Margaret Rudin remembers marriage was tumultuous at times: Part 2

At the time Ron Rudin was killed, he was working on a big development project. Margaret Rudin said her husband became increasingly paranoid and would frequently carry a gun.
8:12 | 02/20/21

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Transcript for Margaret Rudin remembers marriage was tumultuous at times: Part 2
Going to the chapel and we're going to get married going to the chapel I think I fall in love too easily, but I don't regret them. Gee I really love you Margaret would never have a problem finding a husband. It's like Liz Taylor, you know? I have a thing with men. I want to be needed. I need to be needed. I was born in Memphis. I am the oldest in the family. Three daughters. Her mother seemed like a really nice, warm person, in contrast with her dad who I think was a strict, religious guy. We could not wear shorts, wear slacks, cut our hair. You weren't supposed to do anything for pleasure. When Elvis Presley was the rage, he refused to let us watch him on TV because of his gyrations. She was always traveling and she went to a bunch of schools, like 10 or 15 or something like that. My father was a barber. He would open a new barber shop, stay there until he got tired of the place, and so we'd move someplace else. So Margaret settled down and got married. I was married to Jerry mason right out of high school. She had two children, Michael and a daughter, Christina. They lived just north of Chicago along lake Michigan. I wanted to white picket fence. We had it. We had the dog, we had the swings. They had all the things that I never had. She really seemed it have a perfect life, a settled life. Until she didn't. My husband had an affair. I went to real estate school, got my license, and found I could make it on my own. So I did. But for Margaret, it was hardly one and done when it came to marriage. Over the following years, she would quickly marry and divorce two more husbands. I think I'm easy to be married to because I'm a people pleaser. That's why none of the men in my life ever asked me for a divorce, not one. I always had to bring it up first. By 1981, Margaret was looking for a fresh start, so she moved to Las Vegas, where she got married and split up with husband number four. But just four months after the divorce, she decides to roll the dice again and marry wealthy Vegas realtor Ron Rudin. There are a total of eight combined previous marriages, but from the beginning it looks promising. The thing that I liked the most about Ron was he had a very dry wit. And he was fun to be around. Did you want to hear he was the best lover I ever had? They made a dynamic good-looking couple. By all rights she should have had a wonderful life. For Margaret, she says everything darkened when she moved into Ron's house, which was located right behind the strip mall and his office. She did not know that the house had not been renovated since Peggy's suicide. One night, he said to me, quietly, what would you say if I told you I murdered Peggy? And I kind of caught my breath. And I didn't know what to say, because if I'd have said, yes, I want the details, I would have had to have left. I just said, no. No, you're not going to relieve your guilt by telling me. I don't want to know. And he said okay, and we never brought it up again. From a distance they look like the perfect couple, but behind the scenes, it was very volatile. Firearms, disputes about money, affairs. It wouldn't be long before Margaret discovers that Ron is having an affair with an irs agent. In Margaret's case, she was allegedly having an affair with a man named yehuda Sharon. He claims to be a former officer in the mossad, which is Israel's intelligence agency. We weren't having an affair, because I was married. If I hadn't of been married, he wasn't my type. Sharon also denied there was an affair, but the mutual jealousy and suspicion all came to a head one night when Margaret says she overheard Ron talking to a woman that he dated before they got married. And we got into an argument because he didn't care that I heard the conversation. It gets to a point where Margaret pulls a gun on Ron in the bedroom. He slapped me, and so I got the gun. He wrestled it out of my hand, and I knew that was the closest to death I was ever going to get by the look on his face. And I said, okay, that's it. I'm out of here. And he said, no, no, no, you don't have to go. I promise you, nothing like that will ever happen again. They went and had some counseling. She got to understand him a little bit better. She loved him. She really didn't want to divorce him. It was Ron that went back to get Margaret. And people believe that Margaret stayed with Ron because she at this point was after his money. I called him and he says, Margaret's diagramming out how she's going to split up all my money. And he says, I'm really getting nervous. I told him, you better watch your back. And to add to Ron's worries, at the time he was knee deep in a massive real estate development deal, and he was struggling to get financing. We're up here at the Lee canyon property that Ron Rudin owned. It's about an hour outside of Las Vegas, about 8,000 feet. And Ron had hoped to make a development up here. And apparently, Ron was expecting an offer on this property. He had several million invested in this project called the retreat at Lee canyon. Lee canyon is currently a ski resort, but in the '90s, there were questions raised about how Ron was funding his plans for an rv resort at the Ron at one point, apparently approached some people that were affiliated with organized crime seeking, you know, money to help develop this place. Well, he got paranoid. The older he got and the worse he was drinking, he really started getting paranoid. He had a horrible fear of people. And he had guns, but he was still always afraid. Maybe he thought an ominous directive he made about his fortune was about to come true. Ron almost seemed to predict his fate by putting in his will, that if I were to ever die of foul play, look at the people around me who stand to benefit from this fortune. So that tells you something's not quite right. What would make a man have his attorney draw up a directive that says, in the event that I die under any strange circumstances, my death is to be investigated thoroughly. I think he was frightened.

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{"duration":"8:12","description":"At the time Ron Rudin was killed, he was working on a big development project. Margaret Rudin said her husband became increasingly paranoid and would frequently carry a gun. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"76009396","title":"Margaret Rudin remembers marriage was tumultuous at times: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/margaret-rudin-remembers-marriage-tumultuous-times-part-76009396"}