Business of the Bump

Newborn baby photos are just one way celebs cash in on their kids - ultrasounds are another.
6:53 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for Business of the Bump
dwts twts continues with stars, scars and showbiz kids. Here is chris connolly. Reporter: These ladies have never been bigger -- in public estimation. The sight of 'em with child and rocking the red carpet makes everyone smile. For one couple, the business of the bump began with this shout-out by rapper kanye west at a concert in atlantic city. Wanna give a shout out to my baby mama. Reporter: That would be girlfriend/reality goddess kim kardashian. Think tabloid media are psyched about the baby known as "kimye?" There's talk of a 7-figure fee for a photo -- not of the newborn, just of the ultrasound. How much is the ultrasound worth? The ultrasound, if it can be proven to be kim kardashian's, is probably worth 1 million bucks worldwide. Reporter: Chump change -- compared to what frank griffin, of the paparazzi photo agency bauer-griffin, thinks the first kimye photos could bring in july. So how much would a photo of kim kardashian's baby go for? We are talking worldwide now, $2 million to $5 million. Reporter: Deal or no deal, it could be just the tip of kim's baby-bump business. A chance after that 72-day marriage debacle. You're my wife. How weird is that? Reporter: Shown on her wedding special to reboot her relatablety and really cash in. Jo piazza is the author of "celebrity, inc: How famous peopney." I think that the kimye baby could be the most profitable baby since the jolie/pitt twins. Which will make this baby a multimillion-dollar baby. Reporter: It's a lesson some families have learned over time. In the summer of 1980, jessica simpson's father, joe, wanted to photograph her birth, so he brought a camera right into the delivery room. And the doctor said, "i really like that lens." So we didn't have any money because we, we didn't have any insurance. No. I actually traded him the lens for jessica's birth. Reporter:32 years later, an all-grown jessica simpson gave birth to her first child. Maxwell drew johnson weighed in at 9 pounds 3 ounces and thanks to this "people" magazine cover-photo session -- a reported $800,000 in earnings. "They sold the baby," that's how we talk about it in the trade. Reporter: Magazines won't confirm the numbers, but "forbes" reports $6 million was paid for j-lo's twins. 3 million for a matthew McConaughey's baby. 1.5 million for christina aguilera's issue. 11 million to %15 million -- to charity -- for shots of knox and vivienne, brad and angelina's twin bundles of joy. But just selling photos of your babies is so two trimesters ago. The value in a celebrity baby isn't just monetary, but it's also improving a celebrity's brand. Reporter: Jessica's transition from bombshell to motherhood offered new possibilities for her expanding business empire. She made money by getting this weight watchers endorsement where she lost all of her baby weight. Reporter: The estimated $3 million to $4 million deal hit a bump of its own, though -- because I'm having another baby. A lot of moms are having two kids in a row. So this made jessica so much more relatable. Reporter: Tv star and playboy reality-nation in 2009 with her transition from hugh hefner's "girls next door" to mom-to-be. And then it turned out to be good for business. Yeah. Let me tell you, it was the best thing I could've done, for my business, was to get pregnant! No. Just kidding. Reporter: She's refocused her brand on marriage to ex-footballer hank baskett and life as mother of little hank, now 3. From "kendra on top" to best-selling books to products like love candy -- a marital aid that fuses her party-girl persona with her new reality. It just so happens, I have a family. Reporter: All commemorated in photos on the wall that te more than one story. This was two or three days after giving birth to my son. "Ok" magazine came in and took these photos. It's just true happiness. Lot of people are like, "oh, you know, you sold those photos. Which is true, you know? I made some money. But that wasn't the only reason. Reporter: Look who hopes to follow that from-here-to-maternity business model, reality tv star snooki. I'm pregnant. You ready for this? Reporter: When you describe what you are or what you do for a living, what words do you use? I'm a certified nut job. Or an entertainer. But, I'm not that party girl, like I used to be. Reporter: The "snooki and jwoww" series revealed this week that transition can be a little painful. You're doing great. A little more, a little more. Yay, a boy! Reporter: But her baby lorenzo, with her fiance, jionni, shows that for nicole "snooki" polizzi, there's life after "jersey shore." Instead of me, like, thinking what club am I going to go to drink, I'm more like, okay, "what am I going to put lorenzo in tonight?" Like, what kind of jammies is he gonna wear? Reporter: His mother's line. As she puts some branded baby gear on sale. I actually made baby snooki slippers. So babies can have their little slippers and then baby blankets I have. I started with the animal prints and then the neons. The most anticipated baby of all is due in july when prince william and kate middleton will welcome their first child -- a future king or queen. They'll organize it and they'll have the baby photographs taken. She could do what diana did and just walk to the steps. Reporter: How much would an exclusive photo of kate middleton with her baby -- I am gonna faint. I am gonna faint. I don't think I could put a price on it. Between 10 and 50, I imagine. Yeah, $50 million. Reporter: Alas, there'll be no such payout for the royal couple, nor will the new heir be bumping up any enterprising paparazzo's bank account. What are the odds that a photographer -- none whatsoever. None whatsoever. Next, what is in a name?

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{"id":18383022,"title":"Business of the Bump","duration":"6:53","description":"Newborn baby photos are just one way celebs cash in on their kids - ultrasounds are another.","url":"/2020/video/business-bump-18383022","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}