Presidential transition of power: Examined

President Donald Trump authorized the General Services Administration to begin the presidential transition process. Here’s how it works.
7:13 | 12/01/20

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Transcript for Presidential transition of power: Examined
President trump is finally authorizing his team to begin the transition to aides Biden administration. Good services administration has finally determine prep animal until biting can access critical week to begin formal transition process. The career craft. Justice in my view an aberration we haven't seen anything like it really to delay this the way it's been delayed seemingly needlessly. Every daily. Is critical and transition there's only seventy days won't we need is full cooperation between outgoing and incoming for the benefit of American. One message that I have. I think we all shares that we want you to succeed. From the meaner and meaner tone of the campaign to the polite and cordial day after. The next three and a half weeks the decision of the presidency must still be made by the president in the orderly transfer of par. We celebrate the unity that keeps us free. The psyche of presidential transitions. Is there really odd thing we do in this country that every four or eight years our government earns over its giant start up operation. When they go from zero to 8000 people in 68 months. I really don't think there's any other organization in the country that would literally replace all of the top management team over Chris in the three month period. In the eyes of many in the world. This every four years ceremony we accept as normal. It's nothing less than a Mary. An election. Site in 2008 the race was called at 11 PM and within about two hours I got a copy of a letter. From the General Services Administration. Ascertaining that Senator Obama would be depressed and a lack. And at such was entitled to the support of the federal government is about as. Formal let's thick legal let's stick letters you'll ever find. You think about a transition period it's kind of vulnerability for our country. Because you are you do have a transfer of power and the Holstein your team is changed we saw. Us with the bush transition of power in the year 2000. They had a shortened transition because of the bush V gore recount the 37 days. Every day care and he had a very hard time getting people in their seats in key national security positions. And key economic positions in key health care solutions. Subsequently a 9/11 commission found that the delay in the bush team getting on board it created a vulnerability. That'd be Claritin clause 9/11 9/11 what have been prevented but it was certainly not ideal for me national security perspective. Usually you're considered measure curtains when if you even talked about transition support rush and now it's understood that government is so complex. Tibetan you really need to do you. Elections. Nobody team has been working on it since early in the spring. And they consistently ran. The president will. Probably appoint. Over 4000 people over a thousand of those well a lot of likely require senate confirmation. And all the top people in the government there's about eighteen cabinet departments under each of those cabinet secretaries. There's another eaters can top management people running very large enterprises that the department's. So one of the key elements of a transition. Is putting together teams and individuals. Who Google. Well into the agency is a during the transition puree it is you do. Learn as much as they hand about what is going on and agencies are you really want is less than public information. On issues that you are going to. Wear on day. One of the big issues one big problems. What regulations have just been issued and wondering pipeline. Think the existence of the conservative traditional. Hand overs if you will from what administration to the next. This ceremonies are important because they send a signal. Steadily throughout the country but they send that message around the world please. It's. And people around the world admire that way in which. When presidents especially what has been defeated in turn over the reams of power to the other. Without a shot being fired by your gracious cooperation in the transition process you have shown them watching world. That we are united people. Pledged to maintaining a political system which guarantees individual liberty. To a greater degree than any other. We've done. Transitions for 200 years. During the war and depression we've done it when you've had bitter adversaries on both sides who have. Fought game I'm really difficult. Presidential campaign there's a law call presidential. Transition act of 1963. Very close election between Richard Nixon and John Kennedy. But Nixon felt that he had to do the right thing for the country. And concede. Even though he couldn't fox it was much much closer than selection. So called we're seeing that there couldn't you just use basically wanted to create a structure and process. A law. For the smooth transition of power it's been amended five times since 1963. Each client adjusting. For. Things that congress is lower. Late election night the president was defiant. Speaking at the White House after 2 AM falsely declaring the election was rigged. The race was over and that he had worn we were getting ready to win this election. Frankly we didn't win this. I think what we've seen. Respectable march a formal transition process shameless and professional. Which is the outcome of the election it's clear the standard has created in the law reporter GSA moving forward with. The transition process. Transitions are a tenuous time. Yeah for the US government because you as they sit you got all these people. All Eck sitting jobs all the new people coming in and it really is a time where you want to make sure that your closely sync up. On national security and Homeland Security issues because you know this is a time frankly that foreign adversaries. Will want to try to take advantage students. Faster than the president. Can get his people establish. The faster they can begin to carry out the mission. The president vice president who were running on them were elected to perform what that does take time. But. He if you let you pull your go by lost 25% of your first heard.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"President Donald Trump authorized the General Services Administration to begin the presidential transition process. Here’s how it works.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74479493","title":"Presidential transition of power: Examined","url":"/Politics/video/presidential-transition-power-examined-74479493"}