Margaret Rudin becomes a fugitive and spends nearly 2 years on the run: Part 6

Three years after her husband was killed, Maragaret Rudin in indicted for murder. Before she was indicted, she left for Mexico.
8:59 | 02/20/21

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Transcript for Margaret Rudin becomes a fugitive and spends nearly 2 years on the run: Part 6
They automatically assume when the spouse is killed the other spouse is guilty. Love makes the world go round, but money greases the wheels. There's no sign of Ron Ruden. He was gone. Dubbed the black widow of Las Vegas. The Nevada black widow. They never checked on anyone but me. If you spot Margaret ruddin, call 1-8 hundred-crime TV. She had two if not three wigs. Several I.D.S. She went on the lam. She outsmarted all of them. How often could you be that lucky? Margaret just doesn't know that luck is going to run out. 42 years, that was the worst trial I ever had. You are unfair doing that. It's wrong to Mrs. Ruddin, judge. Listen to me! They had no forensics. In finger prints, no DNA. This is a travesty, and I was part of that. It's the biggest regret of my life. Really is. Sometimes what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Sometimes, goes on the run. Why would you flee if you were innocent? Guadalajara is a city in western Mexico known for its tequila and its mariachi music. Its historic center is dotted with plazas and beautiful landmarks. In 1997, a middle-aged woman in a dark wig was seen frequenting the old colonial plaza. That woman was none other than Margaret Rudin. Margaret Rudin had been indicted for murder. Her husband Ron Rudin's skull was found just outside of Las Vegas in 1994. Police instantly zero in on Margaret. They believe they've got a solid case. But it's only after police finally have what they believe to be is the murder weapon are they able to charge Margaret Rudin with murder. Everything that had gone wrong, the way it was handled by police and the prosecutors, and I got really scared. I did not feel comfortable anymore, because they can do whatever they want to do with somebody's life. I wasn't going to get a chance to prove myself. She did call me and say, they think that I did it. She always said she did not do it. She never admitted, that I know of, that she was guilty. And she ran. When Margaret fled, it cemented public opinion, right? People thought she was guilty, right? Why would you flee if you were innocent? I left for, I thought, a better life than what I had in Vegas. I wanted peace of mind. Mexico, they don't care where you're from. They don't pay attention to you. Once Margaret ends up in Guadalajara, she finds an apartment in a building with mostly other Americans, and she sort of works into the fabric of the downtown atmosphere of this Mexican city. I love Mexico. I like their way of life. Nobody knew me. And I thought, this is a good place to live. Meanwhile, back in the U.S., Margaret may have been gone, but she was not forgotten. She was on the FBI's wanted most wanted list. This is going to be a true test for Margaret Rudin. 53 years old, no criminal record. She has to figure out how to survive life on the run. I don't know how she did it, I really don't. Well, one would think she had help or that she had studied it very, very closely. One useful tool that Margaret has always possessed is her charm. Men do like her. So what happens next is practically the making of a movie of the week. She meets a guy who claims to be a Spanish bank robber, also on the run. Oh, it was great. He was a wonderful companion. He was not my boyfriend. He taught me how to be a fugitive. The number one thing is always have a bag packed. Have money, I.D., clothes. Make sure you have whatever it is you need the most in that bag. Margaret becomes this master of disguise with different aliases, wearing different wigs. She even had colored contacts. But eventually she decided she was ready to come back to the U.S. Life on the run is not what it's cracked up to be, right? It's a tough existence. You want to live in Mexico under an alias, scrapping it out, or will you take your chances coming back to the united States? I had friends that came to visit me in Mexico. And then they asked me if I wanted to come back and live with them in Phoenix. Once you have children and grandchildren, you cannot go somewhere else and live and act like you're having a normal life. Margaret has to figure out a way to safely get back into the United States, so once again she uses her charm and convinces a gentleman who lives in the same apartment building in Guadalajara to help her. Joe lundergan was a Boston fireman, retired. Very, very, very needy. He was never my boyfriend. I have never been that desperate in my life. I said, I've decided I'm going back to the states. And he said, I will get you across the border. We got to the border, where you're on U.S. Territory, and you're not gonna slip them $100 and they're going to let you walk across. And Joe said, just a minute. He pulls out his Boston fireman retired card, and you know how police are a fraternity? Firemen are included in their fraternity. And the guy said, oh, okay, go. You can both go. Margaret and Joe lundergan part ways. He heads back home to the Boston area, and she settles into a new life in Phoenix, assuming yet another identity using the name of a friend. Margaret is in Phoenix. She's gotten herself a room at the ymca. She once worked in the hotel business, so that's a bit of a resume, and she uses it to get a job at the San Carlos hotel. My poor manager. He used to say, if you ever tell me you're going to quit, I'll kill you. I knew I was going to have to quit at some point. Margaret was the subject of as high-profile a case as you'll ever get. What could drive a woman to murder? Love? Sex? Money? Well, for the woman in our next case, you're going to have to answer that question yourself. And she was repeatedly on "America's most wanted," and she was the black widow. Right? This was the label. Where is the black widow? Have you seen Margaret Rudin? If you spot Margaret Rudin, call our hotline at 1-800-crime-tv. Someone that she worked with saw the "America's most wanted" and said "Hey, that's Annette," and she called the tip line and the police officers responded. So, the cops showed up at my door and said, somebody thinks you are so-and-so. And we need to see your I.D. And I had gone the day before and gotten legit Arizona I.D. With my picture on it, you know? And they said, let me check it in the computer. Came back and said, nothing there. And they left. I picked up my bag. Called limo service, which we used at the hotel, and said, would you please pick me up at the side entrance? So, the limo took me to where I wanted to go, and I was a fugitive again. It is funny. I mean, how often could you be that lucky? It's time for another chapter in Margaret's life on the run, and she heads east. But then a pizza delivery man shows up at Margaret Rudin's door. Is he there to deliver an end to her lucky streak?

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{"duration":"8:59","description":"Three years after her husband was killed, Maragaret Rudin in indicted for murder. Before she was indicted, she left for Mexico.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"76009268","title":"Margaret Rudin becomes a fugitive and spends nearly 2 years on the run: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/margaret-rudin-fugitive-spends-years-run-part-76009268"}