Make Your Own Luck

Can you make yourself lucky? Dan Harris looks into brain programming videos to find out.
7:18 | 08/10/13

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Transcript for Make Your Own Luck
So, tonight, if you're like mend you didn't win the powerball, is there a way to make yourself luckier the next time? Tens of thousands are turning to hypnosis to get lucky, and tonight, watch as our dan harris tries it, too. And just go ahead and close your eyes. And just take in a nice, deep breath. In through your belly, all the way up through your -- Reporter: Okay, so check me out here. Palms up, eyes closed, taking deep breaths. I'm being hypnotized by a total stranger. Feel it. Know it. The new dan. Reporter: Why am I doing this? The producers of "20/20" have sent me on a quest for good luck. And this woman says she can help me get it. Say to yourself, "i, dan, am a winner." Reporter: I'm actually already a pretty lucky guy -- amazing job, beautiful wife, good health -- although I wish, like the rap artist skee-lo, i was a little taller. ♪ I wish I was a littlebit taller ♪ Reporter: Notwithstanding my good fortune, I have, for many years, now indulged a professional fascination in those self-help gurus -- like deepak chopra, eckardt tolle, wayne dyer -- who say they can change people's lives. Or, as this guy joe vitale claims, through the power of a ride in his rolls royce. So I was super intrigued when i heard about a new generation of positivity-purveyors who claim they can boost your luck through the power of your subconscious. For this story, I spoke to two of these people -- victoria gallagher and ty sumrall, also known as igodmind. I do believe that you can attract different types of luck. I believe that you can implant suggestions in your mind to help you attract the people or the situations that you need to improve some aspect of your life. I offer people a way to achieve their hopes and dreams, through reprogramming their mind through hypnotherapy. Reporter: You're actually reprogramming the mind? You absolutely are. Reporter: Sounds a little out there, but they believe that by goosing the subconscious part of your mind with lucky thoughts, your brain will then guide you into lucky situations. You are on a journey. Reporter: Victoria has attracted more than 7,000 subscribers to her hypnosis youtube channel and he's racked up a very lucky $2 million in sales in the last decade. You hypnotize somebody. You rummage around in their subconscious, and then they can make big changes in their own lives? Absolutely. What hypnosis does is it relaxes the mind. You're no longer hearing that inner voice that's telling you, "no, you can't do that." You're hearing, "yes, I can do that." Reporter: Ty says that he gets the brain to say "yes i can" through his own brand of deep meditation, using videos he creates like this one with subliminal messages that you can barely hear. He has more than 20,000 subscribers on youtube. Ty says when he's not creating meditation mixes, he uses them himself to make money in his day job in marketing. So, you have these videos and they're telling you, "you're going to get 30 grand." And then you got 30 grand. It was about $31,000 and change. Reporter: Now, it wasn't a suitcase of 30k falling from the sky. Ty says it was through business deals he was able to land through the power of meditation. So, of course, I started thinking, "wow, I should have been thinking about $300,000." Knowledge is limitless. Reporter: Victoria says she used her own hypnosis methods to score love. I experience luck every day. Dating kind of sucked for a little while. And I don't know why it took me so long to decide to just listen to my own attract your soul mate cd. Sending vibrant waves of energy. And, like, within a week, I was able to find the man of my dreams. Reporter: Well, kinda. She and husband, steve, first met on match.Com, got engaged and then broke up. Victoria popped those hypnosis CDs IN AGAIN AND A FEW MONTHS Later, at a local karaoke bar, she re-encountered the man of her dreams again. I was actually on stage at the moment singing "with or without you" by u2, if you can believe it. And from the stage I could see her walk in. And it just hit me like a bolt of lightning. Reporter: So there was good luck and then bad luck and then good luck? We tend to look at it as good luck because we learned all throughout the process. Reporter: Got it. Exactly. Reporter: We should be clear here. There is no science to back up ty and victoria's claims. Both of ly admit this, which is why they offer no guarantees. They say their techniques have worked in their own lives -- and, what's more, they showed us scores of testimonials from folks who say it worked for them, too. A woman named jennifer wrote to ty saying his videos turned her career around, and kimberleigh said she won the lottery. Tom wrote on victoria's website that his marriage was saved through hypnosis. Another guy said he hypnotized himself to and improved his golf game. So, twha are the limits on this? For example, I'm 42 years old, 5'8", maybe on days when I've used my wife's volumizing shampoo. Could you make me an nba player? Well, I think that there are some limits to what you can do. But the limits are really what you believe. Reporter: So you're not ruling out the nba? Have you ever played basketball? Reporter: In my parents backyard. That might be a limitation. And so -- the chances are probably not likely. It's -- Reporter: Killing my dreams here. Basically you're saying, if you have a realistic goal and a good attitude about it and you work hard, you'll get there. So, I mean, I already know that. Why would I need to buy a cd? Because you know that with your conscious mind, but with your subconscious mind, you are not going to necessarily achieve that. Reporter: Ty agrees. I don't put myself out there as a guru. The video is nothing more than a tool. I don't believe they're magic. I believe that they are like exercise equipment. You can't stand next to it and get ripped. You have to get in there and use it a little bit. Reporter: Ultimately, it's up to you to decide. Is this just a fancy spendy version of common sense or is there something really here? For what it's worth, I did give their techniques a try, with the ridiculous goal of making the nba. I checked out ty's medicatitation clips. Close your eyes. Reporter: And as we showed you at the beginning of the story, I sat for a hypnosis session with victoria, which did not go so well. Now, try to open those eyes and find that they stay closed. That's okay. That happens every once in awhile. Reporter: I'm a poor subject. Victoria and ty both say, I need to give it more time, have an open mind. And maybe use a little bit an

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