Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition Preview

Barbara Walters reports on the highly anticipated arrival of a new heir to the British throne.
2:25 | 05/25/13

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Transcript for Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition Preview
If so two billion people watched mom and dad kiss on that thing that's happening mom and dad being Kate and William of course. You could only imagine how many people are on baby bump watch for their first born child he or she is reportedly due in mid July. But if you can't wait that long. -- -- this coming Monday for a special edition of 20/20 when Barbara Walters bringing up baby royal addition. Here's a sneak -- There -- was watched by big news we recently asked him why. Did you take ten years to get married -- said because I wanted to be right. Can he -- to the pictures. To me the biggest need your friend -- the decades. Newest chapter in the winds sample from Iraq as the season for me. Join us Monday when we couldn't get infectious -- -- What do you give us a baby -- and this is what I'm really known for abstinence beautiful Wednesday when -- the only way to. So this could be for a -- are definitely perfect little press hit middle present I'm. You won't believe whose -- we -- -- in London isn't. Today. Williams -- yeah. Went inside his tone just went on behind the palace walls when Prince William who's coming. This was done completely. Outside of any cattle media and this was Diana's -- she's saying it would innocent look. It isn't all what you think it is living at Kensington Palace. Classes and go back and listen to in the oil magnate who can't. Complete with the Olympics Donald package and -- you guys don't you find any of our amber is -- -- -- -- -- -- And the answers to all of them friendly like a big questions what kind of the father is what you're going to be. Her royal highness being -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's all -- my upcoming special bringing up baby royal edition Monday night at ten.

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{"id":19254946,"title":"Bringing Up Baby: Royal Edition Preview","duration":"2:25","description":"Barbara Walters reports on the highly anticipated arrival of a new heir to the British throne.","url":"/2020/video/bringing-baby-royal-edition-preview-19254946","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}