Ronan Farrow talks Harvey Weinstein and Rose McGowan

The author of “Catch and Kill” discusses the great lengths Harvey Weinstein went to in an effort to prevent his reporting.
4:15 | 10/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ronan Farrow talks Harvey Weinstein and Rose McGowan
So among one of the reasons why you're brave is Harvey winstein went to great lengths to keep this under wraps. He hired Israeli spies to follow you and other reporters around. That's insane. He tried to pressure you not to finish this story. I'm very careful when I tell the story to not do it in a way that's woe is me. I'm not a journalist in Pakistan or Russia or any of the places you wind up dead if you go against power, but it is true that even in this country, there are crazy, exotic, cloak and dagger tactics that get thrown at you if you go up against the wrong interest. In this case, Harvey Weinstein did as you said, hire an Israeli intelligence firm called black cube. They sent agents using false identities saying they were sources. They sent sub contractors, two Russian guys who are characters in the book to stake me out and chase me, and here's the thing -- You can't make this up. You can't make it up, and people keep saying it, like, it's a spy thriller and it's easy to be glib about that, but those tactics should stay in spy thrillers and not be directed at journalists in this country where we have the first amendment. Yeah. You also write and the book by the way is fantastic. Thank you, sunny. It is fantastic. I have to say that, but Weinstein hired the secret operatives and they posed as victims or sympathetic reporters to trick accusers into trusting them, and one of their big targets by rose Mcgowan Rose Mcgowan I think people will be outraged when they learn the full extent of what she went there was a secret undercover operative, secretly recording her who infiltrated her life to the point where she thought they were close friends, and she said at one point, I can't trust anyone in the world but you, Diana, whose name was not Diana who was working for this Israeli spy firm and passing recordings back to her alleged rapist. Unbelievable. Yeah. Victims were so afraid to cross Weinstein. You called a producer at one point, and the advice they gave you was get a gun. Were there are nights you went to bed and thought, is this worth it? Is living like this worth getting the truth out? We're all in this profession, and we're not the story. We're talking about the story, and it's very awkward and I talk in the book about my struggle where I didn't want to talk about this part of it because I wanted the focus to be on the sources who were so brave, and I kept it on them, and as I learned there was a community of reporters intimidated in this way, and it's so important to hold the powerful accountable in this country, I realized that's important to talk about. I was told to get a gun by several sources. Did you get one? What I say in the book stands. I did a little target practice and I find I'm not that great a I did -- I moved out and I was scared, and my mom was scared for me, and that's not as bad as it can get for reporters. Are you still scared? You know, I face a lot of intimidation. You see how smear campaigns rev up every time I break a big, tough story. I have been so grateful that the public has rallied around this kind of reporting. I think just as sources are brave and they keep coming forward and saying enough, the public is saying enough at this point. One thing that I just thought was horrible, that Harvey Weinstein did bring your sister, Dylan into it. Yes. I thought that was beyond the pale, but he argued -- he called your estranged father, woody Allen and argued that the situation with your sister, woody maintains his innocence, that you had an agenda. He said, you couldn't save someone you love, and now you think you can save everyone. Look. When I do these stories, sometimes there's a very below the belt personal attempt to weaponize things like this. That was it. Including really painful things in my past. The book is very honest about the fact that my sister and the bravery she showed in sticking to her guns on this story year after year, inspired me and helped me understand how important this issue was. I wasn't always perfect. Sometimes I was the guy saying, why can't you just move on? Why can't you shut up? I came to understand how important what she was doing was. Well, there's more to come.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"The author of “Catch and Kill” discusses the great lengths Harvey Weinstein went to in an effort to prevent his reporting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66266829","title":"Ronan Farrow talks Harvey Weinstein and Rose McGowan","url":"/theview/video/ronan-farrow-talks-harvey-weinstein-rose-mcgowan-66266829"}