Belarus’ ongoing protests: Examined

Why protesters have not been able to push President Alexander Lukashenko from power.
7:06 | 12/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Belarus’ ongoing protests: Examined
Since the summer massive peaceful protests gripped belarus'. Cooling for an end to what's known as Europe plus dictatorship. Government has struck. Thank. Why do these protests happened. And 18 months lace and that they failed to push Alexander Lukashenko from. Belarus' is a country of nine million. Set between Europe and Russia in 1991. It declared independence from the city union. But three years lifts it Alexander Lukashenko a former collective farm manager was elected president. Promising to restore order. He's been in in this since 26 years tolerating new political opposition. I think in many ways better build roads closed among the least Chez les reformed Israel and Syria system it walls pretty repressive. The system and promotion of holding things called elections have been of a free and. And election triggered the current crisis. And designed to change the building driven by a stagnant economy and changing society. One that increasingly looks more like belarus' is Gordon. European neighbors and to shake his dismissal of the cruise liners and cynics in fleeing that's Angus. Develop of those just want to be freed him they they wanted to feel that freedom to escape they want to leave nothing. Under dictate their Steve. 0% the coolest show him that we don't know. And after the Cushing could jailed for most of his opponents the opposition united behind an unlikely and that there. That long that connotes gun. A former teach it instead who mum. We stepped in to run to her husband's a popular blogger who was jailed. The platform was simple where free all political prisoners and holds real elections. She and two other women attracted huge. And to us extremely difficult for our people actually com. My dvd disease this year. Win the election came in August it still gave Lukashenko who ET percent of the votes. The results of what international observers and the opposition say was flagrant ballot rigging. Peaceful protests began immediately. Authorities responded with extreme violence. Yeah. Peace with detaining thousands of people. Protesters forced their release. And as they came out hundreds displayed systematic abuse and torture and that award they just came here they are asking a question they teach him. They ask you to. Stands to seeing. Penalty lose some things industry change. The extreme violence since the week of anger across Belarussian society. Including those once considered Lukashenko his base. The prince has speaks blue it is becoming the biggest belarus' has ever seen hundreds of thousands splitting the streets. It's been a week since that election Alexander lukashenko's supposedly 180%. Of the vote. When you look around this colossal crowds this policy of random white. You can see why people don't believe that was a real election. Massive boost Youkilis grew tense continued each Sunday but women often taking the leading role. Thanks a lot of time and an antibody yet remaining. But Lukashenko hasn't seen it that way. The security forces remained loyal to him and slowly authorities regain more control using familiar tactics. Has resigned as all of these people the question navigating that pays out there and there isn't any there on the few yet is how base. Becomes that softening of the regime. Looses some of the freedom is giving way to a Hong Winston. Virtually all key opposition leaders but being detained were driven it's excellent the crisis became a stalemate. One reason you can sink who managed to stabilize himself is Russian. From the beginning there was fears Russia might intervene recognizing Ukraine following its twenty TT revolution. But unlike Ukraine and Belarus there was no strong anti Russian feeling. I don't rush out and having some fun OK anti Europe. Bridges and time of Washington. But in the end of Russia still threw its support behind you pushing too. President Vladimir Putin threatened to send security forces into pillars protests is try to violently removed Lukashenko. Lieutenant themselves. Lorries without the precedent it's all of a long. Standing. Authoritarian. Ms. Ito all the neighboring state. Losing power. Two of diesel. Among the change considering Laurie. Preston billion. And as importantly Russia some pools also comes with a price. So the story in recent years has been booed him trying to exert pressure on bitterest trying to schools. Roast suit. I accept some strong full simple unions at eight which would it's essentially meeting. The Russia ran the most important aspects of popular routes which now. Quite absorbing it will be in recent recruitment Christian good it has. Resistant glass and doctors created difficulties and tensions between them. The crisis is given Putin an opportunity to force new fishing trip to accept more Russian control. In legal suit that stood on its cannot stay and try to break the stalemate cooling for a national instrument. Some strike Steve Begin today as the food they failed to gain traction. And since then the protests have come and to even great suppression. There are groups of toppling you cushion to in the Deutzman. Now seen removes. In the top 60 years and central Eastern Europe we are seeing a lot of situations. Like let's be generous resembles them but it's also different in some ways that do make change and Todd Denton and yes. I just saw for the soul but in every one of those other cases it's the people who holds monthly while. When the bus majority of the population. Look foolish just to be ruled in a particular way. Ultimately. The status quo is unsustainable. And real chickens.

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{"duration":"7:06","description":"Why protesters have not been able to push President Alexander Lukashenko from power.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"74540688","title":"Belarus’ ongoing protests: Examined","url":"/International/video/belarus-ongoing-protests-examined-74540688"}