Disgruntled Neighbor Descends on Neighborhood with Bulldozer

Act 2: Neighbors watched helplessly while Barry Swegle destroyed their homes.
6:50 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Disgruntled Neighbor Descends on Neighborhood with Bulldozer
Reporter: Dan davis and his neighbor, barry sweigle have been skirmishing over this fence for years. He'd knock it down. We'd go put it back. He'd knock it down and we'd go put it back. Reporter: So like a run-up to a miniature war, dan drew his red line in the sand, literally with spray paint. Rightly guessing the squabble was about to turn nuclear -- so I drove down to rite-aid, got two disposable cameras, came back, because I just had the feeling he was going to do something. Reporter: Dan's no photographer. In fact he's all thumbs, but still managed to fired off these shots, just as barry's dozer is about to take its first bite. And, I heard the bulldozer start. He was coming up our fence line. And, immediately he took and started tearing out my retainer wall, he took my fence out up to this point. And I thought that's exactly where he's going to stop, but he didn't. ♪ Reporter: Oh no, barry is just getting started. What shocked me was when that house started moving, it was -- -- and I look, look something like that. Gets my curiosity up, and I'm interested. Reporter: Who wouldn't be? And thanks to a neighbor's cell phone video, we have your exclusive ring side seats to barry rumble in the rubble. Watch this. He's smashing my house. Smashing your house? My house -- he's trashing. Reporter: And listen to this 911 call. Dan's doing play-by-play of his own catastrophe. Now he's back and running over my truck. Right over my new diesel pickup. Right over the top of it. It was a hell of a nice pickup. And, when I seen him go over that truck i, holy jesus! I gotta watch all of this, you know? Reporter: The method to this madness suggest barry is nothing if not thorough. Demolish house --check. Crush pickup --check. Up next, the power poles. You better get some cops up here with some guns because this son of a gun is crazy. 911 emergency. Somebody hit the post. Somebody did what? I'm sorry, to the power line? There's people walking around it. What a crazy! They should shoot that . Somebody's gonna shoot him. Where's the cops? Reporter: By the time sheriff's deputies scream onto ryan drive, the electric lines have been flash dancing with 115-thousand volts sparking this exchange. Looks like he's right on top of it. That's excellent!! Reporter: When we showed three county linemen our exclusive video. Oh, oh! He's got the blade up! The blade's up! Ohhhh! Holy crap! Oh, there's the sparks! Wow! Very dangerous. Extremely dangerous. He's lucky he didn't kill anybody. Reporter: By now the whole neighborhood is in a panic, and with very good reason. I can't understand you when you're screaming. Reporter: Like a crazed storm trooper, barry has suddenly changed targets, blasting through several back yards and fences, on his way to demolishing two more neighborhood homes. Yeah, now he's tearing the neighbor's place down. Reporter: After punching a hole in the side of a third house he takes aim at the main residence of dan and mary davis, where mary is napping, dozing as it were -- on a sofa. I was inside, right behind this window almost. Reporter: What was once a window. Yeah, and I kept hearing the noise, louder and louder. But I was, you know, about half-asleep. And my dog was acting funny. Reporter: Ernie, had every right to feel a little peculiar. All hell's breaking lose out there. Mary's bedroom takes a direct hit. And I see a lady standing in the doorway, and I'm just, like screaming on the top of my lungs, like freaking out, "get out of the house! Get out of the house!" Reporter: Next barry takes out mary's office, then the living room where she'd been sleeping. Reporter: On foot now, deputies cortani and backes race to catch up. We were ramped up, there's no two ways about it. And the information we're getting of what we're potentially dealing with -- yeah. Everybody's screaming, screaming at us, at us to shoot him. Reporter: Did you have your guns up on him? I had my gun aimed at him, and I got his attention by waving my other, my free hand. He looked, and he immediately surrendered. Reporter: Barry was booked on charges of malicious mischief, burglary and assault with a bulldozer, which by the way sits in a chain-link jail of its own, seized in evidence but a tad too big for the sheriff's weapons lockup. I think this was my first-ever bulldozer-as-weapon-of-choice case. Reporter: Jeff swegle has no doubt his brother is to blame for all this havoc, but wonders if deep down, the temptation to put a bulldozer between you and your troubles isn't something of a universal fantasy. You know, sort of in an imaginary way, I think we'd all at times like to have a bulldozer at our disposal. Well, sure. Reporter: You know? He did something that a lot of people wanted to do, that just didn't do it because of better judgment. Reporter: Yeah. What's it like up there? If you've never done it before, it's exciting. Reporter: It's gotta be. 'Cause nothing can stop you in the right piece of equipment. Reporter: Could I learn to operate something like that fairly quickly? Sure. Yeah. Within five minutes you could be taught how to run one. Reporter: Truly. Yeah. Reporter: Oh, you shouldn't have told me that! We found an old trailer home suitable for demolition, and i took the first few whacks. Reporter: My technique needs a little work, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun. Of course, that's because no one's property or life was on the line, unlike say, sherman's march on atlanta, or barry swegle's trek through port angeles. Reporter: Mr. Swegle now shuffles between jail and court, awaiting a judgment on his fate. His attorney hints that diminished mental capacity is likely to be part of his defense. As for the final tally of damages, it runs like this -- pickup truck --$40,000. Tractor -- $16,000. Boat --$8000. Various homes and buildings --$300,000 images of barry's neighborhood block party, priceless. Ever dream of getting back at a nabber, or has your neighbor pulled something like this, let us know on twitter. Elizabeth and I will be right

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{"id":20325297,"title":"Disgruntled Neighbor Descends on Neighborhood with Bulldozer","duration":"6:50","description":"Act 2: Neighbors watched helplessly while Barry Swegle destroyed their homes.","url":"/2020/video/disgruntled-neighbor-descends-neighborhood-bulldozer-20325297","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}