Donald Sterling's Confidante V.Stiviano Speaks Out

Part 1: In a Barbara Walters exclusive interview, V. Stiviano describes her relationship with Sterling.
10:17 | 05/03/14

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Transcript for Donald Sterling's Confidante V.Stiviano Speaks Out
Tonight, we begin with an ABC news exclusive. The woman at the center of a firestorm. She was the one that recorded him making racist comments. That in a moment. But first, who is she? A woman involved with a billionaire nearly 50 years her senior. You have seen her all week, skating with that odd visor covering her face. Expressing presidential aspirations. Who is she? She's a 31-year-old V. Stiviano. On instagram, she calls herself a lover and philanthropist. But posting videos of her with magic Johnson -- What's wrong with minorities. It bothers me that you're associating with black people. She legally changed her names because she felt like she hadn't been accepted for her race. Thank you. If it makes you happy, I will remove all the black people from my instagram. He showered her with gifts. Cars, a house, and living expenses. But sterling is still married to his wife. The 80-year-old Mrs. Sterling wants the gifts back. So, she filed a lawsuit in March, against the other woman. The lawsuit alleges stiviano engages in conduct to receive gifts from wealthy older men. But still accompanies her husband to dinner. Is your husband a racist? No. Well, you heard the wife. But why did stiviano make the recordings? Barbara Walters joins us. We met with them today, both agreed to speak to me. I went back and forth and back and forth. Finally, Donald decided not to be interviewed. But his companion did speak to me. Here's the interview with V. Stiviano. You just left Donald sterling. What is his state of mind right now? Confused. I think he feels very alone. Not truly supported by those around him. Tormented. Emotionally traumatized. You're with him, so he's not alone. I'm with him in a state of, I want to help him. Urging him to come to his own rescue. But even so, I think he feels that he's alone. You say that Donald sterling is emotionally traumatized. From what? From everything. From everyone. From the media. From his peers. From his fellow employees. From his acquaintances. He's hurt. I think he's more traumatized and hurt by the things he said himself. I think he can't even believe or understand sometimes the things he says. And I think he's hurt by it. He's hurting right now. Do you think that Donald sterling should apologize? Absolutely. Did you discuss this with him? Yes. Will he apologize? Only god knows. Can you tell us about your relationship with him? I'm his right-hand arm man. I'm his best friend, his confidant. His silly rabbit. His what? His silly rabbit. Is that what he calls you? No. I call me that myself. I joke around, laugh, I do things that sometimes he will -- I'm his everything. Our relationship started off, working for his nonprofit organization. And it's evolved into something much more. On a level that's become a big scandal. It became a scandal? Yes. Why? I think all has its purpose. And I wish I could answer that question sometimes and, I keep asking myself how and why. But the truth is that how and why doesn't even matter anymore. It's here, and some things needed to be brought to the light. And I think sometimes we're forced into situations, into circumstances in which we need to choose to do good by. And everyone has a test. And I think Mr. Sterling is being tested now by a higher power or being. And I'm forced to come to his rescue. Because he can't rescue himself. Are you in love with Donald sterling? I love him. I'm not sure that's what I asked. Are you in love with him now? I love him. Like a friend? Like a father figure. Like a father. I love him like -- just like a father figure. He's in his 80s. You are in your 30s. Yes, I'm 31. You're a beautiful young woman. So, I'm not sure that I understand the relationship. Well, I'm his personal assistant. I'm his right hand. I'm his wingman. What do you need to understand. Let me ask this. Do you and Donald sterling have a financial arrangement? Does he pay you? Yes. He started paying me as an employee, and then off the books. Off the books? Yes. And walking with a visor? Why? I'm hurting. I'm in pain. It hurts to see someone that you care about hurting. It hurts to see people speculate, assume, say, throw darts at you when they don't know you or your story or the truth. All based on hearsay and assumptions. It's easier to mask the pain. And you wear the visor to hide the pain. This is a question that I -- what's the biggest misconception about you? That I'm a mistress or a whore, or a woman of the night. And that misconception, speculations on my instagram of not real journalists doing their jobs. Asking the wrong people information that they don't know or have

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{"duration":"10:17","description":"Part 1: In a Barbara Walters exclusive interview, V. Stiviano describes her relationship with Sterling.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"23574692","title":"Donald Sterling's Confidante V.Stiviano Speaks Out","url":"/2020/video/donald-sterlings-confidante-vstiviano-speaks-23574692"}