FSU law professor Dan Markel fatally shot in broad daylight: Part 3

Markel died less than a day after he was shot in his car. His ex-wife Wendi Adelson is questioned by police, who were investigating what the killer’s motivation could be.
7:02 | 10/12/19

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Transcript for FSU law professor Dan Markel fatally shot in broad daylight: Part 3
Friday, July 18th. A neighbor on Trescott drive sees something strange out his window. He calls 911. His driver's side window is shattered and he's spattered and can't answer. He's inside the car. The car is running and he's got blood all over his head. He's not responding to me. The ambulance does eventually get there. And the emts see that Dan's been shot at pretty close range. And it's a mess. There's glass shattered all over the place. Dan's glasses are broken. The door of the car is still open. And Dan is at that point still alive. I mean, he's not -- I don't think he was responsive in any way. He'd been shot at close range in the head. He's taken to a hospital. Obviously the first person that they're gonna notify is -- they try to get to the parents. But then they try to get to Dan's ex, Wendi, the mother of his children. At the time, she's having lunch with a friend and police managed to get her. And they said, "You need to come to the police department." There was a shooting at your ex-husband's home. Daniel has been taken to the hospital. He's not going to survive. Oh, my god. I don't understand. What happened? Well, before we get into everything, I have to establish where you were and who you were with and so forth. Okay. Okay, and then once we've established all that, I can give you more details. Okay. Do you understand why I wanted you to come here before I discussed this? Oh, my god. I'm sorry. That's okay. You have nothing to be sorry about. I just don't understand. How could this happen? At the time she is pretty open. She sits down for hours. And then during that time the police look at her phone. They look at her I.D. They swab her for fingerprints. Everything that you would do with a potential suspect. They never call her a suspect. And it's an interview, not an interrogation. But she does provide all of this willingly. You are not under arrest or anything like that. I understand why you think I'm the primary suspect. No, you are not the primary suspect. I have to work just as hard whether you were or you are not. My ex-husband caused me a lot of grief. But I would never do something like that. So I understand why I would be the person who would think would do something. Well, we have to work just as hard to eliminate people. It's fine. I want to figure out who this is. It's natural for the spouse to be questioned extensively in the first hours of someone being murdered. Not long after dawn, less than 24 hours after he'd been shot, Dan Markel died in the hospital. I got a phone call that he had passed away early in the morning. I don't wish this on anybody. I would have liked to be there when he died. Hold his hand or something. And I couldn't -- I mean, it was -- Yeah, it was very hard. It was just -- just literally out of this world. Markel's death reverberates not just in Tallahassee, but across Florida. Local news is there to cover his memorial and there are colleagues, friends, family, people from all over the country. He's going to be greatly missed. You know, he left an indelible mark and it's good to see how vast it extends. We knew he had lots of friends. But what we learned is how intense these friendships were with such a huge and wide variety of people from all walks of life. Good evening. Florida state university law professor's murder. FSU. Shot and killed inside his The reaction to Dan's death was enormous. I mean, earth-shattering for Tallahassee. A law professor who gets shot in his driveway and we don't know why. And one of the things that so stood out was this cloud of fear and anxiety hanging over Tallahassee. People didn't know if this was just a random shooting or a serial killer on the loose. Right after the shooting, police didn't have much to go on. But they did get one lead. The neighbor who called 911 from that house told them that he saw a light colored car that looked like a prius back out of the driveway and head down the road. You said there was another vehicle that you saw driving away? Yes. And it left the scene rapidly. It looked sort of like a prius. Once the police let it be known that the car that they were looking at was a prius, it was one of the strange elements of the story as we were trying to piece together who on Earth would do this to this man. So in the immediate aftermath of the shooting it's pretty wide open. The police were willing to entertain just about everything. Police were looking into road rage. That was a possibility. Someone had seen someone driving aggressively down the street around the time of Dan's murder. With him being so prominent in the legal world, there was a lot for investigators to chew on. It was a college town, did he give a student a bad grade, have a run-in with him? They just thought, "My god, this happened to one of us. And another one of us might be next." Pretty scary. I walked out of my office late one Sunday afternoon to a metallic green Toyota prius. And I confess, that sent a shiver up my spine. While all of these theories of who murdered Dan Markel were circulating, police started to think this was more personal. Maybe it had something to do with Wendi. Maybe someone who loved her. He didn't like Danny because Danny hurt me. I see why he's a good suspect. Like, "What if it is Jeff?" Your name did come up. Of course. I was in love with this girl, it was hard. She really has this charisma and this sexuality. And so you throw yourself in

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"Markel died less than a day after he was shot in his car. His ex-wife Wendi Adelson is questioned by police, who were investigating what the killer’s motivation could be.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66223096","title":"FSU law professor Dan Markel fatally shot in broad daylight: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/fsu-law-professor-dan-markel-fatally-shot-broad-66223096"}