‘The View’ weighs in on SNL cast member dismissal

Newly minted cast member for “Saturday Night Live” Shane Gillis was fired over racial and homophobic comments he made.
5:39 | 09/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘The View’ weighs in on SNL cast member dismissal
"Snl" just fired new cast member Shane Gillis after video of him making racist and homophobic slurs on a podcast were found online. "Snl" apologized for not vetting him better. Some stand-up comedians are saying he shouldn't have been canned over this. What do you think? We talk about this so much on the show, cancel culture, should people be fired, where do you draw the line. I think everyone's trying to figure out what that line is. For me, it is racial slurs. I am someone that struggles to get past that. I have a sister who's from China. I've seen her at times get emotional when things have been said and it's heartbreaking. He also said he called it nice racism and he kind of gave a nonapology apology. I think if you know that you've said something in the past that could be offensive, get ahead of if you want to be on "Snl," go to people and say, I said this before, I didn't mean it, I apologized for it, I want people to know and if you hire me this is going to come out. I think we're all tired of people getting these gigs or, you know, tweeting something and -- Maybe he didn't know he did -- didn't think he said anything wrong. That's the problem. I think we all know in today's culture. This is just a few months ago. It was a podcast from 2018. I think we're forgiving but get out front of it and say this was wrong. Give me a chance. Forgive me. I guess Dave Chappelle doesn't apply to "Snl" because his Netflix special. That sounds like a double standard to me. They're letting this guy not even get the job. Dave Chappelle is a big money maker now he'll put on. A lot of people felt his Netflix special was very offensive. I'm not saying I do. I'm just saying it's a double standard. The other thing is that the show has been on for 50 years. This is the first time they finally have an Asian comedian in the fold. 50 years? 50 years. And he has to sit and listen and be with this guy. Maybe it's uncomfortable him and they decided they're going to cut their losses. Like the case of Billy bush, there's always another one behind him. For what it's worth, Andrew yang says he shouldn't have been fired and I think they've become friendly with each other. I don't know how I feel about it because I don't like this cancel culture that's going on. Someone is immediately cancelled for something that they said last year or five years ago and then I think about what happened with Kevin hart having to -- you know, he chose to step down from the oscars because every time he apologized people felt that he didn't go far enough or he wasn't apologetic enough. Then you think about Trevor Noah who also had some issues with misogynistic tweets years before and had he been cancelled from taking over for Jon Stewart, we have, I think, missed out on a brilliant genius and he -- How do you know how long to wait? Yeah, how do you know? In Trevor, I just want to say, Trevor apologized for his jokes and he said that, you know, he changed his mind and he grew. Does Gillis have an opportunity to -- was he even given an opportunity to apologize are or reflect? I just -- I don't know. And I don't find racist jokes funny. I don't find homophobic jokes funny but I'm also a proponent of free speech and I think comedians are there to be provocative and push. We've heard comedians roast people and they're supposed to do that kind of thing. I don't know how I come down on it. I mean, I think you know it's a joke when it's funny and his jokes weren't funny. They weren't funny. Dave Chappelle's jokes, I watched the special, they're really fun. I just watched bill burr's jokes, don't watch it if you're a PC person, easily offended, very funny. I also have issues with cancel culture. I also think if you're the first asian-american cast member on "Snl" -- which by the way, 50 years in. 45. Whatever. That's really long and I can understand how you would maybe feel uncomfortable, but it could have been a teachable moment. We could have had the two gentleman on here having a discussion about comedy, free speech and I think there should have been more conversation in the media and I would have loved to have the opportunity, quite frankly, to talk to both of them. I am just frustrated across the board that there aren't more women and people of color in late night comedy in general. I don't understand it. I don't understand what I have to do to get a woman in regular primetime to host a show. There's nothing you can do. Great women have been trying. People have been trying. They have. And the thing that I will say is -- I say this all the time, but PC culture is PC culture when it isn't you. So I have to -- I don't like when people get cancelled but I've been throwing out for saying stuff politically. I don't think it's a good thing. But I do think it's respectful of "Snl" to say how do you feel about this. Yeah. Are you okay with this. Because they also felt they dropped the ball because they -- Obviously they did. It only happened a year ago. You think they would have found that. Maybe they were so excited and -- but you know, keep in mind, cancel culture is cancel culture when it's other people. And late night television is run by men. I've done more pilots than American airlines, okay? And I never got the job. We're just going to leave that and let you think about it.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"Newly minted cast member for “Saturday Night Live” Shane Gillis was fired over racial and homophobic comments he made.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65671684","title":"‘The View’ weighs in on SNL cast member dismissal","url":"/theview/video/view-weighs-snl-cast-member-dismissal-65671684"}