Voting in 2020 during COVID-19

How coronavirus has made mail-in voting and the general election more complicated in 2020.
6:31 | 10/14/20

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Transcript for Voting in 2020 during COVID-19
I want to assure this committee and the American public. The Postal Service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation's election mail securely and on time. We saw combination of malfeasance but also incompetent. And if we don't solve both of those problems we are going to having actual breakdown of our election. Come November. We shouldn't have to risk our ads to cast our boats. We need to be able to do what president does the pope's statement. It's projected that more Americans than ever will be casting their votes in between pre election. There was uncertainty around mail in voting and concerns aren't voting in person. But many are left wondering. Election officials be able to meet the demand. Even before the pandemic. Tony Tony has the potential to set voter turnout records. And Tony team we had the highest mid term turnout rate since 1914. After the pandemic had many voters are motivated by health care the economy and social justice. Political protests have broad around the country bringing people to the streets into the hopes. We're gonna theme and change his behavior not the if people aren't street and fifth absolutely beautiful if you can get industry. From the polling place. Pete ward determined to say this is how to change determined to raise the voices young. We need to be a. I studied elections United States for the past thirty years so. We may see a turnout rate. How many 150 million people that would not be unreasonable to think there's maybe 50% number contrasts are mailed us a big change election. I feel for people that happened but a lot of time energy and to go into the hole. I think this is the way of the future to live everywhere to. Still crew can vote by mail in America and 29. States and Washington DTs were automatically send Alex registered quarter. 36 states can put my name called because of the rotavirus or without citing a weekend. And feisty schools to require Greece and beyond the pirates to proclaim else. The terms mailing an absentee often used interchangeably. Specifically president trump is in critical universal mail in vote where states automatically sent ballots to register topics. Absentee ballot but write that work had been proven that good like it lives. But did you know a mallet is a very dangerous thing. Brought with the be very very careful. We have a good they collected. That analysis by the Washington Post and riding in drove my mail states found that only point 0025%. One out of every 40000 ballots from the 2016 and 28 teen general election. Matters and basically ceding her every corner every about every river we're beating. Person cast your ballot election officials have us a future orders Haitian students shouldn't voters who they say there are. And ballots themselves tracking codes on them. Each ballot yeah it is George huge increase in the country is formatted oxygen or. Across the country at that paper its credit did envelopes. That are different from Japan coloring in Japan were reminders are turning. News she shook her education so here's something along those lines it's very near here possible. Happy hour the democratic. Vote by mail is that traditional his religion Republicans who ordered by an. Since the pandemic has hit and since we analyst drivers coming from Donald Trump. About com mail our students went withdrawn things Republican voters are listening to trump. And they are not us here Merrill Alice. Democrats are requested bail outs. Even as voting by mail rooms and Larry during a pandemic 1590% of people would still prefer to vote in person. It's coming five years ago that I needed to order Plexiglas shields and plastic face masks I probably would have laughed. But not anymore. I would like to see as much in person voting as possible. You have to vote by absentee ballot. You have to put it should be strictly. Regulated him and only if certain things. But the average age poll workers in America has been over sixty and many polling locations can't whiskey. Staffing pools and has required creativity from election officials and the public including the Indiana. It is Bruce who. Very although I'll run Arenas throughout the country. Join the Bob Slade join Madison Square Garden he joined other venues to say we will open outdoors. It is sure. I bet people would be allowed to vote. But you know not everybody who's here are a stadium. Tom happy fewer volunteers people owners. Initially what we heard from a lot of election experts was that there was starting to emerge across the country this acute need. Even though vote by mail was getting so much attention. For him. Poll workers to staff in person voting locations in Cuyahoga County in Ohio greater Cleveland they currently have 15100. And for their county alone they need 45 countries. Philadelphia. Similar has about a 6000 poll worker deficit and so we're seeing this all. The good news I would say it is since received so many people who are normal person who we. That's her released now and election officials are now trying to see this possible. Mary MacArthur personal protective equipment considered her heart voted sticker he might normally get. I mean you're negative moment to pass. Sure election officials are trying views audience possibly can't keep people's because they're voting in person.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"How coronavirus has made mail-in voting and the general election more complicated in 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73598141","title":"Voting in 2020 during COVID-19","url":"/Politics/video/voting-2020-covid-19-73598141"}