Female delivery worker says former supervisor bullied her for years

"My Reality: A Hidden America": Two male coworkers are coming to Pam Norman's defense after she says a former supervisor tried to drive her out of the mostly-male workplace.
7:32 | 04/21/18

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Transcript for Female delivery worker says former supervisor bullied her for years
From covgirl. Hello. Hello. Reporter: Message fro small town right in the center he it sai should reh to a -- 62-year-old womanho has had to workhole lif and never wanted to rockhe boat. I was scared to say anything. Reporter: Likllions of says she ought the point was to do the job well, and make sure everyoneunr felt goo On my way to work I've got about a 30-minute drive, and I pray on the way to work every single D. Get through ts day. Reporter: It's before dawn when I Arre at Pam Norman's house in Dexter, Missouri. Do you want cream and sugar Milk if you have it. Is that good en O too much? Ts great. Reporter: S she was 16 years old she's cleaned houses a worked atocal stories making auto parts, and the income from those jobs was all she had tose her chiln her own, and then lp her grakids. Whhose factoes took their to foreigcountries,he went to work at a delivery company which had a contract fed ex. She says S been commended by FedEx fogood customer ice, and she loves delivering some of the huge load of packages that land on our doorsteps every day. I have carried 135 to 0 pound packages. I bear hug it. Just sheary strength. I've had some heavy pas. Ie my job. Got a lot of good customers, and they love and lom. Eporter: S says she's so proud of those young women in Hollywood, wad the couge took out, LI the ones at the award shows. Oh my gosh. We ele. Secrets and lies. Time is up. I thought it really coo that tuys stood up with the women, that makes me feel good. Reportehe knows tir live differenfrers, but she says she also knowlike when sois tro humiliate you, bully you, and until two and half yearo, she saythat person was her boss, the owner of the any. Si am read the thinghe said to you, that he was goi to knockr red hair off. Knock youhead off, because I had red hair at the time. And shove it up yous bleep ]. Yes, S ma'am. Reporter: She says there is no question people H him yellinsults. People on the other side of the line wouear it. Get yourblah, blah Over the and get to wo just crazy stuff.some days I would come home and just sit and think can I do thisone more D? And itn't even mpackage. As the guyext to me, and he said I'm sleep ] Gd I don't have to listen Toour Whining anymore. Well I was crazy by then. Andhen threatenfire you? Well, he threatened to fire me severales, oh yea Reporte and if yodo what she's saying, here's what some of her U theyrd. The first thing he said was, you're a stupid [ bleep at N't do her job well, I knew that day that she had 100 150 stopsdo. Ou she shouldn't be re any. She's a woman. This is not a woman's job. She don to do this job. It wasn't every day, but it was at lst three days a week. He was always, as on her. She -- that stupid Needs to pull her headout of herss [ bleep I don't think he ever has cussed me without an Audie Rorter: Shes years ago she asked her boss to stop talking to her like tht seemed to bemissive. When he sold the company to new maname, and remaed as her coworker she says when she went to the new management asking forhelp. Tht seem to think her problem was serious. What getsiane, is nobody ever took up for me, management or my managers. And a lot of people wosa why don't Y Q but around our area, we have hardly anything. I wo in a fact 30 years. Reporr: And finally she says, a year and half ago, she Ed up the nerve to use that FedEx corporatworkplace ine numberantell her story. I was terrified. I didn't want to get anybody true believe R not. I just didn't. Orter: Sheot an email from FedEx saying thank you for your call. Welos case, and shak her complaints where employ on site. Sometimes even a quiet -year-old woman has had enough. 'Ve worked hard, and I deserve not to be treated like at. I guess that's why I'm doing it. Reporter: For the first time in her life, filing a lawsuit against dex and th delivery company, filing both state and federal claims. She asked for monetary damage and she says an environment ercan work W dignity. You havehe right to be respected. Epter: And setimes a person and one sma a of courage can create aeryig Reon even growinn high obba because I was their bubba, like everybody's big brother. Orter: Dewayne Maynard, 6'2 inches tall now works as an officer maximum surity pr, but for awhile, he loaded packages alongside Pam, and heheping forward now to join her T, sick of the familiar justifications. It's just guy talk. You known'out it, no it's not guy talk. So you' not surprised all esies coming out about how much of this goes on? 'Mot surprist Reporter: Dewaynes now is the moment all across this country for men to make it cleat is their GHT too. I thishould out, and I ink more men should stand up for what they believe in What do tne G backbone, and show each and every individual thee ect you'd want S turself. My great-grandma and my great-grandpa grewon a farm in Arkansas, a four-rohack, 18 kids. Him and her went out every morning, and logs by HD, shewedhe ties fothe railroad. Rether was out there righdeng the same job he was. There's T of singlwomen out there, making the same living, raising their kids by their selves, and they need showedhat respect. And that's the real America. S America. Reporter: And it's not just dewa her of pamor coworkers send show his full face but drove four and half hourstell us such of his life he has worked a job where there are men who ttwomen. It's just, like, an every day thing ifit's like tting up O of bed, you know? Hey, we can talk to her any way . He says he just wisheshad been brave enough to speak up at the time, he needed at job. If it gets out, it GE. Don't know You don't need theressure of youronscience? R. Exactly, that's exactly right. Eporter: Both that man who was once Pam's boss and the very company refusk to us, and while state claims have been dismissed, the federal claims areovforward wi fex saying they are not her employer, but they are committed toorkplace fe hassment. Can I turn it up? Yes, you can. ??? I feel like woman ??? Reporter: The people at pam'swo don't know she's talking to me. So in thatzen dawn S drops he gate. I'm going to pull in up here at thittleh. Reporter: What would you like to say to thd people we hear from about you here in Dexter, Missouri? Well, I mean Ju counrl, but everybody' got feelings. Justoing to tough it I went this far.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"\"My Reality: A Hidden America\": Two male coworkers are coming to Pam Norman's defense after she says a former supervisor tried to drive her out of the mostly-male workplace.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"54624357","title":"Female delivery worker says former supervisor bullied her for years","url":"/2020/video/female-delivery-worker-supervisor-bullied-years-part-54624357"}