2013's Hottest Stars and Addicting Trends

Act 1: From selfies and binge-watching shows to twerking and cronuts, it was the year for new words.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for 2013's Hottest Stars and Addicting Trends
From the tweeting pope to a twerking miley, we're kicking off with your guilty pleasure addictions. A crash course in what you may have missed and what you couldn't get enough of in 2013. Say my name. ♪ ♪ applause, applause, applause ♪ you can hear it? Wait, what? ♪ ♪ I came in like a wrecking ball ♪ take a trip down 2013 and you're bound to bump into ironman. Men of steel. And great outdoors men. Reporter: And when we weren't poppin' tags -- ♪ I've got $20 in my pocket ♪ Reporter: We were snappin' selfies. ♪ Reporter: Just one of the ubiquitous new words we learned this year. Like twerking. ♪ of course we have miley cyrus to thank for that dirty dance move ON THE VMAs BACK IN AUGUST, Jiggling her practically bare parts right into pop culture infamy. I was there at the mtv awards. We were in a green room, a dressing room, watching the monitor, and went, kind of looked sideways a little bit and went, okay, what is going on? Now, I love miley and her twerking. But come on. Twerkin' is a grown women's sport. You can't come outta high school, off a disney show, and just get into twerkin'. My son watches "hannah montana." And he said, "mama, there's -- there's hannah montana." I said, "that's ho tana." Reporter: It's hard to say miley crossed the line when it was already blurred. ♪ Good girl ♪ her vma partner robin thicke spent 13 weeks at number one with "blurred lines", a song that took home two titles -- the longest running number one single of the year and one of its most controversial songs. There is the unedited version of the music video, obviously starring three naked women in "g" strings. A lot of people think that's misogynistic. Of course everyone, you know, would text each other and say, "oh my god, you have to check out the r-rated version. The r-rated version is so much better." ♪ Good girl ♪ and obviously it was. But what's interesting is that robin thicke said this song is actually about his wife, paula patton, who he has been dating since high school. So it's a very sweet ode to his wife, yet it's also a misogynistic song to many. Reporter: Back to the 2013 dictionary. Another brand-new entry -- binge-watching. There's binge eating and binge drinking. And now there's binge watching, which is just wasting your life watching the idiot box. Hey, do it -- you never hear "bing reading." No one's "binge praying." Reporter: And what shows this year were binge-worthy? I think I credit "breaking bad" for binge watching. I mean, it really got the ball rolling because for all those uncool people that weren't watching the show along. It was like procrastination at its best. Reporter: The "breaking bad" finale drew an impressive 10 million cable fans. I was good at it. The only thing more addictive than the show about methamphetamine is methamphetamine. Reporter: Two more streaming success stories, "house of cards" and "orange is the new black" helped netflix quadruple its earnings this year over last, and now more than 40 million subscribers are binging. "House of cards" was an amazing television experience that wasn't really television. It was online, but I watch it on my television, which is very confusing. Here's the thing about binge watching. You cannot couple it with binge eating, because then it becomes a problem. ♪ Reporter: But if there was good old fashion american scandal. We couldn't get enough of kerry washington who became 2013's top cover girl. She is the only woman in television history that can prevent a nuclear war, sleep with the president, unclog a drain with a plunger, all while doing its on her cell phone. It's handled. We're really lucky that we have had this kind of grassroots explosion. The show is a hit because people love the show, and by word of mouth, have spread the word. ♪ Reporter: Politics have been good for kerry and for robby. I think we all need a pep talk. Reporter:10-year-old robby novak posted an inspirational speech under the moniker "kid president," and this is your time, this is my time, this is our time. Reporter: And 30 million people responded. Robby novak went instantly viral because he was just so sweet and genuine in terms of what his advice was. He had had interviews with president obama, beyonce. This is a kid who has warmed everyone's heart and seems very genuine. You are awesome. You think I'm doing awesome? Uh-huh. That mean a lot to me. Reporter: Here's one president who has a healthy approval rating and doesn't have to defend his insurance plan. Mike, mike, mike. Maybe the only ones happier than a camel on hump day are the marketing gurus at geico, whose tv commercial scored 13 million hits on youtube with caleb, the talking camel. I have small children. And now they walk around all day goin', "hump day." Leslie, guess what today is -- it's hump day. Reporter: Of course, this year the cute camel had to compete with the grumpy cat. It's part cat, part bulldog, part me before I've had my coffee. Reporter: Grumpy cat went from viral v.I.P. To front page feline phenomenon. And the biggest catnip online? A deceptively simple app that became this year's biggest internet smash. Well, I was on vacation in cancun, and I'd find myself leaving the pool and I would be playing candy crush. Reporter: Candy crush became 2013's most popular game on facebook and every app store, with 46 million monthly average users, roughly the entire population of spain. It proved so addictive that millions pay the extra fee to let them bypass difficult levels. The game nets almost a million dollars a day. They call it candy crush because -- candy -- 'cause there's candy. And crush 'cause it crushes your bank account. And your social life. Reporter: And for those who still needed their sugar fix -- there were cronuts. Man, this is good. The croissant donut pastry spawned long lines around the new york bakery where it debuted. And soon knock-offs popped up across the globe. There's no doubt in my mind that a cardiologist invented this. I tried inventing something like this. It's pork sausage in a danish. It's called a painish. It didn't work very well. This is way better. Reporter: So many new names, new words we learned in 2013. Who could have imagined that this year would bring us twerking binge watchers nibbling cronuts? Good luck predicting what 2014 will bring. ♪

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{"id":21285102,"title":"2013's Hottest Stars and Addicting Trends","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 1: From selfies and binge-watching shows to twerking and cronuts, it was the year for new words.","url":"/2020/video/2013s-hottest-stars-addicting-trends-21285102","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}