Investigators Gather the Evidence

Act 2: Det. Scott Apple and private investigator Ken Brennan zero in on the crime scene.
4:37 | 08/30/14

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Staples, make more happenfor less. Test test Somebody discharged a round through that wall. Reporter: But has that private eye reached too far? Remember, the autopsy never mentioned anything about a gunshot wound, the medical examiner listing the cause of death as blunt force trauma. The medical examiner, Dr. Brown? Yes. He's been doing it a long time. He'd done some real good work. He's trusted. Reporter: And what he says -- Is gospel. Reporter: Respectfully, they now have to explain to the medical examiner they're rewriting his gospel. Reporter: So you tell him your idea, and at first, he's not buying it? He's not buying it at all. And he says "Hey," he says, "This guy was not shot. This guy was beaten to death." Reporter: But Brennan keeps sliding the proof toward the medical examiner, all of the photos, making this case that all of that internal damage, from the groin right up through the heart, was caused not by a kick from someone but from a bullet. I go, "Doc, that's a bullet hole. Come on." And he just looked, and he goes -- oh. Reporter: His mind was changed. At least he was man enough that when we did show him physical evidence that was contrary to what he believed, that he was man enough to say, "Okay, you're right." Reporter: And while the cause of death has suddenly changed, will these men now change their stories? I don't know nothing, like I said. You don't think that we know the story, that we don't know what the hell went on here? Of course, we know. What are you, a moron? Reporter: A private eye preparing to jolt three electricians into telling the truth. ] Nude. The nudes palette new from maybelline New York. Our curated 12-shadow collection inspires infinite nude looks! From softly seductive. To deeply dramatic. Get the look. New the nudes palette. ? Maybe it's maybelline ? Callender's dinner when homemade. Like chicken blanketed in golden breadcrumbs and wholesome sides with her signature touches. All topped with thick, homemade gravy. Because dinner shouldn't take all day... Just taste like it did. Marie Callender's. It's time to savor Applebee's new all-you-can-eat Crosscut Ribs and discover their tender bone-in flavor. Just don't be the last to try them and their three irresistible sauces. I'm serious. Do not be the last person. New Crosscut Ribs are now all-you-can-eat for a limited time. Only at Applebee's. And come in late night for half-price apps. The Season Mattress Spectacular Up to 60% Off plus 10% off Get an Extra 5% Or Up to

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{"id":25187791,"title":"Investigators Gather the Evidence","duration":"4:37","description":"Act 2: Det. Scott Apple and private investigator Ken Brennan zero in on the crime scene.","url":"/2020/video/2020-investigators-gather-evidence-25187791","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}