Did Trump alter hurricane map?

“The View” co-hosts weigh in on the president doubling down on his claim that Alabama could have been hit by Hurricane Dorian after government meteorologists disputed that was the case.
5:16 | 09/05/19

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Transcript for Did Trump alter hurricane map?
everybody out there, this hurricane Dorian is heading toward the Carolinas. You know who is doing damage control for mistakenly, falsely, whatever, tweeting on Sunday that it was headed for Alabama. Now yesterday he doubled down in a show and tell at the white house with a map that seemed to, I don't know, look a little bit doctored, fixed. You take a look. We got lucky in Florida. Very, very lucky indeed. We had actually our original chart said it was going to be hitting Florida directly. Maybe I can just see that, it was going to be hitting directly, and it would have affected a lot of other states, but that was the original chart, and you see it was going to hit not only Florida, but Georgia. It could have -- it was going toward the gulf. That was what we -- what was originally projected. Who is he? Al roker? I mean -- what the -- can we take a look at that just a little bit closer? Because I feel like there is a magic marker. Yeah. Maybe it's me, but you see this line over here? I know. Yeah. This one right here. And it's not real even either. What the hell is going on? I mean it's, like -- It looks really phallic, but okay, everybody. Yes, it does, like it was swollen, just -- I don't know. The white house is admitting this is maybe a little -- I don't know. Why is he concerned? Shouldn't he just say, listen. If you are in the hurricane, get out of the way. Does he need to be the weatherman too? Well, here's the thing. Just because you sleep with somebody named stormy does not make you a weatherman. Badum Ching. Boom. I don't know why he brings up he said it was going to hit Alabama. Alabama is two states west of where the thing was hitting. It's also very dangerous. People are watching this closely, and here an entire state is thinking that the hurricane is headed directly towards them. I'm wondering where his team is. We talked about this this week, the loyalty around him. Who is watching him? We tried. We tried for two years. We're out. The dangerous thing about it as you mentioned, Abby, is people in Alabama probably freaked out. They know better. The national weather service right after said, Alabama will not, all in caps, see any impacts from hurricane Dorian, and I think what's terrible is it's illegal to falsely under federal law, to pass off a doctored national weather service fantastic. Wouldn't it be interesting if this is what took down the president? Can I say something? It's a felony. Go ahead. My favorite news of recent was floating around on Twitter that president trump wanted to nuke a hurricane. It was my favorite, and if you have seen "Chernobyl," any person with any logic knows that's insane, and our good friend is a meteorologist and had to go on fox and clarify and I had to bring the clip because it's so funny. Actually, hurricanes work with nature to -- to move heat. So hurricanes are kind of required in the atmosphere as transference of heat to different areas of the map, of the globe. So even they we would like to stop these things, at this point in time, science says we can't. Science says we can't. Science says we can't. We know how much you appreciate science, you know. But she's going on TV being, like, you can't nuke a hurricane. You can't nuke a hurricane and there's no Superman. He's not going to get up there and fly into the thing and stop the hurricane. He made a mistake, right? He tweeted out and made a mistake. Today was the first day of school for my children, and many children across the country, and I said to both of them. It's okay to make a mistake, kids. It's okay to make a mistake, but the president doesn't think it's okay to make a mistake, and he's going to great lengths to cover up -- Right. He doesn't own it. He just can't own it. I said Alabama, but I'm sorry. It's a mistake. Does everybody believe what we were talking about yesterday? He's in mental decline? He's been a liar for now. Now he's nuking hurricanes and saying Alabama is in the -- being the weatherman. Nuking hurricanes is something a toddler would say to you. Let's talking about Twitter and the response. Yes. Here are a couple of of them if we can pull this up. It says, after today, trump timely found a way to prove he had a large attendance at the inauguration. Here's number two. After all this time waiting, here's finally the border wall. He does nothing. This might be my favorite. Omg, the white house released a new photo of president trump golfing. It's sharpiegate. Yeah. It happens on both sides. Mistakes can be made. Misspeaking can be done.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"“The View” co-hosts weigh in on the president doubling down on his claim that Alabama could have been hit by Hurricane Dorian after government meteorologists disputed that was the case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65411517","title":"Did Trump alter hurricane map?","url":"/theview/video/trump-alter-hurricane-map-65411517"}