Jury finds Ed Shin guilty of murder in less than an hour: Part 9

During his 2018 trial, Shin claimed he fought Chris Smith in self-defense when Smith fatally struck his head by accident. Shin was found guilty of first-degree murder with special circumstances.
7:35 | 01/25/20

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Transcript for Jury finds Ed Shin guilty of murder in less than an hour: Part 9
aft California is now in session. Please be seated. This trial took a long time to get underway. Yeah. You're just in this suspended reality of not having closure and answers. You just get stuck. I had a lot of rage. It just felt like a storm. So if you had to boil this case down into the simplest terms, how would you characterize it? Ruthless diabolical greed to the extreme. I mean, that's really what this boils down to. This is now seven years later that he's going to trial, so for the Smith family, this has just been painful waiting. And now finally, in 2018, Ed shin is finally standing trial. He's charged with first-degree murder with special circumstances. Special circumstance being it was for financial gain. If convicted under California law, you get a mandatory sentence of life without parole. Ladies and gentlemen, the evidence is going to show that in trying legally protect his own financial interests Chris Smith became an on stackable for Ed shin. Ed shin was in a corner. Chris Smith had him in a corner. The way he could solve his problems, financially, business-wise, everything else, is murder Chris Smith, make him disappear, and take all of his money. The evidence is going to show, ladies and gentlemen, that Chris Smith's office on June 4th in the evening hours, it was helter-skelter in there. There's blood on the ceiling, blood on the carpet, blood on the walls. There's blood on the furniture. The evidence is gonna show that that man there beat or stabbed Chris Smith brutally to death in that office. Matt Murphy's going to argue this was a premeditated murder, the key piece of evidence is the timing of one email sent by Ed shin, pretending to be Chris Smith to Chris's attorney on the night of the alleged murder. At 6:01 that night, did you receive an email concerning what appeared to be a change in heart or change in direction from Mr. Smith concerning the future of these companies? Yes. So that's our window where we know the murder had to take that email, it's perfectly written. It's not done in a panic. It makes sense. It has the right tone. And it's attached to an exhibit with a fake signature on it. So there's virtually no way Ed shin showed up in that office without that email and that attachment ready to roll , and that means he's already decided he's gonna kill him. Mr. Shin, the testimony you're about to give before this court is the truth, the whole truth so help you god? According to Ed shin, Chris Smith was responsible for everything. He lunged at me. He lunged at me again. I think at that point I thought I had to fight back. I don't know if I threw him or if I shoved him, but somehow I pushed him into this area, and that's when he fell and he hit the desk. Pretty hard. It's always risky for a defendant to take the witness stand, because the entire case then comes down to, do the jurors believe Ed shin? Every single word, every facial expression, every motion becomes critical So, how is it, Mr. Shin that you didn't have a bruise or you didn't bleed somewhere? Can you explain that for us? I cannot. Okay. There you are. He's on the floor of the office. He's just sustained a significant physical injury, and you can dial 911, and they can come save him. So if you didn't want him to die, why didn't you dial 911, Mr. Shin? Because I was in shock. You didn't dial 911 because you knew that if he died, you got his money, isn't that true? No. This is murder that's repeated itself throughout history. You got one guy who wants something from another guy. And the way to get it, if he won't agree, is kill him and take it. Then there was this moment during cross-examine in which Ed shin looked like he was about to cry. He was kind of shedding a tear. Are you tearing up a little bit right now? I'm okay, sir. Was he feeling sorry for himself? Whatever it was, Matt Murphy saw that and went in for the kill. Were you tearing up when you wrote that email to Debi Smith saying their son was committing suicide, or suggesting that he was going to do that? Were you tearing up when you did that? Yes. Okay. You were actually at the computer tearing up as you were going to break a mother's heart by essentially blaming her for the death of her son? That was making you feel sad? It was one of the many emotions I felt, yes. That was 100% con. That was manipulator par excellence, trying to work my jury. He's trying to make the jury feel sorry for him after all the destruction that he's caused. There's no getting emotional when you're a ruthless killer like that. In front of the jury, Ed shin does not budge from his claim that this was all self-defense. As for the body, well, Ed shin has an answer for that as well. He claims he hired a Russian to dispose of the body. I've always believed he drove him out to the desert. And he dumped him. You're familiar with the phrase, the truth will set you free? Yes. So here we've got a skull. Somewhere out there in the world, right now, that if your story is true, it's gonna match with what you say. There's gonna be a single impact wound on the back of the skull that looks like the corner of the desk, right? Yes. Ed shin says Chris fell down in the middle of this fight and hit his head. And he died from that. That means he's gonna have a skull fracture that indicates a single blunt force trauma, and he's gonna be able to prove what he said. So why doesn't Ed shin set himself free by -- by telling us where the body is? Because it's complete nonsense. It's not true. That skull has multiple blunt-force trauma, and that's why Ed didn't give it up. The jury gets the case on December 7, 2018. And it takes them less than an hour to reach a verdict. Please read the verdict. We the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant Edward younhoon shin, guilty of the crime of felony. To witted wit violation section one -- My feeling when the verdict was read is total relief is that he's gonna be somewhere where he can't hurt anybody else again. The verdict came down the same day that we interviewed Joe gray, and so we were with him as he broke the news to his wife Patty. They got him for first-degree murder. That's -- sentencing should be life in prison. Oh, thank god. Oh. He won't be hurting anyone else, babe. Thank god. We're actually inside the Theo lacy facility and we're about to interview Ed shin 16 hour after sentencing. And are you afraid that this mysterious Russian that you've spoken about is gonna come after you? Or are you just keeping this piece of information as a bargaining chip?

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"During his 2018 trial, Shin claimed he fought Chris Smith in self-defense when Smith fatally struck his head by accident. Shin was found guilty of first-degree murder with special circumstances.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68519845","title":"Jury finds Ed Shin guilty of murder in less than an hour: Part 9","url":"/2020/video/jury-finds-ed-shin-guilty-murder-hour-part-68519845"}