Authorities catch Margaret Rudin with an elaborate sting operation: Part 7

Maragaret Rudin was living in Massachusetts under a different name and was recognized while at the post office. The FBI and state police caught her by dressing an officer as a pizza delivery man.
6:40 | 02/20/21

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Transcript for Authorities catch Margaret Rudin with an elaborate sting operation: Part 7
Revere, Massachusetts, is a community that's just six miles north of Boston. It's a blue collar community, very diverse, and we have the usa's oldest beach, revere beach. This area was kind of known as the Boston mob community. This is where they operated, in that general vicinity. No one asks many questions in revere. Margaret barely makes it out of Phoenix when she hears from a friend that Joe lundergan needs her help. And Joe said, I have two knee surgeries and hip surgery, and would you ask Margaret if she would come take care of me? Margaret is able to, in revere, carve out a new life on the run. Margaret lived in a kind of a rundown, little apartment. You had to walk up two or three flights of stairs. It was kind of grimy and dirty and dark. It was so different than her life of luxury in Las Vegas. Her new name is Lee brown. The other one was Susan Simmons. And she had at least two, if not three, wigs. And she wore them frequently. You know, it wasn't to be deceptive in any way. It's just my sense of style. The people of revere, they all liked Margaret, right? She was real popular. I first met Margaret back in October of '99. I'd do photocopies for her. Then she would bring me in some I.D.S, and I'd laminate them for her. And she was very pleasant, really nice. I really like Massachusetts. I like the people. They're very honest and sincere and forthright. Even on the run, for Margaret, there's always time for romance. Turns out Margaret's got a new boyfriend. He's a younger guy who lives in the same building as Margaret, but one floor down. The idea that she is the focus of an international womanhunt -- If you spot Margaret Rudin, call our hotline at 1-800-crimetv. But then also live a somewhat normal life is uncanny. But when you're on the lam, it's the little things that get you. One of Margaret's seemingly mundane activities proves to be her undoing. She goes frequently to the revere post office. They got a tip. Hey, this woman looks like the fugitive that's being broadcast on "America's most wanted." They got a tip that Margaret Rudin was in fact mailing packages from a revere post office. So we immediately went over to the post office and showed her picture. The post office people says, yeah, that's her. That's her. And she lives right over there. And that's how they found me. November 5, 1999. The team got together and decided to position ourselves around here. They came up with kind of a unique sting operation to pry her out, which was a law enforcement officer posed as a pizza delivery man. We had officer Joe pepy don a domino's shirt, a domino's hat. We all went up the stairs, gained peaceful entry, filed up the stairs to her apartment, which is on the second floor, and proceeded to knock on the door. When they said, "Pizza man," and I went to Joe's bedroom, and I said, answer the door. As soon as the door opened, we rushed in. And the first person I came to was Mr. Lundergan. I patted him down really quickly, shifted him, passed him to the next guy. They came in like gangbusters. They're coming down this narrow hallway, and they're coming in with their guns drawn. There's a entrance to a bathroom. We opened the door, and we see a female in there. All I did was step back into the door of the bathroom. And immediately, a young -- he was a highway patrol, and he was a wonderful young man. He came in and he said, are you Margaret Rudin? And I said, of course I am. You know I am. I said to her, "You know what this is about, Margaret?" She goes, "Yep, this is about Las Vegas." At that point, she was placed in handcuffs with no issues whatsoever. This would be a good example of how she looked upon her arrest. And then she had all her things scattered all over the room to include wigs. And then we came across several I.D.S. She took deliberate, proactive measures to conceal her identity. People of revere were absolutely stunned beyond belief when it came out that she was wanted for murder in Las Vegas. This doesn't jibe with the person that I knew. The pleasantness of her, it just -- that's not something that you could hide. I don't know. I -- I tend to have my doubts. Margaret Rudin's run from the law ended in revere, indicted more than two years ago in the 1994 murder of her husband, Las Vegas realtor Ron Rudin. Now that she's caught, she's the focus of everybody's attention. Margaret Rudin's fugitive days were over, but not her efforts to escape justice. And they're bringing her from Massachusetts back to Las Vegas. It sells papers. It keeps the hoopla going. This is what Margaret Rudin looked like when corrections officers booked her Sunday morning. They convict somebody before they're ever setting foot into a courtroom. And now all this anticipation is building as day one in the courtroom is on the horizon. You would be relieved, you know, to find out if, in fact, she really did it that we would find out in court. And we could see it whenever we wanted to. There's a lot here at stake. Margaret's life is at stake. But would Margaret's fate hinge on the testimony of a surprising witness for the prosecution -- her own sister? What did Margaret respond? She said, I don't give a

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"Maragaret Rudin was living in Massachusetts under a different name and was recognized while at the post office. The FBI and state police caught her by dressing an officer as a pizza delivery man. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"76009267","title":"Authorities catch Margaret Rudin with an elaborate sting operation: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/authorities-catch-margaret-rudin-elaborate-sting-operation-part-76009267"}