Jennifer Deleon sentenced to life in prison for murders of Tom, Jackie Hawks: Part 9

Jennifer Deleon coordinated with Skylar Deleon throughout the Hawks’ murders, a prosecutor said. Skylar Deleon said his wife “wanted that fairy tale life.”
7:36 | 01/18/20

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Transcript for Jennifer Deleon sentenced to life in prison for murders of Tom, Jackie Hawks: Part 9
Smell the flowers. Smell them? Once Skylar was arrested, Jennifer was still out of custody. We still didn't have enough information or evidence against her to prosecute her on much of anything at that point. She -- at the time, she stuck by her man. We are rolling. How confident are you that Skylar had nothing do with Tom and Jackie hawks presumably being murdered or at least I am very confident, as confident as I can be, that Skylar will be home soon. What we still don't know is Jennifer's role. There was a split of opinions within Newport beach pd. Some thought she was the ice queen and the second coming of Satan herself, and others thought that she was just the dutiful wife who got caught up in her husband's nefarious dealings. Did you know anything about the crime? No. We extended immunity to Jennifer. We said, look, tell us what happened. It was the ultimate offer. It was the get out of jail free card. All she would've had to do was testify against her husband. And incredibly, she turned it down. She had a chance to save herself, and she chose to stick by Skylar. They almost completed each other. Jennifer and Skylar, before they met, hadn't committed any crimes that we're aware of, really, as individuals. But when they met, it was like fire and gasoline. And do you have any fear -- I know it's been speculated that they may arrest you. Most definitely. Not knowing if -- you know, if that is something that happens. To constantly be wondering, you you know, I nurse my son, is this the last time I'm going to nurse my child? Is this the last time I'm gonna tuck Haley into bed? It's terrifying. 23-year-old Jennifer just feet behind her 25-year-old husband Skylar as their attorneys enter their plea. Jennifer Deleon is finally arrested, and that is really surprising because she was not on the boat at the time of the murders. And at that point, everybody's wondering, well, how did she play a part? The attorney for Jennifer Deleon, who just gave birth to her second child several weeks ago, says she wants her tried separately. The first person to go on trial was Jennifer Deleon. And I think that she was still operating under the belief that she could blame Skylar for everything that had happened. Deleon's attorney during the trial insisted she did not know what her husband was planning until after the hawks were killed. She only did what she did out of her fear of her husband. The defense for Jennifer was that she was not a part of this whole thing. She didn't know what was going to happen. She was forced into it. But as the evidence unfolded, nobody bought that. Everybody knew who was in charge, and it wasn't Skylar. How much in charge was Jen? I think our -- probably we had our roles reversed. Was she the brains in the -- in the family? Yeah. Skylar did not make a move without running it by Jennifer. At every significant event during the murder of Tom and Jackie hawks, he called Jennifer. They get down to Newport beach, he calls Jennifer. They get out on the boat, out to sea, he calls Jennifer. They get out where they tie Tom and Jackie hawks to that anchor, begging for their lives -- the first thing Skylar did is called Jennifer. She knew exactly what was going on because Skylar kept her informed before, during and after the murders. That woman was physically not on the boat during the murders, but she was absolutely on the boat with guidance in spirit. Jennifer was always on Skylar for nice things. She wanted to move out. And she put a lot of pressure on Skylar to make that happen for her. Well, I mean, she wanted that fairy tale life. Jennifer is seen with a grin on her face as they're trying to take money out of the hawks' accounts after they murdered them. Her whole defense was she was terrified of Skylar. She only went along with it because she was afraid that Skylar might kill her, too. And she has a gigantic grin on her face. The look of a woman whose financial problems and debt problems were about to be solved. Not somebody that's afraid of the man that she's with. For her to say that she was not involved in any way was an outright lie. Jennifer Deleon was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. She was convicted of the murders of Tom and Jackie hawks and received a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. Although her family suffers because she's loved, they will still get a chance to see her, say their last words and say their last thoughts. They will be seeing her through plexiglass. But, you know, to see my parents, I have to look through 3,600 of the cold pacific ocean. So here's the question. Why did they do it? Why did they go after these complete strangers, murdered them so coldly? Was it just for the boat? Was that it? But maybe that wasn't all, as we'd learn later. During the investigation, there were some points that came up where Skylar's gender identity was questioned, that he believes he was transgender. And that was possibly a motive for not only the Jarvi homicide, but the hawks homicide, to facilitate payment for his transgender surgery. I interviewed Skylar Deleon in jail in 2009. Just before the interview, Skylar was rushed to the hospital after an incident at the jail. He actually tries to cut his own penis off in jail. I basically took a piece of sheet and tied it around my lower extremity and I went to cut it off. Had this been something you had been thinking about for a while? Yeah, for a long time. Tell me about what's behind that. Well, I guess it's something that I've always felt like as soon as I can remember I always wanted. To be a woman? Yes. But I'm not attracted to guys, and -- but I wanted the surgery. So when you get to jail, did you figure you were never going get the surgery, sow might as well try it yourself? I guess so. Kind of, in a way, I just said, you know what? I'll do it myself. But they got me too quick. So you're still a man. Unfortunately. Skylar Deleon had put money down to get a sex change prior to this crime. We found, actually, a receipt where Skylar had paid $500 to a surgeon who specialized in gender reassignment surgery. I mean, he lies so much, you never know when you're getting wrapped up in yet another con job. Maybe he just wanted to say, how could I do it? I'm weak, I'm frail. I'm practically a woman. Right? Maybe it's just yet another con job. Should walk away from this program, this interview, knowing only that you cold-bloodedly killed three people? No. What else should we know?

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{"duration":"7:36","description":"Jennifer Deleon coordinated with Skylar Deleon throughout the Hawks’ murders, a prosecutor said. Skylar Deleon said his wife “wanted that fairy tale life.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68365134","title":"Jennifer Deleon sentenced to life in prison for murders of Tom, Jackie Hawks: Part 9","url":"/2020/video/jennifer-deleon-sentenced-life-prison-murders-tom-jackie-68365134"}