Reps for Colin Kaepernick release 'fact sheet' in open letter

"The View" co-hosts discuss the NFL's treatment of the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who's known for taking a knee to protest racial injustice.
4:21 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for Reps for Colin Kaepernick release 'fact sheet' in open letter
So earlier this year, Colin Kaepernick settled his grievance with the NFL that the league punished him for taking a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice, but his agent says the NFL teams are still refusing to try Colin out, and that he's never seen any athlete more ostracized than Colin Kaepernick at the moment. Why is he still being punished? That's what I don't understand, and his agent sent a two-page letter out yesterday to the media, and I thought it was fascinating because his agent has been an agent for 25 years, and he's represented multiple starting quarterbacks, all pro ball players and he says Colin has been working out five days a week for three years in preparation to play again. He wants to play. Eric reed, his teammate who also knelt is playing, and he's reached out to all 32 teams and not one team contrary to what I had read in the press, has reached out to even let him try out. Let him try out. I don't understand that. Do you think for them it's like -- they're thinking business? They're thinking if you are a coach, it's, like, I want to make money and I want ratings. You remember when this all happened, the ratings dropped 17%. They're ticking back up and they're better. Not because they were kneeling, but because the guy in the white house turned this thing into -- he turned it into something it wasn't. You know what else turned it into something that it wasn't? Who? Do tell? The Russians. He said, some of the campaigns, #takeaknee, #standfortheanthem, these were Russians. Say that one more time. The hashtag campaign warring against each other, stand for the#takeaknee was being promoted by Russia, and it came out during the Mueller investigation. I know nothing about football, but I know his name and I know his social impact, and because of him, there has been a highlighting of the injustices of the judicial system, and the judicial reform. Yes. And so I can't tell you whether he should be playing or not. I don't know what a football looks like, but I can tell you he has made a difference in our debate, and he has made this part of the national debate. Yes, and I think -- that is wonderful, and he's of course is socially active, but because you are socially active and you are using your constitutional right of protest, peaceful protest by the way, should you have your career taken from you, what you are most passionate about? Should that be taken away from you? Is that American? This is a conversation. Apparently it is because this is how things go down. Yeah. I will say that, you know, he is a player who should be with all the quarterbacks falling Mm-hmm, yeah. That's a great point. He should be playing somewhere. The idea that you are ostracizing this man because he is saying there's something wrong, and I see it, and this is what I can do. I'm not taking off time. I'm not going my job. I'm coming to work, but I'm telling you in America I'm allowed to do this, and to have people turn it into what it's not when it is very clear this is exactly what he's talking about. Yes. Because nobody questioned Tim Tebow. No. Tim Tebow took a knee. Now they said he was, you know, they said he did it for the national anthem played, but I don't understand the difference. If you are not supposed to take a knee, nobody should take a knee. Or if you are praying to god or you're praying to whomever -- Make a decision. Make a decision. And one thing that this agent clears up for the football people out there, I'm so sick of reading people saying, he wasn't a good quarterback, and he doesn't have the stats. That is not true. Please read this because he is worthy. He is better, and just -- or just as good as people that are in the league right now. Also remembering -- Let him play. -- What the fact is. You can look it up and see what's there. And that's what we know.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the NFL's treatment of the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who's known for taking a knee to protest racial injustice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66214823","title":"Reps for Colin Kaepernick release 'fact sheet' in open letter","url":"/theview/video/reps-colin-kaepernick-release-fact-sheet-open-letter-66214823"}