Senator Kamala Harris plans to legalize marijuana

"The View" co-hosts talk about the presidential candidate saying she smoked weed in college and the need to legalize marijuana on a federal level.
4:35 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for Senator Kamala Harris plans to legalize marijuana
Come on Harris she's a democratic presidential candidate Connell Harris sat down with big breakfast club radio show yesterday. And she could surprise some people by making this admission watch there are a lot of reasons one we need to have you smoked. Oak or anti agenda and hail I didn't I didn't handle it and get it. Palin is a long time ago but it definitely the. So who legalize dog to. Medicinal would you you know do it. Listen I think many in line in July and be like. Yeah I'm not a lot of she sounds like she's high write that up. Get they giggled as. It and it's so is that gonna put some voters off what will they appreciate the honest they and it might be noted that when she was a prosecutor you might know this. She was not for this Wright guy now I mean you. When your prosecutor your enforcing the laws on the books and I think it was enough. 2010. She you know she voiced support for medical marijuana legalization five years later but she prosecuted these kinds of cases as did a high. But I think her evolution on the fuse sort of mirror what's going on in our country because his. I think we have over thirty states grade fifth 33 states have legalized medical marijuana. And ten states plus Washington DC have now legalize marijuana for recreational use for adults over 21 from behind you know. Someone that. Still feels I'm I'm not. I'm certainly import with medical marijuana I'm not so sure about recreational marijuana but there's just been a real cheat inch. I'm pretty liberal on this deal actually think we should legalize marijuana lot of people feel I think we should across the country. I've always struggled with the fact that you can go when you can drink as much alcohol as you wanna get completely obliterated. But then you get caught with it with marijuana but it happens and then he would get them on our make a riot. You know but a lot little say it's you know it's it's said. Gateway tip to other drugs I don't know that I feel that way it might my sense is it. We're gonna see down the road like gay marriage carries it right channel already get there at some point we we as well as a matter of time and it you know. How long it's gonna take it's to get your I don't I'm in favor of it doesn't bother there's just so much. Drinking. Children under the age of 21 and drinking and driving I just wonder how how quickly the law can catch up with people drive being. And kids driving yet driving stoned and didn't -- and kids using marijuana under the age of 21 how are we going to deal with. Back I'm Tucker went unanswered of legalizing it to you for a lot of different reasons eight I think people I do think it brings joy to people. I think the medicinal benefits especially when it comes to brain cancer no pleasure alert I I don't understand why it still statement typed especially in a medical whale we can help people to the epilepsy their studies that summit it's really up about what these so I would love to. The political aspects of cop accomplice to me interview. Is she is cotton a weird why she said she smoked listening to Tupac and snoop dog she graduated from Howard University 1986 and finished law school in 1989. Two packs debut album came out 1991 snoops in 1993. Because he's either smoking marijuana after the time she said she is or heard she was listening to different albums or she's just missed remembering in this is getting some play online Italy this thing I would say today to senator Harrison she came on next I was I was really impressed their authenticity isn't. Hillary Clinton was abated task for not trying to be too cool. Don't try and be to call when you're already cool URA you have a really interesting background. You know really interesting career so far just trying to fix our country legally California area in which people might bring having any dog in and took part that's the part where am I just I don't really know what it's. Relevant tasks like when Hillary Clinton said they are under the as a rumor that moment that I reminded me of my hat tossing my act on a radio show like as obviously so why why don't always at your politician will that happen years ago it's like. Now that they are in public office in ever do anything that could be remotely seen as bad. When I like you would real he'll just be honest about will say I think that trump has lowered the bar soon. New. That it's not gonna manor care he smoke some pot during two plot or dirt biggie. We'll adjourn beyoncé are doing. Anything because you know tonight our last night it just it just doesn't my feeling is no matter is there trump I think got marijuana should be mandatory frank. Okay. Still he's out of when he's out of office and they can we send the girl yeah.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts talk about the presidential candidate saying she smoked weed in college and the need to legalize marijuana on a federal level.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61024257","title":"Senator Kamala Harris plans to legalize marijuana","url":"/theview/video/senator-kamala-harris-plans-legalize-marijuana-61024257"}