Ricky Schroder confronts store employee

After the CDC relaxed guidelines for fully vaccinated people, “The View” co-hosts discuss the confusion it’s caused and react to the actor’s viral confrontation with a store employee wearing a mask.
9:26 | 05/17/21

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Transcript for Ricky Schroder confronts store employee
The CDC announcement about relaxing safety guidelines is getting very different reactions. Some aren't quite ready to leave the masks at home and think others should think the same way. Some people think the pandemic is over, like maybe actor Ricky Schroeder who is going viral for confronting a Costco employee in take a look. Nationwide Costco said you don't need to wear a mask. That's not accurate. What's accurate? Mid June California -- If they grant us that, our kings, the people in power. They destroyed our economy. They're destroying our state. You're just going to listen to their rules? We're going to follow the guidelines. I'm getting my refund from Costco. Schroeder apologized to the employee, but said he stands by the greater point. Joy, what point was he making in your opinion? He's making the point that he's not that bright and he's not very nice. People in Costco and other businesses are doing their job. You know, I mean, it's confusing right now. I was confused over the weekend because they said you could take your mask off inside. I've been fully vaccinated. I went into the super market and the butcher yells out joy, put your mask on. I didn't know the butcher. He knows me and decides to tell everybody I'm breaking the law. I said, I thought I could take my mask off. He said Cuomo hasn't said so yet. That's the rule in New York state. These businesses have the right, really, to tell people what to do in their buildings I think. Ricky Schroeder is out of control. Didn't this guy give money to Rittenhouse? He gave money to the defense fund of that Rittenhouse guy who shot a protester or two. What do you expect from him? Well, sunny, is the honor system that people are vaccinated something we can rely on, people saying that they're vaccinated even though they're finding fake cards that have vaccination information on them? Should we just take folks' word for it and keep it moving? I don't think we can. You know, experts verify that. There's an expert Michael Mccullough, he's a psychology professor and he said the guidance will enable unvaccinated people to flout the rules with impunity. About 25% of the population said they'll never get vaccinated. The guidelines are if you are vaccinated you can take off your mask outdoors. You can take off your mask indoors. That's the CDC guidance. Unvaccinated people need to wear their mask. How do we tell who is vaccinated and isn't vaccinated? The honor system, I don't think, will work. People will lie. Psychology experts say of course people are going to lie. There are no consequences to lying other than their own personal health. What I'm worried about, whoopi, is what happens when there are states that have this low vaccination rates and those people are lying to each other and we see a spike again. I think we'll be in a never ending loop and that concerns me. Okay. Meghan, is it going to -- what is it going to take you think for people to get comfortable following not just the science, but their own science, what is comfortable for them? Do you think people just have to do what they feel is best for them rather than get all flustered by the 500,000 messages we're getting? Yes. I mean, I don't think there's differentiaing in science. Science is science. I've been lectured to for years as a Republican about climate change saying follow the science. Follow the science when you get vaccinated and you have a 90% chance -- 90% not risking infection or that was -- I'm the risk of infection was reduced by 90% after two shots. I'm vaccinvaccinated. I'm back to life. I will not wear a mask unless I'm required to in a business. I'll respect what businesses want. It's irrational and emotional especially when the CDC director is saying we're coming up on impending doom. If there was impending doom, Florida and Texas would health scapes of deaths and that's not what's happening. My family and friends in Arizona are living life normal. There's not impending doom. There's not fire and fury. This is irrational. People are reacting emotionally and not showing science. I want to show a clip of Rachel Maddow. I feel like I have to rewire myself and when I see someone not wearing a mask I don't think you're a threat, or selfish or have been vaccinated. We have to rewire the way we look at each other because the CDC's guidance is if you're vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask except in specific circumstances. The CDC guidance changed in one week. It was political. We have to go back to work. Inflation numbers are bad and unemployment is bad. I'm over the politicalization. We have to go back to life. We have to go back to work. I don't think Ricky Schroeder is helping things by harassing employees. I implore the same people that told me to follow science for the past year, you follow science as well. I'm going to throw my two cents in, Sara, before I come to you. The science may be there, but we're in a city where lots of people come from all over the world all the time. If folks are just getting their vaccinations, if people are just maybe coming through, people are uncomfortable. I don't think it's emotional. I think it's people feeling like, listen, you spent the last half year telling me not everybody has been vaccinated. If the whole country got the vaccination, I think a lot of people would be more comfortable. They don't. Sara, when we come back, we'll come right to you. Please forgive me for jumping you. We'll be right back. Announcer: Still ahead, micro aggressions? How will new claims of bad behavior and an extra marital affair impact the reputation and legacy of Microsoft billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates? 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{"duration":"9:26","description":"After the CDC relaxed guidelines for fully vaccinated people, “The View” co-hosts discuss the confusion it’s caused and react to the actor’s viral confrontation with a store employee wearing a mask.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77739413","title":"Ricky Schroder confronts store employee","url":"/theview/video/ricky-schroder-confronts-store-employee-77739413"}