Houses From Hell

Imagine the shock of finding your home could electrocute or poison you.
6:14 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Houses From Hell
s A "20/20" CONTINUES, HOUSES From hell, here is jim avila. Here's the scream. nydia reginer is about to go through the roof. I just want to go to sleep. Reporter: What's keeping her up? It's this armada of cargo planes making the final approach to louisville international and turning nydia's three bedroom home into a bona-fide house from hell. This tale of woe began when nydia and her family moved from bustling chicago for a more serene lifestyle in louisville, ke it's a great neighborhood, and the people here are so nice. Reporter: The not so nice part -- it's two miles away from the airport. I know people watching this are going to say, you didn't know there was an airport there? When we came to see the house, it was in the middle of the day. We just got lucky. There wasn't a plane. Reporter: Mm-hmm, right over us now. I could live with that. But those, that's not what we get around here at night. 6,000. Coming down. Wait a minute. Didn't the sellers have to disclose all of that? They don't have to tell us. They are to do right by other people. Most people take care of themselves. Reporter: Real estate mogul barbara corcoran says make sure to check out a house more than once. Go back and visit the house at different times. They would have heard those planes overhead if they had the good judgment to go back at a different time of day. Reporter: The good news? The airport and the faa pay for houses inside a certain noise zone to get soundproofed. We replace out windows and doors, provide attic insulation. Reporter: The bad news? Nydia's home is exactly nine houses beyond the cut off line. So you'll get nothing? This guy across the street here -- he'll get soundproofing. Reporter: Nydia has complained to the airport. Their response? A polite but firm "tough luck." I can't go to that next block. The faa won't approve that. Reporter: What I just heard was, we've talked to her, but we're not helping her. She's nine houses away from line, and we can't do it. That's correct. Reporter: If it's any consolation to nydia, things could be worse. Check out this rambunctious raccoon that's made himself at home, as seen on animal planet. Shocked? Then you'd feel right at home in the pound ridge, new york, home of dr. Harold and millie mendelson. There's something wrong here. I was just really zapped. Reporter: The mendelsons say their six-acre estate has been converted into a house of horrors by this humongous power station adjoining their back yard. That's the hum of the transformer you hear. When you first moved in, why didn't you think this would be a problem? This thing is three times what the size was when we moved in. Reporter: They claim repeatedly, generating intense headaches and a fear so strong, they've refashioned their lives with rubber in the bedroom. He has gone, and went to a surgical store, and got rubber sheets. Reporter: The bathroom. When I take a shower, I wear rubber shoes in the shower. Reporter: And even the kitchen. I don't even want to use this faucet at all. Reporter: Here we go, millie. No, no, no. Jim, I wouldn't do that. Jim! Ah! Reporter: The couple is suing their power company, who denies the couple is entitled to any damages. At least the mendelsons had decades of domestic bliss here before things got so "re-volting." But across the country in southern oregon, jonathan and beth hankins got a rude awakening just weeks after moving into their foreclosed r-upper. One of the things it says right there in big, bold letters is "as is." Did that scare you a little bit? Overall, the house had great bones. Little did we know that those bones would be contaminated and poisonous. Toxic. Reporter: After weeks of do it yourself home improvements, this little house revealed its dirty, dangerous secret. There was a really strong odor. Beth had mouth sores. I was getting dry mouth, nose bleeds, sinus headaches. Reporter: The symptoms were similar to side-effects experienced by crystal meth users. And sure enough, a neighbor revealed, this little fixer-upper was a not-too-long-ago suspected meth lab. Lice knew the house well. We've been to this house several times. We made undercover narcotics buys. Purchased drugs on three different occasions. Reporter: This is the now deceased home owner's mug shot -- a reminder, "don't do drugs." You may have seen it before on "breaking bad," the hit show about meth dealers. They use a super lab with super ventilation. But in the real world, home cooking leaves behind such high levels of poison, we had to put on hazmat suits to conduct this standard test. Three drops. We'll have the result in about a minute. Yeah, it's positive. Reporter: It's positive for methamphetamine residue? Yeah. Reporter: Months later, it's still everywhere. Contractors that specialize in clandestine meth lab clean up have costs that are more than what the house is even worth. Reporter: Lawyers told them to walk away quietly, because it's only illegal to sell a house with a problem if you know there is a problem. Must be heartbreaking to have to do all the work and walk away. Absolutely. I mean, it's horrifying. It's like a nightmare. And to think that we unknowingly exposed our 2-year-old to that. Hopefully we got out soon enough. All jonathan and beth had to do was talk to the neighbor before they bought that house. Every neighbor who's next door to a meth house knows what's going on. Reporter: The hankins continue to pay the loan on their empty home and rent a second house to live in. Not exactly the second home the young couple had in mind. And I guess the $62,000 question is, will you ever buy another house? Home ownership is the american dream, right? And when your dream becomes a nightmare, makes it really hard to want to go back and start all over again.

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{"id":18690228,"title":"Houses From Hell","duration":"6:14","description":"Imagine the shock of finding your home could electrocute or poison you.","url":"/2020/video/houses-hell-18690228","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}