Trump labels COVID-19 a ‘Chinese virus’

After the president defended his use of the term “Chinese virus,” “The View” co-hosts react.
5:37 | 03/18/20

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Transcript for Trump labels COVID-19 a ‘Chinese virus’
just wasn't good for me, and you know who can't even figure out what is going on or what to call the pandemic. Watch the clip. Others are criticizing you for using the phrase Chinese virus. How do you feel about that? Are you going to continue using that phrase? Well, China was putting out information which was false that our military gave this to them. That was false, and rather than having an argument, I said I have to call it where it came it did come from China. So I think it's a very accurate term, but I didn't appreciate the fact that China was saying our military gave it to them. Our military did not give it to anybody. I mean, and clearly he's trying to pin the blame on China. I don't recall hearing -- I don't recall hearing China say the military gave it to them. I remember them trying to quell this pandemic. Am I crazy? I was uncomfortable, and I remain uncomfortable, whoopi, when they're saying, you know, this is the Chinese virus. This is the Wuhan virus. I don't think this is time to do that. I think when the swine flu in 1998 originated here in the United States, we didn't hear people saying, this is the American swine flu, but then again if it is true that China is saying that the American military gave it to the Chinese, then our president is someone that is a counterpuncher and we know that, and so this was to be expected that he would counterpunch. He also makes things up. Yes. Yes. That's why I said, if it's true. To cover his behind, yeah. It's clear that some Chinese officials are definitely trying to send out this message. Is it? Yeah. That's clear, that they're trying to send out that message, and I think, look. This is one of these issues that I think in particular if many on the left get too focused on, trump's going to win on this. Mm-hmm. The bottom line is the vast majority of Americans are going to say, tell me what to do on coronavirus. I care about this virus. It matters. I'm glad finally the trump administration is recognizing how serious it is, but if people start focusing on what is he calling -- he's calling it the Chinese virus versus the do I think he should be calling it the Chinese virus? But I think it's a losing argument for the left to make because I think the vast majority of Americans -- Or anyone to make. The left, right, anyone. We keep talking about how we don't want to politicize this. This is a time to look at information, look at facts and by calling it the Chinese virus, that's politicizing the title. Call it covid-19 and stay with fact. And, you know, people as we've seen, people start punching people, Asian folks out. Yeah. They, you know, will attack. So we need to stop calling it or labeling it like it's -- they did it to us. Mother nature really did this to us. The problem is in December there were a bunch of Chinese doctors that were sounding the alarm on this virus, and the Chinese government or, you know, lack of the government was trying to suppress them and they were trying to give out warnings. I actually have a friend whose brother was in China and the lack of information -- they don't have access to social media. I agree with you that I think if the left wants to focus on P.C. Labeling this virus, it is a great way to get trump re-elected. I don't have a problem with people calling it whatever they want. It's a deadly virus that did originate in Wuhan. I don't have a problem with it, and I think China, had they acted right away, and we had more access to information, maybe it wouldn't have gotten away. We shouldn't be pointing fingers. Right. Don't stereotype it. Here's the problem -- The Americans have the luxury. We have the luxury right now to be arguing about verbage versus people that are dying and on ventilators in other countries. People get targeted because people start calling it the Chinese virus. This is the point, yes. First of all, anyone who thinks -- I tweeted about this days ago because a. I follow on Twitter named Jenni Hahn, her sister was the recipient. I know you can't hear me. I can see you can't hear me, but she was the recipient of racial targeting. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I wouldn't be a proponent of that, but the idea we're going to let China off the hook, and what you were saying, Dan, there was a lot of misinformation there using social media to target Americans to try to spread misinformation about our military and about our media, and the idea I'm going to let China get away with it, and get off the hook, there's a lot of anger about our reliance on the Chinese government right now, and our reliance on China in so many ways and that messaging from president trump and his messaging from the very beginning that we need to remove our trade from China is going to be very effective going into You don't have to let China get away with it. I can't tell who is yelling at me first. No one's yelling. I'm just trying to make sure you can hear me. I'm simply saying it's the same thing as saying Mexicans and rapists are coming here to get Americans. It's the same thing. It was effective. It was effective, but it's not correct is the point, and if any Asian person who is getting hit as we've seen in the last few weeks because someone thinks that they are walking around with it, you can't -- as the person who's leading the country, you can't lead with that. You got to be better.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"After the president defended his use of the term “Chinese virus,” “The View” co-hosts react.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69671039","title":"Trump labels COVID-19 a ‘Chinese virus’","url":"/theview/video/trump-labels-covid-19-chinese-virus-69671039"}