Amanda Knox Speaks: Home Again in Seattle

Part 6: Knox on what she wants to tell the Kercher family, and their reaction to her and her book.
4:00 | 04/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amanda Knox Speaks: Home Again in Seattle
An american girl, home in seattle, back with her sisters, now grown-up. And sometimes she says she's just that daughter who never left and wanted to be near her parents. She was always, you know, home and -- yeah. Eating your food. Yeah, yes. Reporter: She's studying creative writing at the university of washington, playing the guitar. ♪ she's also back with an old boyfriend who wrote her in prison. And sent her his hand print, to hold her hand. But for all that is the same, she says everything underneath is different forever. My family was expecting the old amanda back, which is the old -- amanda back. And I'm not quite as chirpy anymore. Reporter: And now, the crushing blow that after all these years, the italian supreme court wants her case to go back on trial again. I can't be afraid right now. I have to be ready to fight and defend herself. Reporter: She has a reported $4 million advance for her book, which will pay debts and legal bills. They thank everyone giving them support. Millions of people who have supported her say, don't give up. Keep fighting. Reporter: And tonight, her former boyfriend, raffaele sollecito, is facing another trial. He is studying robotics. Came to visit her in seattle, still her friend. He was faced with the prospect of not having a sentence, if he just blamed me. And he didn't. Because he couldn't live with a decision like that. Reporter: You had known him seven days. Yeah. I had known him for seven days. Reporter: And patrick lumumba, he sued her for slander and won. He says you're a great actress. I understand that anger. And I do not hold that anger against him. Reporter: And there is that family, for whom this story will never be over. Meredith kercher's father said, everyone always talks about amanda, instead of celebrating the beautiful girl they lost. I'd like to end where we begin, with the kercher family. I can only imagine having lost my daughter and the pain that they're going through is unimaginable. Reporter: Her parents say they hope someday to see the kerchers when the keshlgers understand amanda is not involved. Amanda knox says she doesn't want to add to their grief, hoping someday -- that eventually I can have their permission to pay my respects at her grave. And I'd also like them to know that she talked about them, to me. And she talked about how she wanted to be a journalist, like her dad. And she talked about her sister. And if that mean -- it's all i can give them is this memory that I have of her, to add to their -- to all of theirs that they can carry with them when she's gone. Amanda knox's book is in st today. Also today, meredith kercher's family released a statement. Saying meredith is the victim. And we are waiting to be heard. So much promise lost. I'm diane sawyer. For all of us at abc news, who have been reporting this story for five years, we thank you for watching. And good night.

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{"id":19079658,"title":"Amanda Knox Speaks: Home Again in Seattle","duration":"4:00","description":"Part 6: Knox on what she wants to tell the Kercher family, and their reaction to her and her book.","url":"/2020/video/amanda-knox-speaks-home-seattle-19079658","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}