Margaret Rudin fights for her share of husband’s estate, murder weapon found: Part 5

One year after her husband’s death, Rudin settled suit with trustees of husband's estate, inheriting a small amount out of her husband’s millions.
7:03 | 02/20/21

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Transcript for Margaret Rudin fights for her share of husband’s estate, murder weapon found: Part 5
That's why Always absorbs faster. It's one year after Ron's death, and Margaret is fighting two big battles. One the trustees of her husband's estate, his $12 million estate, are keeping her from getting any money. Secondly, she's under suspicion for murder. And she was just being bled dry. I mean, she's got no income. They're trashing her name everywhere. The newspapers even were saying, first time a murder case is going to be settled in a civil trial against Margaret Rudin. It was right before she was to testify. From a criminal perspective, we were really looking forward to her testimony. That was going to be very, very telling. If the trustees can convince the civil courts that she, Margaret, in fact is responsible for the death of her husband she will not be entitled to any of the $12 million. Ron trusted me. He wanted me to have a part of the inheritance because each time that he redid his trust, he increased my percentage by 20%. He would not have kept increasing the percentage if he had any doubts about me whatsoever or if we had a bad marriage. He wouldn't have. The battle ends up just basically fizzling out. Margaret ends up settling for $600,000, and if you take out the $429,000 that she owes her attorneys -- far cry from the millions that she was set to inherit if indeed he had died of natural causes or she wasn't under any suspicion. This was a very tricky investigation, and the police struggled for a long time to discern exactly how Ron was murdered. They suspected he'd been shot while he was sleeping, but they never had the murder weapon. This lake has changed a lot since 1994 when Ron disappeared. Out here is where they found the gun. This is lake mead, and this is pyramid island. July 21, 1996, scuba divers used to have scuba schools here. And so one day, some scuba divers noticed some debris 10 to 15 feet out from the shore. They swam down there and brought it out, and it was a .22-caliber gun with a built-in silencer, and it was wrapped in about 15 plastic grocery bags in a t-shirt with rubber bands around it. It's a gun. They take it to the park ranger, then that ranger brings it to police. Now, here's the thing -- the gun just sat in police storage for about a year. It's now 1997, two years after the murder of Ron Rudin. There is still no indictment against Margaret. One of the detectives remembers, we need to look at that gun found in lake mead. This gun that had been found out at the lake, my partner in the case, Chris Owens, had asked the forensic laboratory to do testing. Detective Vaccaro and detective Ramos both were going around saying, "We'll never be able to find the murder weapon because we won't be able to match the bullet fragments that were recovered from the skull to the gun. All of a sudden the bullets matched. They brought it, tied it back to the gun that was found there at the lake. Oh, that was a big, big linchpin in the case, because all of a sudden now we had this murder weapon. It was a gun that had a silencer on it, so it all made sense that this could be a gun that was used in the actual crime scene itself. The problem with that is they can't connect the murder weapon to Margaret. They can't ever put the gun in Margaret's hand. Doesn't stop investigators from trying to do so. Ron had actually sent a letter to police saying, hey, one of my guns from my gun collection is missing. But what it did do is lead police to believe that it must have been Margaret who took that gun that was then missing. Ron had left a report with ATF indicating that that gun had turned up missing about the time that he and Margaret had separated. I think it's a stretch to argue that Margaret, for six years, hid this gun so she could use it on him in December of 1994. Ron had a huge vault in his house. It was an arsenal. He had at least 1,000 guns in there. Thomas machine guns from the '30s, shelves that were at angles so you could see every single one of them clearly in view. It was the firearm recovered at the bottom of lake mead that pushed this thing over the edge. Ron's car found at the crazy horse, the trunk found in the desert, the handyman's story. None of it was enough to indict Margaret Rudin. But now there's a gun, and it's a gun they believe was the one used to kill Ron taken by Margaret. Now they have what they've been trying to get for years. I think with that, that was the piece they felt they needed to go to the grand jury, we found the gun. And then three years after the disappearance with Mr. Rudin, Margaret is indicted. Here comes the interesting part now. They called Margaret's attorney, and they said, hey, guess what? We got a murder warrant for Margaret, and we need her to turn herself in. And the attorney promptly said, I don't know where she is. She's disappeared. We thought no . The police for flabbergasted. Sometime toward the end of March of 1997, Margaret finally got fed up with everything. She was running out of money, couldn't get a job because she was the black widow of Las Vegas. Well, she left before she was ever indicted, and there's no crime about leaving and going anywhere if you're not under indictment. Margaret got scared. She could tell it wasn't going in a good direction for her. At that time, I think I was so ready for a nervous breakdown, I didn't think that far ahead. I just wanted to get out of Vegas. She went on the lam. If you spot Margaret Rudin, call our hotline. She outsmarted all of them. She knew how to stay alive. And if I told you what happened next, you wouldn't

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"One year after her husband’s death, Rudin settled suit with trustees of husband's estate, inheriting a small amount out of her husband’s millions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"76009269","title":"Margaret Rudin fights for her share of husband’s estate, murder weapon found: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/margaret-rudin-fights-share-husbands-estate-murder-weapon-76009269"}