Family searches for missing California couple, reaches out to yacht buyers: Part 2

Tom Hawks' brother spoke to one of the buyers of the yacht, Jennifer Deleon, who said she and her husband paid for the boat in cash, in full. Hawks went to police to file a missing persons report.
5:54 | 01/18/20

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Transcript for Family searches for missing California couple, reaches out to yacht buyers: Part 2
By November 16, 2004, it's obvious something's wrong. Tom and Jackie hawks were nowhere to be found. The other part to this was the "Well deserved," the yacht, was back in its right spot in Newport beach harbor. Their Honda crv was nowhere to be found, and they were nowhere to be found either. Something was really up. There's the kid. What's happening? They were a very close-knit family, so if they couldn't be reached over a certain period of time, all kinds of alarm bells went off. Family and friends are already desperate. They start tracing and backtracking their steps to see what might have happened to them. I knew that they might be selling the boat. That's what they were hoping to do. They believed that they had found a buyer to the boat, that they essentially gotten the price that they wanted. They were excited. They thought, we've got a buyer. We've got someone. We're going to sell this boat. Jackie had told me that this person was going to be coming back to take a test drive on the boat the next day. Before you sell a vessel, they take a sea trial. They take the vessel out. It's like a test run on a car. The only thing we know about this trip is that it indeed happened. And that's because Jackie calls and leaves a message with a dear friend. They bid me good-bye on the phone Monday morning. The next thing I heard was a voicemail from Jackie, said that we're still at sea and I'll be in touch with you again. Rocking and rolling on "Well She left a voicemail. It basically said that Tom and Jackie were out at sea with the purchaser and that she'd get back to him. So as far as friends and family knew, on November 15, 2004, they were meeting some perspective buyers and they were going to sail out a bit towards Catalina island. The sale would likely happen, and Jackie and Tom would be home with any luck before Thanksgiving. Before they disappeared, Tom had mentioned to family members that this guy who was a child actor was going to be the buyer. For me, it was a worrisome mystery. I wanted more information. I wanted to know, who is this would be buyer? Jim hawks wants to talk to whoever brought in the "Well deserved," so he takes out a card, and he writes on the back of it, "I am a retired police officer and I'd like to speak to whoever bought the boat. Tom and Jackie hawks are missing, and I need to chat with you." He leaves his phone number. And the person that contacted him was Jennifer Deleon. Jim's like, "Look, did you buy the boat?" "Yep, we sure did." And she is super-duper sweet. Jennifer has an explanation. She tells Jim that she and her husband Skylar bought the boat in cash, in full. Jennifer says, we don't know where the hawks are, and we still want to find out where they are because we still need some information about how to use this boat that we now have. We bought the boat. They drove away. You know, we haven't heard from them, and we don't know where they are either. She says, I think they were going to go off to Mexico. Locals playing soccer. Oh, and there's a gringo. And that's pretty much it. She's pretty short on that phone call. Not surprisingly, Jim thought this might be a bit suspicious, so he called Arizona to one of their friends. Patricia Schutz, who they put in charge of essentially paying the bills and taking care of their finances while they were down in Mexico because during this time, way harder to deal with that from a foreign country, especially on a boat which may or may not have internet access. Tom and Jackie, if they would have sold that boat, they would have deposited that money into their bank account. But there was no activity on their account, so we knew that something was really wrong. Jim hawks, he told me that he was going to contact the P department and file a missing person's report Friday morning. Most missing persons investigations, the person's found in a very short amount of time. Here's Jackie working the email. It's either a lack of communication, or perhaps they went somewhere else they weren't expected to. Jim hawks, Tom hawks' brother, he had already done his homework on his own. Once our investigators start talking to him, we knew we needed to really start looking hard. This case lands on Dave Byington's desk, and at this point, he'd been a cop a long time. And he's a cop's cop. The minute he sees Jim hawks and reads the details of this case, he knew this family had reason to worry. This couple, Tom and Jackie hawks, lived on their yacht and Newport, were in the process of selling, or sold the vessel to this other couple, Skylar and Jennifer Deleon. So Newport police start to digging, looking at Skylar and and you know what? They find stuff. Troubling stuff. Skylar happens to be a convicted felon. He's on probation. I go, jeez. So my first indication, okay, well, this doesn't sound good right now. Sergeant Dave Byington he sends out a detective to go out to the boat. And so the guy gets to the boat, and he's looking around, and he sees this receipt on the floor. The receipt was from target, and it has a bizarre shopping list on it. The minute detective Byington sees that receipt,e knows

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Tom Hawks' brother spoke to one of the buyers of the yacht, Jennifer Deleon, who said she and her husband paid for the boat in cash, in full. Hawks went to police to file a missing persons report.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68365127","title":"Family searches for missing California couple, reaches out to yacht buyers: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/family-searches-missing-california-couple-reaches-yacht-buyers-68365127"}