Can anyone stop Bernie Sanders' momentum?

"The View" co-hosts debate if Sanders' Nevada caucus win is a reckoning for the Democratic candidates.
4:59 | 02/24/20

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Transcript for Can anyone stop Bernie Sanders' momentum?
So, this weekend, apparently Bernie Sanders won in Nevada by a wide margin and has a lot of Democrats completely losing their minds. But here's Bernie's take on it. Don't tell anybody, because these folks get very, very agitated and nervous, we're going win here in Texas. We're going bring our people together. Black and white and Latino, native American, Asian American, gay and straight. So, you know, people keep trying to get everybody worried. This is three races, right? This is three races. And every is saying, you know, the first two may or may not carry at will of weight particularly with voters of color. The first two races didn't really represented that didn't have color. And so, Bernie's won two, Pete has won one. That's three. No? Three races. Iowa, it didn't matter. He won big and he won with basically every demographic except people over 65 and he dominated with Latino voters which I think came as a surprise, it certainly came as a surprise to me. Men women, college educated. He did really well with minority groups. This is like trump to me. Outside fringe candidate. They're fracturing the moderate candidates and he really is like sticking it to the media and lot of people in the media who are angry and upset. Chris Matthews went on MSNBC, comparing I believe France surrendering in World War II. James Carville saying there's no way of him beating trump. I think you not to learn the lessons from 2016. I can see where he's appealing to younger voters. He's for the green deal, you know, young people should be concerned about climatechange. He wants to wipe out student debt, which is a young person's issue. Unless you are still paying your student debt off. He wants to protect abortion rights, as a young person, over 65 don't have to worry about that. I can understand why he's popular with young people. I think that his rage and his anger is appealing to people, he's getting them excited because they're raging and angry also. It's working for him. But I'd like the next debate, the moderates, how are you going pay for all this if the senate and the house are both Republican. If I was on that stage, that would be my question to him. Exactly how are you going to pay for that? The truth be known, every Democrat I spoke to today and yesterday, if he's the nominee I'm voting for him. But it's a question of moderates and the independents and getting them onboard and the never trumpers and people who have a lot of money -- I'd agree with all of that. Because I think if you look at the past, if he wins south Carolina, I think he's the presummit tif nominee. The only person in history thus far or in the past 30 years that has not won every single, I guess, caucus going before super Tuesday was president Clinton and that was 1992. He lost and then swept super Tuesday and then was elected. I think this is Bernie's to lose at this point. He also got this coalition together because people are so angry at establishment politicians, they're so angry at the grid lock that exists in D.C. But Bernie hasn't really been that effective in D.C. Yeah. I think he needs to be questioned on his record. He's supportive of climate change and health care for all, how does he pay for it? What about his positions on gun? What about his other positions very important to Democrats? I think he has to be challenged on a lot of his votes, a lot of his positions and I think we'll see that tomorrow because they're all going to attack the For me, the most important thing that everybody has to remember is this, again, this is the three votes. But there's that argument about how much he's winning by -- For me, there's a whole dmroup of people who haven't been heard from there are many states and many people that still have to ring their bells.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts debate if Sanders' Nevada caucus win is a reckoning for the Democratic candidates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69180170","title":"Can anyone stop Bernie Sanders' momentum?","url":"/theview/video/stop-bernie-sanders-momentum-69180170"}