'General Hospital': Super Couples

Part 5: Luke and Laura are just one of the couples whose relationship has riveted fans for decades.
5:31 | 04/06/13

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Transcript for 'General Hospital': Super Couples
They -- they shine an adrenaline general hospital needed. Anybody see a low life front man for the -- -- a good girl from a broken home. But together -- Spencer and Laura Webber became -- time that it. We're gonna get dressed up to the hill to the girl the iconic super -- everyone would come to know yeah. As Luke and Laura said that yes in the -- he was the criminal. They would be given me. Wanted them to get together and happy. And on November 17 1981. It finally happened. The most unforgettable moment in general hospital's history may kiss the -- but. War on another daytime soap for that matter. The way -- and I looked at each other you're watching dynamic don't think they're so happy thirty million people tuned in. Their ID is the highest rated moment -- time history. It's just an amazing thing to have been able to participate in just. Work so exciting so -- -- and genie Francis and Anthony Geary had played Luke and Laura for more than three decades. And thirty million people when you think of that even thirty years later. You just -- I'm surprised that. We're still after thirty years talking about it. That year there was another high profile wedding. And that's bride Princess Diana a general hospital fan herself sent a special toast to celebrate and Luke and -- -- When you heard that -- -- you -- -- myself and Katie. And they have to explain to me biased did you do the honors. I tell you that that's a very special bottle I -- tonight's show them models with Elizabeth Taylor. I told him this is a welcome break out -- -- during game really and so we did. Plus Luke and Laura are not the only super couple to check into general hospital over the years my favorite couple. No offense look -- more -- -- was Alan Monica over my dead body when Alan Monica we're trying to kill each other for. -- belong to another man and you -- yeah. -- god she was great. In -- red hot super couples have always been on the front burner and port Charles. The person that we looked at each other realized -- It's just like to Ian Ross. When and it did gain and keep slavery got together and would explain great Scott and I think. Good thinking back then was -- as very excited by him -- The couple would do their best to keep their romance under wraps but when they hit the -- form their love affair was six. I am not so lucky eight different couple -- and Felicia Jones. -- -- -- They sent you know they were light hearted and carefree. Young people taking lots -- it must find that fun on screen. -- -- romantic. Streak. And I married my usual and we don't want ownership and had a family together. The real life couple eventually divorced -- -- show recently -- the characters back. At this week's nurses ball -- saying all I need. -- Through his onetime love. To sing to Christina. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we talk -- that's super couples and not talk about the many super loves but -- -- and -- -- by day. Romeo -- night. Why do you think he's so popular. He's such a -- plot thickened in general I think women like the fix. Man you know. -- the case -- he's left six. And so had there been a string of women -- tried to get sunny. And their characters than analog alive but a lot of -- Rendell apparently -- Kate slash content. Yeah. Who do you think -- the best match for -- Alone man. These fan bases. They didn't like Sophia Choi had -- gonna get him mad at -- and you know. I always say the best one is the one -- way OK. But you wouldn't choose. When he loves. -- -- -- And after fifteen years of love stories happy fans will still tell you it's hard to top super couple -- and Laura. You can keep it be possible. General hospital without the promise. Of. We -- -- -- together again. I think that there's a place remove criminal. As long as we're around but it can't be doing -- can't consistently. It's because. He has to be wouldn't.

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{"id":18898703,"title":"'General Hospital': Super Couples","duration":"5:31","description":"Part 5: Luke and Laura are just one of the couples whose relationship has riveted fans for decades.","url":"/2020/video/general-hospital-super-couples-18898703","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}