Disinformation in 2020

Fake news has spread among unsuspecting Americans on social media, potentially affecting the election.
5:32 | 10/30/20

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Transcript for Disinformation in 2020
This content is not designed to dissuade you of a different opinion is designed to make you angry. It's about emphasizing the divisions that already exist in this country. We've become weaponized essentially with the vehicles that this kind of content the I did they get hassles immediately leash at our place vote they don't finish something that doesn't make us feel something. Disinformation and all information protesting creating nagging spouse and deliberately designed to cause harm. In trying in nineteen pew study 55%. Of US adults are some of their needs and social media. 8% from the year before. That kind to lose disinformation. That were seen. In this moments and is definitely more top down. The notion that an election is bringing us. How is it that that I yen. Two got so much oxygen in army in system that millions of unsolicited. Ballots being sent. And it's no. This need civil society groups have to augment their get out of a Q and teens to get very simple. Information. To voters so that they know exactly where their vote is gonna go and how it's going to be counted. The second piece is more of these bottom up campaign speeches lead in with conspiracy. We started deceive medical misinformation. Causing people to you. Go out in public hands potentially endanger themselves by having these reopen rallies we also saw the airmen and misinformation. About the George Floyd protest. And then more recently in the wildfires in California race rumors of ballots. Who is behind those fires in that actually led the law enforcement. Having to issue statements saying. Don't call us at these rumors. So that's all to see that the top down and the bottom up. Dis information does. In a way. Neat in the middle in the sense that it it does circulate really well across social media. In the case of disinformation both comedians and the message proving hard to contain between 2000 pride in 2019. Social media use among adults in America has heard from 5% to 79%. I think one of the social media when it was originally being conceptualize. Was then it would be a place where people could have lively discussion. It wasn't built for news it wasn't built for science it wasn't built for knowledge. And yet we find ourselves in the middle of European MA we air one of our most valuable in key communication infrastructures is social media. Capitalism wanted to be like attempt by operating companies that well I don't want you guys is saying we have witnessed the pipes. Anything I the last Yale has been a recognition that they can't take that kind of a prize. You know the folks who built the first airplane. Didn't think oh I should build an airport. They didn't think now I need air traffic control. Rain and it's rapidly gaining up on kind of new industries here how to we use. That model to land the plane here. Misinformation is also a false or misleading information but if people sharing time realizing spouse and I mean Nihon we have to remember his voice had agreement not to say she is happening now he's on steroids. Because social media means it doesn't just stating a little bit it to a town. We have to remember that while he percent of its link to that right and fifty cent and I share that he needs help and it's. All night and this is much more complex and I think it's so important that social media companies understand what they illness. And Joan allow it to be turned against society. At a moment when. We are scared. Isolated. And they are. Rating. Oh wait out of this moment. Because say many people are gonna be icing Patti Owens right by mail. It's very easy to use push misinformation because people aren't sure of when he got confused if he's black or White Sox has done instant ramming suggested that. It was a ballot box isn't about just in time. You should be confident that your vote counts. Early unverified claims to the contrary should be viewed with a healthy. Dose of skepticism. I am very eat. Cognizant of the fact that it's someone declares a winner. Too early and then we have to fight against. It's the rising tide of bleeding from the one candidate won when they haven't had all of the ballots counted. So I would just say every ingredient wary about people pasting the. Imagery about the crisis of icing because people are taking advantage of. People not knowing and that trying to push this idea that that by the man isn't safe so be aware that I'd be aware of things right. Everything political in the line for so long while every spanning sixty apartments more likely to be the case. The biggest piece of advice I think he is yet to be critical yes people that headline yes do other things. But the number one thing we should do is recognize when this kind of content makes us feel something. Because they don't finish something that doesn't make us feel something.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"Fake news has spread among unsuspecting Americans on social media, potentially affecting the election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73932311","title":"Disinformation in 2020","url":"/US/video/fakenews-2020-73932311"}