Despite Abduction Charges, Mom Prepares to Fight

Act 6: Facing extradition to America, Maria Pfeifer says she wants to return to America.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Despite Abduction Charges, Mom Prepares to Fight
Once again, David Muir. Reporter: Back in Geneva, tonight, it is now the mother without her boys, maria, now facing extradition to America on those abduction charges. And perhaps surprisingly, extraditing her should be easy. Because she reveals to us she wants to return to America. We are just moving and everything is in the boxes. So -- Reporter: Where are you moving to? I'm going back to -- the L.A. -- You know? Reporter: You're going back to L.A.? Yeah. Reporter: And how soon? I don't know yet. Soon. Reporter: She shows us the unopened Christmas presents she's already packing. These are Sasha's presents. Reporter: And a sword? And a sword. Reporter: A mother who knows her son. And for jerry? This is jerry's cat, the beast. He probably misses that a lot. Reporter: But, she is also packing something else. The case she's building to get back at least partial custody of her boys. She reads me some of the letters from parents, teachers who knew the boys when they were here. Maya was always an extremely attentive, protective, and loving mother. I keep the memory of dynamic, trusting boy, smart and happy I never heard him complain and he obviously adores his mother. Sasha. Reporter: So, you will go back and face criminal charges? Yes, I didn't do any crime. But, I will go inside the U.S. Because they are my children. Reporter: It's been many days now. Many days. Reporter: You go to bed at night and you wake up without your children. Yes. Reporter: And tell me what that is like. I cannot describe it. It's like when you lose your heart, that's it. Reporter: Can you hear their voices? I can hear and feel them and everything but, I'm just trying not to think about it. Reporter: While in California tonight, Larry and bob say they're not taking any chances. They've both been granted restraining orders against maria. Both say they're worried she might come back to take the children again. Are you always looking over your shoulder? Yes, I feel threatened, yes. And I'm protective of jerry. Reporter: Authorities will not predict what will happen. But one thing they do acknowledge is the work of both of those fathers. Jerry's dad in particular. His work on social media getting the world to listen. And getting that FBI agent in France, Eugene Casey, to listen too. Ultimately, in the end how big of a role did this dad play in finding those two boys? I think it was critical. I mean, what he did was absolutely essential to -- to locating her. Reporter: In fact, tonight, bob is now focused on the hundreds of other children stolen across borders every year. The parents now fighting to bring their children home. Because bob knows what can happen when perfect strangers reach out to help. They brought his boy home. You find people around the world who give you hope and strength, and ultimately, help you locate your child. And there's hope.

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{"id":22728066,"title":"Despite Abduction Charges, Mom Prepares to Fight","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 6: Facing extradition to America, Maria Pfeifer says she wants to return to America.","url":"/2020/video/abduction-charges-mom-prepares-fight-22728066","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}