Joey Buttafuoco reunites with Amy Fisher on TV: Part 9

Both Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco agreed make a TV appearance for the money. Mary Jo Buttafuoco later got life-changing facial surgery to correct facial paralysis from the shooting.
6:54 | 11/09/19

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Transcript for Joey Buttafuoco reunites with Amy Fisher on TV: Part 9
Only at Target. After the shooting, there was zero degree of normalcy. That's all I wanted. All I wanted was to be normal, but it was a rough, rough time. They were good kids. You know, they had problems and issues from all of this. I was thinking straight as I could, given the moment, and given everything that was going on. But for my children, it wasn't easy for them either. They were at that age of hanging out with their friends, and wanting to drink and smoke, and get into whatever they needed to get into. And so I -- I got big into cocaine because it made me feel like the queen. And I experienced eating disorders from it. I suffer from alcoholism. A lot of it was suppressed. It was all this hiding and everything's fine and I'm terrific. And deep down, things weren't terrific. And it all stemmed from her mom getting shot, and seeing how people portrayed her mom and dad. My friends at "Entertainment tonight" and "Insider" brought me aboard. And sometimes I do these reuniting shows. The confrontation that has been building for 15 years. She destroyed everything in our lives. And got into this with buttafuoco. So, yeah. I cashed in. I cashed out, and I sold out. It had premeditation. It had obsession. It had love. It had craziness. He screwed me over when I was a teenager. She took away my children's childhood. It had every impropriety imaginable all rolled into one beautiful New York story. Joey buttafuoco finds a new way to try to cash in on the scandal that almost killed his wife. Amy fisher, Joey buttafuoco, face-to-face. We did two more "E.T." And "Insider" specials. David krieff was instrumental in putting these deals together. And I convinced Mary Jo to do it for the money. Because I had spent all the money I had, plus had to borrow money from my dad. They deserve money. I don't say they don't. Everybody deserves to get paid. Everybody's in it for the money. You're doing a television show on this period of time. You're looking for good ratings. If it takes some people to paper a product with money, you're gonna do it. I was made an offer that I couldn't refuse. I couldn't work anywhere. I couldn't even work at my own family's business. How was I gonna support my family? How am I gonna feed those little birds? Right? I turned that into a business. I got shot in the head, she did it, and he had something to do with it too. It was explosive. It was riveting in the room. So I knew it was gonna be amazing TV. I was okay at that point sitting in the room with them, but it turned into a fiasco because Joey started screaming and yelling at her, and he stormed off the set. I don't sleep with children. I don't have sex with children. I didn't sleep with a 16-year-old. You did with me. I'm done, and god bless everybody. God bless you. You have no remorse. Mm-hmm. I'm done. Thank you, everybody. The show is meant to be a disaster, okay? It was meant to show a car accident, and that was the way we did it. She was the love of my life. The love of my life. It's a show. It's show business. We're taking a bad situation and we're turning it into entertainment. That Reunion. I didn't talk to my father for a solid year after that. The producers who even put that Together in the first place. It was a disaster, it was disgusting, and I completely was like, "Listen, dad. My life is hard enough already. I'm in college. I'm trying to figure out who I am. I'm in the height of my drinking, drugging, and eating disorders." I purposely didn't involve any of Joey's kids. I tried my hardest to protect everybody involved. Like many things in my life, I found out the hard way, on TV. We pushed the envelope pretty far on one of the last ones, where I pretended to be romantically involved. This is how insane I was, romantically involved with Amy, which we were not. We always loved each other. We did. We did. Yeah. And I just remember being so -- and just being like, "Are you Kidding me?" You're gallivanting around the streets of New York with the woman who tried to murder my mother? Every show is exploiting something. We're all taking something that happened and exploiting it. This is not a joke. This is not a paycheck I want. No, no, this is not right. It's Up. This should not be happening. I think shows, whether they're tabloid shows or not. We never pause to reflect on the damage the story has done to so many people. And because of what Amy fisher did to my mother, y'know, she looks in the mirror every day and is reminded what happened to her because her face doesn't work. And I pitched to the Oprah people. I said, "Hey, can you guys help me give her a life lift?" And so we went on "Oprah." So tell us specifically what physical damage you're still living with. The bullet went in the side of my head, right here by the ear. 15 years ago, I walked into the house and my wife had been watching "The Oprah Winfrey show." You go to brush your teeth every morning and I can't -- I can't hold my mouth -- I can't rinse my mouth and spit, I have to hold my mouth shut. She saw the segment about Mary Jo and how she had been suffering from facial paralysis. This is 37 years old, and this is 50. She's like, "This is someone you can help. We got to somehow get you two connected." We contacted Oprah, and Mary Jo came in and saw me, and we connected, like, literally right away. My first meeting with Dr. Azzizadeh was fantastic. He said, I can do something for you, I can help this paralysis that you have, and I have ways to help bring your symmetry back to your face. The crux of the surgery was to really even out her face, suspend the drooping corner of her mouth, to help her not have drooling as much and difficulty in her speech, and we proceeded in doing that. When we went to "The Oprah Winfrey show" for the reveal -- Please welcome Mary Jo buttafuoco. It was pretty spectacular because she looked amazing. I think Oprah thought she looked amazing. How do you like the results? I love the results. The bandages came off and I looked in the mirror, and I looked like the way I used to look. And I started to cry and my kids started to cry. And it was just terrific. And I was just so happy, and so grateful. I was, like, on cloud nine for a long time. Mary Jo was finally putting the pain of her past behind her, but she didn't realize there were secrets yet to be revealed. Including an earlier attempt on her life. There it is, there it is. We had a bullet come through

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"Both Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco agreed make a TV appearance for the money. Mary Jo Buttafuoco later got life-changing facial surgery to correct facial paralysis from the shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"66865266","title":"Joey Buttafuoco reunites with Amy Fisher on TV: Part 9","url":"/2020/video/joey-buttafuoco-reunites-amy-fisher-tv-part-66865266"}