Mark Winger develops romantic relationship with daughter’s nanny: Part 4

Rebecca Simic was hired to help take care of Winger’s infant, Bailey. They became romantically involved and she became pregnant. He proposed and converted to Christianity.
8:13 | 04/17/21

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Transcript for Mark Winger develops romantic relationship with daughter’s nanny: Part 4
When I first met mark, he was just crushed, you know, when she was gone. That was never supposed to happen. The name you have chosen for her means blessing. And it was just a little bit uncomfortable for me, because I just felt like I was in the middle of this crime scene, you know. There were times I would, I would play on the floor. And Bailey would be down there with her toys. Bailey Elizabeth. I kind of wondered, like, we were just in the same spots, in the same areas, you know, that all this happened. Bailey had no idea the chaos that had gone on around her, and I just wanted to protect her from that. Mark, he wanted nothing put the best for her. Happy father's day dear daddy He was just a provider, a protector, and just a stand-up guy. She picked up the bottle and put it in her mouth all by herself. Did you? Because you're hungry. Yeah, I always am. There was nights where we would sit up talking and having wine, and he would tell his stories and he would explain things. Rebecca felt welcome in her new environment. There's only one person who made her feel uneasy, who made her feel uncomfortable. That was donnah's best friend, Deann. Deann pushed to be involved and a part of Bailey's life. I just had the feeling that she wanted to step and take over where donnah was. This is my -- just the sweetest little niece that I have ever seen. In this home video Deann seems to be so close to the whole family, so close to the baby. Oh, want your mommy? I mentioned something to mark about it, and he just said that she's really hurting from donnah being gone. Say, hi daddy! So mark winger starts to return to his regular life, but then he decides to sue Bart transportation for donnah's death in a wrongful death suit. Mark winger filed a civil suit against Bart transportation. The allegation is that Bart transportation should not have hired Roger Harrington. I remember him saying that he was so angry with them, that they hired somebody that something was wrong with him. Bailey's first feeding from her mom. Whatever he asked for, it was worth it. Donnah lost her life. It was necessary that they be held accountable. Normally, when you close a case and it's done, especially when he's the hero in this case, you never hear anything else from him. But mark winger called me on the phone and asked if he could get his gun back. So he comes down to the station, and he's asking how the case was going, if it was still open, if we were doing any more interviewing. I just had an uneasy feeling about it. So, the police have a few things that are making them wonder. Roger Harrington's car was parked facing the wrong way. They have Roger's coffee mug. Why would somebody bring a mug if they're going in to commit a murder? They have Roger's cigarettes. Again, why? Roger Harrington's family insisted from the beginning that their son was harmless. He was no troublemaker. He was a good kid, you know. He wouldn't even strike at anybody. When the newspaper and all the reports come out saying that this Dahm character was telling him to kill people, I was thinking, man, you've really got this wrong. Dahm. Dahm was a rubber mask that he had. And he had told my oldest son, it's just a mask. It's there to scare people. I don't think he would have hurt anybody, and I don't think he was crazy. But then again, can we trust the word of the family? Even though there are still a few pieces of the puzzle that didn't quite fit, the case was closed, and mark winger was going on with his life. Someone's here, Bailey. Someone's here. Hey! Good afternoon. When you live with someone, and you're taking care of a child together -- Knock them down. She only does that with me. It's very easy to kind of play house. You're already put in those roles. All squeaky clean. So clean, we cleaned her up. Mark made me feel like I was like an angel sent to him from god or donnah. And it was my purpose to make this family whole again. The relationship between Rebecca and mark grew from a business relationship to a romantic rationship. Here's this young, smart, attractive woman coming into their lives and taking care of the child. She sees a caring husband who had been a hero, trying to save his wife. I's easy to see why they were drawn to each other. And I remember asking him how he could move on so quickly. And he explained to me that when you have a good marriage, it's natural for you just to want that again. My first interaction with him, it was just kind of an awkward meeting. He starts telling me the it just didn't seem right. It was more about the way he used his gun than it was emotional for him to lose his wife. So, it did make me feel uncomfortable when Rebecca started to become more romantically involved with mark. Cookie. Grab the cookie. As the romance continued. Mark kept capturing moments with Rebecca front and center. Look at daddy. Say, hi, daddy. Bailey has been walking for about a week. Come here, sweetheart. Yay! Mark had always told me that he was not capable of having children. Good girl! I was very surprised to find out I was pregnant. Obviously, I wasn't careful. But it was just kind of a shock. He was thrilled. He was absolutely thrilled. I felt like it was a victory to him. Mark put pressure on me to marry him and have children with him. Immediately, he started going to church with me to persuade me that we could have that life. He writes to me, I love you. You love me, and you're pregnant with our child. I believe that you and I together can raise a family in a truly Christian home. I would be honored to be your husband and blessed if you were my wife. And I said, mark, I don't understand. You've always claimed to be such a loyal you. Why are you changing your faith? Elijah is one of our prophets who is with us through thick and thin. And he said, judaism's just too difficult and unforgiving. And I said, mark, I don't know

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{"duration":"8:13","description":"Rebecca Simic was hired to help take care of Winger’s infant, Bailey. They became romantically involved and she became pregnant. He proposed and converted to Christianity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"77129404","title":"Mark Winger develops romantic relationship with daughter’s nanny: Part 4","url":"/2020/video/mark-winger-develops-romantic-relationship-daughters-nanny-part-77129404"}