How Donald Trump spent his last days as president

Trump spent his last days in office seeking ways to challenge the outcome of the election, culminating in a riot at the Capitol and an unprecedented second impeachment.
6:10 | 01/18/21

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Transcript for How Donald Trump spent his last days as president
We will never give up we will never did see it because you'll never. Take back our country with weakness you have that shows right. As his time in the White House drew to a close and Donald Trump exerted every effort to remain in power. His final weeks in office threatened numerous baseless lawsuits controversial presidential pardons and pleas to state officials and the Supreme Court to overturn the election results from. The Trump's presidential legacy will be marketed history by a violent attack on the US capitol and a second impeachment. This is just a remarkable scene capitol steps overrun. By those troop supporters there shots fired. Inside the capital calls are continuing to grow from Republicans and Democrats saying the president has gotten. To stop fixed. Complete the station. What's being grooming the last five years that's what he saw all of the capital. From the moment he lost the election and for the first time in his presidency Donald Trump shied away from the public high. Perhaps the clearest sign that that the president is happy is why it's not it's it all all almost an eerie silence. Terms of public events coming from this president. But behind the scenes he's been raging east and plotting he's in ousting people he's been settling scores. Amid a worldwide pandemic and one of the deadliest time in American history president terms focus remains on the election result. He didn't president each other top Hamas released in south east channel and her down in history. At the East Coast. A loser. I'd have to see who the next administration and it's because. We won. As state after state certified Biden's victory over trumped the president's campaign filed lawsuits across the country. Almost all of them were rejected almost immediately present legal team had bolt lock. In almost every state that he contested. To show weapons to bring forward any that would back up done outlandish wild conspiracy theory lately that they're a. Any health it is out. Two weeks before president elect Biden's inauguration. Trump asked Georgia's Republican secretary of state crack crack since Parker to quote find 111000 votes to change the outcome there. I only need 111000 Nevada palace I need 111000 votes in here raise. You know what they did indeed not reporting event today in an upset criminals. That's a good book. Quote Mr. President that challenged it to happen. Is that they that you have to. The president's last ditch effort to overturn the election materialized on January 6. When congress met to certify the electoral votes in a joint session on Capitol Hill. In the days and weeks leading up to the certification. Trump pressured vice president Mike Pence to undo the will of the people and reject the electoral vote. And I hope Mike. And it's comes through for us I have to. Padres vice president comes through forests is a great guy. Thus if he doesn't come through. I won't like him what is much. Song why president trump did Twitter and frustrated by its president is always sick. All the siege on Wednesday rally before the riots and eager are angry disappoint these hearings are not good things. That's British turn. On the day if the certification thousands gathered in Washington DC to hear the president and his allies. Let's child behind man. I'm not going it take it any longer. I'm gonna take it any longer and who you know might like you know you're not gonna have a country anymore. The president repeated the false claim that the election was stolen from him and rallied his supporters stopped to steal by marching on the capital going along down. Capital. As congress began the largely ceremonial joint session. Writers meet their way through police barricade and into the capital nothing. This old tree. Was blistered and my. It is every day meet all should've known would eventually reverse. The next day in a marked change tone president released a video condemning the violence and seemingly conceding. And new administration will be inaugurated on January 20. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power. Broken glass is still over the Seattle are right her pupils are an are all. Capitol Hill or running. Away the miles it was. In the video sex shall transfer power administration trying too little too neat. In the days following the attack on the capital vice president Mike Pence rejected calls to invoke the 25 amendment effectively in the process of removing from our. House Democrats that introduced an article of impeachment against the president for inciting insurrection in the nation no president has acted like this no president has faced charges like this. No president has confronted a second contract. On January 13 one week before the end of his term and Joseph Biden's inauguration. Donald Trump became the first US president be impeached for a second time without objection amount could reconsider is laid upon. I think what's striking about this period is that out for all of the unprecedented antics and activities of this president. The constitutional process out kind of takes on a like it's now the system holds and has held throughout all of these things happen despite the president. I'm doing unprecedented things around yet as pres elect Biden himself said the other night this time it's been a testament to strengthen the institutions because. They have shortly to test.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"Trump spent his last days in office seeking ways to challenge the outcome of the election, culminating in a riot at the Capitol and an unprecedented second impeachment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75324664","title":"How Donald Trump spent his last days as president","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trump-spent-days-president-75324664"}