How Joe Biden's inauguration will be different from previous years

The pandemic and civil unrest across the country will have an impact on presidential inaugural traditions.
8:01 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for How Joe Biden's inauguration will be different from previous years
At not. What our upgrade it oh at what grew and grew up out. Yeah it's an important symbol of the transfer of power to get set the tone for a new presidency. In the eyes of many in the world. This every four years ceremony we accept its normal. It's nothing less than a mirror. But Joseph Biden's integration between one apiece and number of means to us. Every day isn't reacted to the number of people hospitalized. With Colby nineteen. You just learn of those protesters on the capitol steps just moments ago now breached. The cap on out inside the capitol. The president's final tweet announcing she would not be attending the inauguration. Of how these factors affect its hits the market. How could help unite a divided country. My objective is keep America safe is still allow people to celebrate. To celebrate and see when other children. After an election season riddled with fears because they think he buyers this information. And turmoil among opposing sides Joseph Biden will be inaugurated as the 46 president of the United States on January 20 what. Never eaten at country. And that's moment. To bring the country gathered. This ceremonies are important because they send a signal. Steadily throughout the country that that that changes peaceful. And a result of an election but they said that message around the world it is the culmination in many ways. Tradition is the first state in the number of new residents of new neighbors who threw for four years. Traditional inaugural events weekly gals election. A great experience. Usually drawing crowds between 300010. Million people. They concept and the big celebration of having. Fireworks for example started with George Washington so the very first president had and major celebrations. Out of office is really the center piece and that of office I. For peaceful. Passage and power. We want to rally the people around a new president or president he's hearing on into another term and then we want to show the world that we're stable. And any other is that we want to show other democracy that this is how a democratic republic should rock. He doctor is seen as a bipartisan. And can be a chance for disparate parties to come. And that may be more important this. We're going to Dick capital would draw going to try and give them the kind of dry. At Bolton this that they need to take back our country. On January 6 between work. Rioters most coming from perhaps stormed the capital in an unprecedented brings to stop the certification at the electoral. Ever walking we were people chanting. We took the capital we cut the capital this prompted some concern about security at the inauguration. But demonstrations at the United Nations has happened. For every inaugural ceremony happens in theory it's Dixon and sir security plans. The closest you I think we come would be 2000. Which was a very controversy all election. There were some people at Washington January 20 at 8001. Pro war pro Democratic Party. But. Not to the point of being fearful. We minded our. Message to be extremely positive president resist this wanted to send a message that we're all Americans now. We're starting a new administration and we invite everyone to be part. We are bound by ideals that move us beyond our backgrounds. Having the entire government on the steps of capitol and symbol of our unity as a nation. Especially because it is happening on the capitals where this crime against democracy just took place the symbolism can't help being part of the messaging. The symbolism and traditions we're used to seeing at the inauguration looks very different here many inaugural traditions will be re imagined and 21. Due to the ongoing confidence in him back. We have asked Americana. Not succumb to the Washington DC event but instead to participate. Virtually. Thanks unit back that we can't. Old aunt as traditional and not a lot that make that they used. This won't be the first time the United Nations has been modified health problems wars and even bad weather had forced past inaugurations to be scaled down. In 1985. And massive cold. Situation in Washington and on the East Coast so it was decided. And that they would not hold its ceremony outdoors so President Reagan was sworn in the second time inside the capitol building. There any issues that happened that. If they can cause a situation where you don't have been asked that time of celebration outpouring of people. This is going to be definitely won her history eyes and terms out to be very subdued and to be very careful because and the inauguration ball drop from the virtual Democratic National Convention that was held in twenty tries. The biggest disadvantage honestly is keeping people's attention to lark to do there scream it's hard to do without crowd energy that you could play on the advantages are that you could throw the playbook. The traditions are sort of you can mold them to the moment we are proud of our resilient. But the pandemic won't be the only thing changing some traditions. But indicated he wasn't gonna show up that the inauguration. When the few things here in artery. To good thing I'm not sure. While vice president pence has announced he does plan on attending the inauguration. This will be the first time in over a hundred years that it outgoing president will not be attempting. Usually presidents. Who are outgoing goat to attend the inauguration. Of the incoming president and they get an alumni magazine in a dry and on Pennsylvania Avenue in the capital and and they said. Just behind the podium and they witnessed. The new president coming end. Yeah. People around the world admire that language when presidents especially what has been defeated should turn over the reins of power to the other. Without a shot being fired. But only three president not goatee and the inauguration of their successor. Adams'. John Adams John Quincy Adams both had been defeated and really really under her steel. I elections and an anti Johnson. He was impeached and almost convicted and removed from office so he had a big chip on shoulder we're not have any symbols or others. Of the Pasadena and the torture acting on from one administration to another. But even with all of these challenges. The inauguration can be unique opportunity to opt percent of peace that kind of crisis. President's trying in its inaugural address attribution to try to unify the country. Also to calm the country if it is in a crisis and we are Allen several. Good writing soaring rhetoric really inspiring the people that's when a president needs him. Ice. Think it's even more important. Is for the inauguration that every America in the roads were pressured by. Feel like this is an operation and nobody is going to be going to Dallas that nobody is going to be at the parade nobody's going to be on the ball everybody was experiencing it in this morning there's sort of he get egalitarian and small. Really lets your other. Almost like every fat and Billy remind people at the air here.

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"The pandemic and civil unrest across the country will have an impact on presidential inaugural traditions. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75283197","title":"How Joe Biden's inauguration will be different from previous years","url":"/Politics/video/joe-bidens-inauguration-previous-years-75283197"}