure out what the heck we do next. I understand where we need to go. The country is so divided right now that we can't get a plan together. The first thing we have to do is unify. There's so many industries out there growing. Wind and solar growing 25% to 30% a year. Electric vehicles, there's 2 million made today. By 2030 there will be 30 million electric vehicles. I want those vehicles made in the United States. I want the batteries made in the United States. I want the charging stations made in the United States. Right now China dominates 40% of the electrical vehicle market. Isn't that what trump did though? Here's trump's problem, among several. He plays the old school politics. He wants to go back to the old economy. He's talking about old steel mills and old coal mines. I'm saying where are our kids going to work? How do we come together, the best of government, the best of the workforce, the best of the free enterprise system and dominate so we're creating jobs? Then at the end of the day cut the worker in on the deal. Trump has been full of promises and hasn't delivered anything. Tax cuts. That's been the answer for everything since 1980. What happened? Wages are stagnate. The average person -- 30% to 40% of the average family in the United States could not withstand a $400 to $500 emergency. How come 70% of the country feels like we're in good economic times? Not where I come from. I went to school at notre dame and Indiana. I'm familiar with the middle of the country. Most people describe you as a centrist Democrat. You're a recreational hunter. What? What? Me and you and a duck blind. You were an NRA member. What? What? That's where you lose me. You were an NRA member up until four years ago. You were pro-life. How do you win over Progressives within the democratic party? I've got a really long record around Progressive politics especially when I comes to the economy. Voted against the bush tax cuts. Voted against the trump tax cuts. Believe in investment into lifting people up, closing the opportunity gaps that exist in our society. So I'm a Progressive who knows how to talk to working class people. I know how to get elected in working class districts. At the end of the day the Progressive agenda is what's best for working class families. We've got to go there and tell people why we're the best party. We stopped going to working class towns. Farmers have not made a profit in five years. There is a recession in rural America. Democrats need to go there and explain why the Progressive agenda is the agenda for them. Congressman Ryan, I used to talk about you on Fox News. We're fist pumping about things we have in common. I understand you're a Progressive. I interpreted you as not being as Progressive as the majority of candidates. I think you'll get attacked by people in your own party. You tried to challenge Nancy Pelosi as party leader. How are you going to win over the Progressive wing of the party who think that is the green new deal is the most important challenge for Americans right now? I'm just going to be myself and be for the things I've always been for. I think that most Progressives will see that as a candidate that cannot only advance a Progressive agenda, but also win. I can win western Pennsylvania, I can win Ohio and I can win that means Donald Trump is going back to mar-a-lago full time. Oh, god, no. I'm from Florida. If I can say quickly, what we have to talk about -- when people say Tim is a centrist, I believe we need to reform government. We can't just go ask people for tax dollars to dump into a broken health care system, a broken food system, a broken environment system, a broken educational system. We can't just ask people to pay more taxes and dump it into those broken systems. 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{"duration":"11:58","description":"The Ohio congressman announces his candidacy for president on \"The View\" and shares how he'll stand out among other candidates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62175106","title":"Rep. Tim Ryan tells 'The View' he's 'going to run for president of the United States'","url":"/theview/video/rep-tim-ryan-tells-view-run-president-united-62175106"}