Trump feuds with Sen. Gillibrand on Twitter

Trump attacked Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, saying she would "do anything" for campaign contributions, and she responded, "You cannot silence me." "The View" co-hosts discuss the heated exchange.
3:27 | 12/12/17

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Transcript for Trump feuds with Sen. Gillibrand on Twitter
New York senator Kristen Jill brand is calling for who know who to resign over num Ruz sexual harassment allegations and he just responded with a tweet saying she would come to his office begging for campaign contributions not so long ago and would do anything for them. Whoa. What is that implying, may I ask? Do anything for that. Is it sexual favors? What is he saying? The language is a little ho loaded. It's ironic in a sexual harassment conversation to use that. I think it's disgusting. I mean, if my 15-year-old tweeted that out about one of his classmates, his phone would be snatched. He would be in so much trouble at home. And we've got the United States president doing that. I'm like, it's so -- it's so beneath the dignity of the office. It's so infantile. 16 women have accused him of sexual harassment. These women are talking, they're going to court, and we'll see what happens. Yeah. She was one of the first ones to call for Al Franken's resignation. Sexual harassment is a big issue for her and so I think she's kind of like in order to have efficacy we have to do it for everyone. That's a fair point. She's calling for trump to resign. They're also calling for a congressional investigation I think, and I wonder will that happen, the congressional investigation? I hope congressional investigations happen if Roy Moore gets in. I hope the congress investigates him too. Because ethics is important. Mitch Mcconnell said that he would, I believe. I think it's important and I think it's important across the board for everybody. Kristen gillabrand is a face in the democratic party and you can't deny that. We were talking about off camera that is she going to be someone that could possibly lead the ticket in 2020 and I think -- I keep thinking of your sweater that you wore that the future is female one way or the other on both sides. I think people are frustrated with women not being in power the way that men are and there's a cultural moment right now and if she's smart, she should take this tweet, fundraise off of it and use it in order to showcase. I hope that, again, president trump and his tweets yesterday, I got home and turned on the news and it was all trump's tweets and the fight between Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the press and I'm like, there was a terror attack in New York today. And wildfires in California. Why aren't we talking about those? Infantile. It's a smoke and mirrors thing, look over here, you won't see what's happening over there. I mean it's just -- it's really -- it's hard and it's hard to justify to people that we are letting folks go left and rig right. And not him. And at that top sitting there is this -- Watch it. Californreful, whoopi, careful. Abomination. Person. Who has allegations that we are kicking everybody else's ass about. We have to do it to everybody or we do it to nobody. According to what I understand, the house of representatives has to impeach him. The Republican party has to impeach him. First -- Your court. First let's get the ethics committee on it first. Let's start with that. And then we'll go wherever it needs to go, but you know what I

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Trump attacked Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, saying she would \"do anything\" for campaign contributions, and she responded, \"You cannot silence me.\" \"The View\" co-hosts discuss the heated exchange.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"51742489","title":"Trump feuds with Sen. Gillibrand on Twitter","url":"/theview/video/trump-feuds-sen-gillibrand-twitter-51742489"}