Alonso Machain details murders of Tom, Jackie Hawks: Part 8

Police said Machain told them how he, Skylar Deleon and another man subdued the Hawks and dropped them deep into the ocean with one of the boat's anchors.
8:52 | 01/18/20

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Transcript for Alonso Machain details murders of Tom, Jackie Hawks: Part 8
Still no sign of Thomas and Jackie hawks, bit by bit, police are slowly beginning to unravel the mysteries surrounding their disappearance. Good morning, Alonso. Good morning. We just want to know what you know. Alonso Machain was actually a jailer in the seal beach city jail where Skylar was serving time for the burglary, so that's how they meet. We focused on Alonso because we thought he would be a weak link too. He is going to save his own skin. He's not going to go down for this. He turned himself in, and Alonso Machain took us detail by detail, through the conspiracy to murder Tom and Jackie hawks. When I met Skylar, he started talking about that he had all this money, that he was a part of the power rangers. The chilling details were laid out by one of the people who was on board that yacht and who took part in their murders. He said that he was going to do something, that he was going to make money, a couple million dollar. Skylar tells him that he's an international hitman. He gets his contracts out on people and they're all on bad people because he'll only kill bad people. He won't kill good people. So he's an assassin with a conscience. He said what I do is just take them out to sea and toss them overboard. Skylar promised Alonso 1 million dollars. All you had to do is kill this couple and we could get their boat and their savings, and for whatever reason Alonso Machain thought, that's a good idea. I'll go along with it. Alonso and Skylar go aboard the ""Well deserved." Tom had worked in probation. He worked with ex-cons. His suspicions immediately went up meeting Skylar Deleon and Alonso Machain because they just didn't seem like the type of guys who could afford to buy a yacht going for more than $400,000. So what does Skylar do to solve that problem? He immediately calls Jennifer and says, you've got to bring Haley down, their 1-year-old, and put these people at ease. Jennifer shows up and immediately charms Jackie. Jackie, the one who wanted to go and play with her grandson. My stepmother, definitely fell hook, line and sinker, for that woman and her, uh, baby. That's actually the linchpin in the whole thing. Like, had it not been for that, Tom and Jackie hawks would still be alive today. At the same time, Skylar's sizing up Tom, and he knows he's going need more help, because he can't overpower him on his own. He started sizing up Mr. Hawk, and he said well, I could, I could take him but it's better to have somebody else. Skyler realizes if they're going to actually pull this thing off, they need to get a big guy to sign onto this. Skylar meets John F. Kennedy through a mutual friend who Skylar had worked with. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was an original founding member of the Long Beach insane Crips. So he became the muscle in this whole scheme. They're leaving Newport beach harbor like they've done many, many times before. On board is Skylar Deleon, Alonso Machain, and John F. Kennedy. Tom and Jackie hawks think they're just taking this boat out for a test run. They have no idea what's in store for them. A Long Beach gang member, a seal beach jail security officer, and Skylar Deleon. Weird. So they just leave Newport harbor and set a course out towards Catalina. As they're heading out, the plan kind of goes into formation. At some point they get Jackie and Tom separated. Skylar and John Kennedy went downstairs with Tom hawks. Meanwhile, Jackie's in the kitchen and she hears this ruckus. And Alonso knows, oh, it's going down. It's going down right now. That struggle is Kennedy overpowering Tom hawks. He was able to restrain Tom hawks long enough to get him handcuffed. Meanwhile, it's Alonso's job to subdue Jackie hawks. Jackie's here. Alonso's here, and then that's where Thomas hawks, Skylar and JFK are on the bottom, and Jackie hears the commotion. She looks down this way and this is where Alonso overpowers her. They're laid down next to each other on the bed. Jackie was pleading for her life. She was saying, you know, I just want to see my grandson. Jackie is begging. And she says to Skylar, how could you do this? How could you do this to us? You brought your pregnant wife on board. We met your daughter. She's screaming to Skylar, we trusted you." Why are you doing this? Mr. And Mrs. Hawks tied up together. Tom is stroking her hand, trying to comfort her. This is when hear the part about Tom stroking her hand, it occurs down here, to put her at ease. I don't like being down here. It's one of the most poignant things I've ever heard in my career. It's okay, sweetheart, we're going to be together. Where we're going, we're going to be together. Each of them is brought up to sign documents. Essentially turning the boat over to Skylar Deleon and giving him access to their bank accounts. You need to sign this and if you cooperate, we'll let you go. But there's something very interesting about the way Jackie hawks with a "S" signed her name. It's h-a-w-k. She's smart enough to mess up her signature. She signs it, hawk instead of hawks with an "S." She was sending a signal -- I'm doing this under duress. And it looked like somebody went back later and put in an "S" totally inconsistent with any way she'd ever signed her name. This is a woman who knows that she is going to her death. This is a woman who knows that she's about to be murdered and she is sending this flare up into the future for somebody to make it right. Meanwhile, Skylar, he's up setting the gps to go out to the deepest point in the ocean. It's the deepest place. Then Skylar said he had seen a -- an anchor. Went to the front and grabbed this huge anchor and brought it back. Put it in the back of the boat. And they handcuffed them to the anchor. And at that point, Tom, his fight instinct kicks in. He kicks backwards and he kicked so hard, he kicks Skylar in the groin and hard enough that he almost falls over. That was the last act of defiance. Skylar stands up with a smirk, tosses this huge anchor off the side of the boat. The weight of the anchor, it goes tight and suddenly they're being pulled across the deck. Jackie's head knocks into the side. Boom, you can hear it. And then out an open door. And they both fell into the ocean. They were very much alive when they were dumped into the ocean. The weight of the anchor pulls them down to the bottom of the deepest part of the sea. Skylar gives out a whoo-hoo after it happens and then leans overboard and watches until the water becomes still. And that's what happened. How was Skylar acting maybe while this was happening? He was calm. It was like it was the most normal thing. And then they actually turn the boat around. Then Kennedy found a fishing pole. Decides he's going to fish on the way back to Newport harbor. Then John F. Kennedy took a beer from the hawks' fridge. Takes one of tomahawks' beers. No problem, just ended two people's lives, let's have a beer. Ridiculous. It's hard to believe anybody could do such a terrible crime, especially a guy like mild-mannered Skylar Deleon. And then, there's the motive. Was it just for the boat? Was that it? But maybe that wasn't all as we'd learned later. What else should we know?

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{"duration":"8:52","description":"Police said Machain told them how he, Skylar Deleon and another man subdued the Hawks and dropped them deep into the ocean with one of the boat's anchors. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68365133","title":"Alonso Machain details murders of Tom, Jackie Hawks: Part 8","url":"/2020/video/alonso-machain-details-murders-tom-jackie-hawks-part-68365133"}