Disparity in police response: Black Lives Matter protests and Capitol riot

The difference in law enforcement responses has shed light on what some see as a historically Black and white issue of policing.
8:54 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for Disparity in police response: Black Lives Matter protests and Capitol riot
Black history of the United States and protests go hand in and people with color her parents continue advocating for equal right there at bats and last year has brought this on going struggle to the forefront. But it's also say lighten the stark contrast between two Americans. We're a peaceful black protesters met with violent police questions. But it daily insurrection that officers. Overrode. What we see as a black folks simply improved what Elizabeth don't have the latitude. Act out publicly whether it's right just not in ways and whiteness is always allowed. Would you see the level of force that was erected in response to black flies matter. Over the summer DC. Those processes would have never even gotten close to the capitol to the way that we saw those white protestors on January 6. That disparity in police presence that the capital has led many to ask with a response have been different protesters who Latin. There's always been a sense that. The black folks were asking for more than they deserve and that there were willing to engage stand by and taking one forms of violence. What black gloves matters is a direct extension. What we soul with civil rights movement of the 1960s and in nonviolent protest. Even before this. It also ties into I would say a much longer history that creates. Expectations. That we're still trying to unpack or or still trying to dismantle it and when he when he when he when he want. And those are expectations. That black people are dangerous and violent and and law enforcement unfortunately into many cases. Carries that mythology. Contrast. Six white people are the power brokers inside. They create a very different and more hands off. Police response. In the days leading up to Donald Trump save America rally there were warning signs of the violist from. Then I think in this White House we're gonna fight like hell I'll tell you. From capitol police and they basically have said this. That they did have intelligence. About that this could be an unruly crowd. If you're good at me. Zero and not Errol worked common. The police chief justice's own words. Went to the sergeant at arms. Said he and what really need the National Guard. They waved him off apparently told them they didn't like the optics of having the military. Police are squabbling with protesters. Every you know. In contrast of other events in DC last year additional state and federal law enforcement agencies were not these days ahead of the right. In that the crowd whose has barricades and made their way up to capitol steps police were quickly. Overwhelmed. For whatever reason the decision was made to basically in my view set up the capitol police fail. And that's exactly what happened. Have low barricades. Put together you virtually staff. You're only really the capital appreciation of the National Guard went right here. On to question building and it sort of goes on and on and on. Although many were later arrested on federal charges on the day of the insurrection only 61 people were arrested. DC police arrested more than 5000 people at the first black cloud her process. The event that took place at the capitol is on the line on was seen as a double standard and police response between black and white protesters. To see the police this. Bonds against black lives matter protesters who burned late spring and summer. We is a very different response. On on January 6 was quite striking and certainly one of the explanations for that was a different racial composition of the crowds to protest and the different. Particular aims and grievances of those grants. Problem indefinitely George Bush and makes when he twenty demonstrators held protests across the country. In response at least forty CDs imposed curfews and National Guard members were activated in fifteen states and Washington DC he's. Black lives matter but that's were overwhelmingly peaceful. If we look at the statistics very few injuries. Very few protests at property damage even though that was what was often highlighted in the media. But not surprising that even when we see. Nonviolent protests as we did throughout the summer when he tore them think and explicitly about the protest in Washington DC. You know in which we suddenly see Bly will strike him and we sealed response to which. That is not in line with what that threat actually is on the ground. In June 20/20 police use overwhelming force against blessed by this matter protesters and Washington DC. Get the spontaneous event when the president decides. That he wants to hold a photo op in front of the church. So he gets this reinforcement of people in riot here. To literally move this peaceful crowd by and large. Pepper spray except room. So total overreaction to what was going all. Events at black labs that are in the event at half. Are colossal failures. Empowers. Throughout history there have been dozens of people black protest met with a disproportionate police response. There will be talk about the genius aboard the teen beyond his oratory but strategically understanding their nonviolent protests. There was going to be broadcast around the world. Would bring attention to the fact that these folks were but were protests and on I'm pretty but that they were treated and buried finally please. We've every night after both ran out of to bring people out into the open. Further this afternoon of the movie quote the bill would. If there is one element contemporary crude terms searching and thinking. It is no question that its hand held devices. Beginning with the Rodney King case back in management one. Where a white male who was in an apartment initially pulled out his video camera and captured what was happening to Rodney King all on tape. It was a game change. Over the last decade incidents of police abuse captured on camera has skyrocketed. The way that the last month marriage immigration opponents who wailed. Social protests in the streets nonviolent along with social media has the amount of attention to some of the just connections between right there protests. And what's axes held hadn't seen somewhere where it's. They are not want. But to all of it got after it was. Videos of the Tony fourteen black eyes matter protest Ferguson Missouri went viral in brought intense scrutiny to use violence. The Ferguson peace was particularly important because. You've got to see on the groom who way that protests since the tears. Right. The brigade it could respond immediately to what was happens right within after watching news reports. As he did blues civil rights for. Just ask the police response and Ferguson culminated in human policing and so did the discrepancy in law enforcement response in Washington DC. The riots in January 6 warrants served crowning moments on number of events that we're all pointing in the same direct. Everything I've never mind that battle over how we understand. Who's entitled in our society whether certain group should be privilege of others is an ongoing. For many white Americans it was if they had just found out that white supremacy exist. That that white supremacy is also intimately connected to law enforcement even a military forces you know this is something that folks who've been fighting against white supremacy in dealing with integrates its politics. Have longer to stir. What happened in January 6 the contrast with how the protesters included. Some. Life. I'm hopeful that for some people that is a moment when they're eyes open up. Intensely for people it shakes their complacency. And shakes there willingness to overlook what. Then might have in the past been more subtle signs of the racism that they in that's.

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{"duration":"8:54","description":"The difference in law enforcement responses has shed light on what some see as a historically Black and white issue of policing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76065703","title":"Disparity in police response: Black Lives Matter protests and Capitol riot","url":"/US/video/disparity-police-response-black-lives-matter-protests-capitol-76065703"}