Congressman Gary Condit in Scandal After Chandra Levy Disappearance: Part 1

Levy's mom Susan Levy looked through her daughter's phone bill and found calls to a number that turned out to be Gary Condit.
9:12 | 05/21/17

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Transcript for Congressman Gary Condit in Scandal After Chandra Levy Disappearance: Part 1
Tonight on 21. Explosive new discoveries. It one of the country's most high profile missing persons cases. Every major development and one of the biggest murder cases of the last two decades Chandra Levy the DC intern found dead in our. This is where she either fell down was pushed down world should. The congressman Gary Condit under suspicion how come she here office. Offense but now fifteen years later playing out like a plot of a crime drama when he when he put that crime scene video. Never before seen publicly. Voicemails and never hurt pretty good recruiter needed. And a bombshell twist from a mysterious whistle blower luncheon here planning hearings and that you just leads to people. Appears to have them. It's not Ford's Theatre. For the Watergate Hotel. But this simple storage unit. It may soon claim it's only place in the criminal history of Washington DC. This is the place. Would she put the recorder. I had as a photo might hit behind that plastic and it was right here that this woman speaking on camera for the first time since a bizarre immature steam operations. Which would pump in one of DC's most famous murder cases and she says endanger her own line. I honestly thought he's an accountant. We talk about the notorious Chandra Levy case. This case had everything had power and had sex. The nation's capital that had a young woman on the rise and now because of this woman the man once convicted of the murder will walk free. Do you regret. Making those recordings I have been appointed because my gut instinct told me something that's really long and come to count plea could happen. Tonight for the first time you'll hear her story here from that suspected killer himself we're on our way to meet demand many are convinced attacked and killed Chandra Levy and something else you never hurt. Thirty editor for great actual voicemail recordings from the congressman at the center of Chandra story. Sorry. You're. In fact will begin right there. Which would Condit left on 24 year old Levy's home answering machine on a night in early may 2001. Maybe you're out of the out of the country anyway vehicle at the the democratic. Central California is wondering winner Sean for a Guinness. And he's not the only one cult cult. Should answer. Bond Levy an oncologist and wife Susan are expecting their 24 year old daughter back home in Modesto California. Syria shy. Curator like being at home yet her daughter was ambitious dreaming of the career in law enforcement. And very. The crowd. Sheet even volunteered at her local police department before heading to the nation's capital. She got internship department presence there and I think she was it for certain toys the FBI. The FBI would be in shown there's future but not in the way she imagined. After nine months in DC the internship is over. Chandra cancels her gym membership and emails from landlord that she's heading back to California. Car again we can't she didn't answer the final days passed with no word. Sean was anxious parents called police who head to her apartment and make some noteworthy discoveries. It appeared at the police she was packed up ready ready to go home FBI special agent Brad Garrett now when ABC news consultant work in the case. For years her driver's license her credit cards or cell phone and her cell phone were still in the apartment. That's baffling to me and others because the whole idea is when you're going to leave your least gonna take an ID the early two things missing her keys. An array. A gold wing with her initials CL in diamonds and college graduation gift from her. What are you hearing from the police how they were served vast plot because look at it. Police do canvassed the area including nearby Rock Creek Park. And Susan Levy begins her own search looking through her daughter's cell phone bill. They saw this number that was being caught many many many times. I decided to call that number. Could it turn out to be Gary Condit did he answer the followed and what did you and I I was kind of surprised and should you know when my daughter is and I thought to myself. This is rob. Homeowners and maybe help Obama. But why exactly was the congressman. A minister's son and married father of two calling a young intern to get together. He missed all give me some run down penalty speculators. Thank you look at it if. Content always maintained he cooperated with police and voluntarily came in for questioning. But former DC chief of detectives Jack Barrett believes Condit was being coy. He admitted to the detectives that first night that they were dating we didn't know whether it was a a friendly relationship we didn't offer was a sexual relationship. He didn't admit that he had a sexual agents out there he did that. Were soon released it Condit and Levy did have something going on she even dropped hints to her family and listen to this home video. There is also why I can't be any happier prison. Congress and I'm. And children had vaguely described a romance to her coworkers been Jones. When she spoke of her relationship. She never offered and a judge Sutton. Powerful person someone who she was in love with someone who's she could see making a life. But in the room I'll talk of congressional sex scandal since awful media firestorm. It's a question congressman Gary Condit. Who has reportedly said Levy spent some time in his Washington DC area Condo in trap Gary condit's office Wall Street was blocked off we'll needing drugs. Every name out front of the Levys. TV trucks from the camera crews. You wondering and worrying for a second failure father was somehow implicated in this. No I knew he was I knew he had done nothing wrong and legally wrong. When folks start calling my dead at her. Chad is condit's eldest child a top aide to the governor of California when the Levy case for a mere. And hurt her and obstructed justice told the law enforcement people from the storm when. The deal was. The Levy's aren't buying it and take your suspicions public. We would ask congressman Condit and anybody else with information to please come forward. Please cooperate with the police and. From the very beginning he was trying to protect his professional reputation as a congressman. He was the one that created this problem for himself we had no place to turn other than to try and focus on him. It becomes this summer of Condit. American TV's essentially. Daily images of the group congressmen. We need to clinched teeth as he tries to maintain a facade of normalcy. Network. Which I would give him better advice. I mean I wish somebody would. You have a relationship of friendship that is hard to explain. Get his dad we'll have some more explaining to do. It. People come forward alleging Condit had relationships with other women he declines to discuss those allegations. Can we identified a number of women that would dating him. While he was here in DC and Kansas Jim it was back in California. Floodgates are open and. Protest call for condit's resignation. Up next. While police aren't turning up any breaks in the case. Condit turns up on television. For a historically awkward interview on ABC. Congressman Condit gay you know what happened just Chandra Levy foot. Twisted. Tale already on TV viewer and that Elizabeth Vargas that question what happened to Chanda Levy. Was going to be front and center at an all new trial taking place right now. But that trial was scuttled. Because of the stunning new information you're about to hear an explosive new seven hour recording administrative case that once salt. Into a mystery all over again to join us we're here tonight as we take you into Rock Creek Park video never seen before right from the crimes.

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{"duration":"9:12","description":"Levy's mom Susan Levy looked through her daughter's phone bill and found calls to a number that turned out to be Gary Condit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"43318144","title":"Congressman Gary Condit in Scandal After Chandra Levy Disappearance: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/congressman-gary-condit-scandal-chandra-levy-disappearance-part-43318144"}