What is happening with the USPS?

Controversy over mail-in voting swirled as images of USPS drop-off bins being removed across the country went viral.
5:33 | 08/20/20

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Transcript for What is happening with the USPS?
The twenties when he presidential election brands the struggling US Postal Service has become a flashpoint for controversy. Frankly. We have little faith in not going to resign his post office and language in legislation to prevent that from happening. They need that money you don't have to but so has worked sort of take all of these millions and millions of ballots now. If we don't make until that means you don't get the money that meets again absent universal mail in voting. They just get out that's. The president expressed concern among lawmakers and voters for suggests to me so opposed US yes stunned and hurt Palin don't. Millions of Americans please use the Postal Service to cast their vote to limit the corona virus contaminated fruit and now many are left you wondering if their vote will become. The Postal Service once thought of as a backbone of the American public. Has been financially battered to the brink of bankruptcy justice and hint I think yeah. The Asian t.'s financial woes have been mounting for decades as it struggles to navigate capitalist marketplace as a government service. USPS as we know it's it was created in 1971. But the earliest version of our postal system started in 1770 I have when Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first postmaster general. Over the course of nearly 215. Years the Postal Service strengthen the nation's connections for cities to rural towns and hasn't helped expand the development of roads to link post offices. Speech coaches steamboats railways and care for all eventually used to deliver the mail. As of 2019 the post office isn't operating well over 31000 retail locations and employed more than 600000 people who. But funding has always been a challenge for the government agency and as of its most recent financial disclosure in 2019. H secure recorded financial losses for thirteen consecutive fiscal years. The Postal Service is self funded and we paid for our operations through the sale postal products and services. And do not see tax revenues to support our business. Despite its storied history the 21 century brought a new series of hurdles for the Postal Service as Internet and email communications became the norm. The volume of first class mail fell by 25%. Between 2002010. For an air it declined even for there. Over the past decade first class mail which makes the greatest contribution it covering possible aren't networks declined by 36%. The rise of private sector competition for mailing parcels has delivered a blow to the post office. One of the things are soft. Felt like. Trump has pinks some of the blame for the poster mrs. financial struggles I Amazon which he has previously sacks. Does not pay its fair share for the bulk of the Postal Service is yeah. In twenties when he the cup in nineteen crisis walloped the US economy. And for the already struggling Postal Service then postmaster general Megan Brennan warrant it could bring bankruptcy. In May twenties when he Republican fund raiser and trump allied listed showing was appointed to next postmaster general. The political donor took over and announced a range of operational and procedural changes the the new postmaster general's comments may have to get areas and much about the inner workings processors. And reasonable men and a number of policies that can't do anything but slow down and they mail. On August 18 to joy suspended the cost cutting initiatives until after the election in an effort to quote. Avoid even the appearance of any impact on election male. Enjoy has come under scrutiny for his financial ties to a contractor companies that processes mail for the US yes. As well as his stock purchases Amazon. In a statement to ABC news and EX peel holdings and other ethics concerns jesuit denied any wrongdoing saying I take my ethical obligations seriously and I am done what is necessary to ensure that I am and will remain in compliance with those obligations. Meanwhile president trump has levels numerous attacks and the validity of mail in voting offering little evidence for his claims. Again absentee voting is correct you requests I'm an absentee voters but now they want to send in millions and millions of ballots. And you see what's happening in big losses divvying discarded yeah finding them in piles. It's going to be a catastrophe. In July is when he's running the USPS is an election Michelin in nearly all fifty states warning letters. Saying that mailing ballots me knocking returns by mail in time to be counted. As the controversy over mail in voting swirled. Images of the iconic blues USPS drop off it is being removed in cities across the country went viral fueling more anxiety and confusion. A spokesperson for the USPS said these removals were part of her teen efforts to identify seldom used collection boxes but said it halts removals for ninety days because of customer concerns. Meanwhile much needed funding for the USPS has been included in the next -- nineteen relief bill which is stalled as lawmakers struggle to bring. We're gonna make sure. Indeed have been wounded functional in an election not adversely. They want to stop this because it removes obstacles in anticipation to vote in. And and their brain of the motor they're afraid of the American people.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Controversy over mail-in voting swirled as images of USPS drop-off bins being removed across the country went viral. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"72506119","title":"What is happening with the USPS?","url":"/Business/video/happening-usps-72506119"}