Thousands of Hurricane Irma evacuees hunker down in Florida

ABC News' Senior Meteorologist Rob Marciano reports from Sarasota, where 17,000 people were forced to evacuate.
3:45 | 09/11/17

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Transcript for Thousands of Hurricane Irma evacuees hunker down in Florida
Welcome back to the special West Coast edition of 22 when he bringing you the very latest on this monster hurricane Burma as it sweeps through Florida we just got word this tonight. That an airborne relief message mission will begin tomorrow morning hopefully Weathers conditions. Permitting in the Florida Keys. An addition 28 states and the District of Columbia have been sending this that it supplies and gear aircraft that sort of thing to get it around Florida to try as soon as conditions open up. To get in to. Florida begin to help people. Who might be stranded or hurt in the area rob Marciano our senior meteorologist is in Sarasota right now and that is exactly where hurricane Herman is hitting. And his passing over on its way to Tampa Bay tonight how's it going they're rob. I was Elizabeth the last a tornado thirty minutes we keep getting these. Bush ism intense wind and rain we're just them getting almost a breast now this shatter. Hurricane her mother western flak flank of that is where we stand right now we've seen winds gusting a well over hurricane force for the last hour and a half now. There are 171000. People in shelters here in Sarasota County allowed advances as incredible. Number of people that they are howling are a lot of them. Are from areas south overflow that where they ran out of space and they all hunker down time hopefully have some power but there's a lot of power out. Across this county across Sarasota across a Bradenton and that the bridge that goes over to pinellas county and over donate. In a Saint Petersburg and Tampa where they of course are susceptible to certain that they're also getting. I hit very very Harwood the storm it's all heading in that direction Elizabeth so what has surpassed us first then against towards. Saint Petersburg and Tampa in the next couple of hours no threat to feel. Even more intense winds are their then they're doing right now at. Absolutely you chat about 171000 people in shelters just where you are we have to point out right. This is in Florida this has been the largest one of the largest evacuations in US history six million people ordered to evacuate in the state of Florida. You mentioned rob the hurricane's path leading up from you toward Tampa area and ABC's either pilgrim is north of Robbins street ends. It north of Robin in Saint Petersburg. Even tell us what's happening and where you are you've been seeing a lot of stretch storm surge there right. We we are starting to see the wind really picked as his gusts of wind and threatened. Seen any Turkish our trying to sort drops rain right wherever we are at that moment I meant and we're seeing this come on an odd here. And what he saw earlier today was we drove in the Bay Area and the water was actually being pulled out of the day is that the goal either hurricane it was dry river bridge there was no water under that bridge the marine there were boats that weren't sitting in the water. All of that water and a push back when the storm surge comes in. We talked to several families who live on the beer ads are staying in the same hotel as us and that's the reason that they left those here either forced to evacuate. People came door to door telling them to get out they're very concerned a lot of those hopes on some of those very islets were built in the 1930s. Well before some of this technology. To hurricane proof your home. They're very concerned what their homes will look like even with this kind of water with that storm surge coming in all that flooding this one Daley told me that if they get five foot storm surge. There house will be under water Elizabeth. All right and all those dire warnings either from the National Weather Service to people to stay away from the water and then you see that video of people wondering out. With the received this sucking out of the water in advance of the storm surges really scary to see that. Hoping people will heed the warnings and stay away from.

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{"id":49760386,"title":"Thousands of Hurricane Irma evacuees hunker down in Florida","duration":"3:45","description":"ABC News' Senior Meteorologist Rob Marciano reports from Sarasota, where 17,000 people were forced to evacuate. ","url":"/2020/video/28-states-district-columbia-send-gear-supplies-begin-49760386","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}