Melanie McGuire claims she moved her husband's car in Atlantic City: Part 7

In trying to explain highway toll charges on her car, Melanie McGuire claims she went to Atlantic City to move her husband's car to mess with him, but investigators weren't buying it.
7:28 | 09/26/20

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Transcript for Melanie McGuire claims she moved her husband's car in Atlantic City: Part 7
The next set of clues in the mystery of who killed bill Mcguire leads investigators to a 170-mill stretch of toll road, the garden state parkway. With Melanie now the prime suspect, detectives start pulling her records. They try to track her movements in the days surrounding her husband's disappearance and one of those is her ez-pass statement. When investigators start looking at her e-zpass records, they notice that there were charges for two trips to Atlantic City. On April 30, 2004 just two days after the fight, Melanie said that she and bill had, Melanie does something that is very odd, and most people would find a little suspicious. I'm starting to become more actively angry at him. And I'm thinking, that son of a bitch. I know where he is. According to Melanie, she decides that he's probably in Atlantic City gambling, so she's going to drive down there and she's going to look for his car. Absolutely not rational, but get in the car and -- and go down there. And I'm driving down, and I take the first pass on this highway, and I see a dark sedan. There's no way. There's no way. And lo and behold, there it is. Once Melanie spots bill's car from the highway, she decides she's going to move his car. Melanie says in the past, when they're angry at each other, it's a way of messing with each other, I guess you could say. I pull off on to a little side street and I park my car. It was like, "Mission: Impossible." I'm scooting up the side, got in, started it, and drove away. And where'd you put it? What I believe to be the flamingo hotel. What Melanie said was, I was going to move his car to the seediest part of town, the most annoying for him to find. It just didn't make any sense, that he was physically abusive to her, but then she goes to mess with a car with a guy she claims she doesn't want to be around. And it sounds beyond ridiculous sitting here saying it, and I acknowledge that. I can't -- you know, it's the truth. It's an incredible story, meaning it's just not credible. We believe she was planting his car in Atlantic City. She was trying to create an illusion that bill Mcguire was still alive. That requires two drivers, so certainly that means someone helped her. Someone had her path finder and she was driving bill Mcguire's car. They put the car at the flamingo hotel, and she went home with the person driving here car. And investigators thought they'd struck pay dirt when they discovered that hotel's parking lot had surveillance cameras. In truth, of course, the footage did not capture who the driver was. The surveillance video from the flamingo hotel actually showed the victim's vehicle being pulled into a parking space. Because of the darkness and the glare and the background lights, you could not actually see the person that was occupying the vehicle. There was another inexplicable road trip, this time to Delaware five days after her husband went missing. She had shared with Dr. Miller that in the early morning hours of may 4th, she was actually future shopping. Investigators think that this Delaware furniture trip is really just a ruse. That same road would have taken her to the Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel. Normally someone would take the New Jersey turnpike to go over the Delaware memorial bridge, picking up route 13, which runs south to the Chesapeake bay bridge and tunnel. Patty Prezioso says that Melanie actually left the night before from New Jersey, drove bill's remains to Virginia. We believe that that was when she took the suitcases with bill's remains and got rid of them in the Chesapeake bay. And the first suitcase turned up the very next day. But of course Melanie thinks this theory is preposterous. Virginia Beach is another 450 miles from Delaware. So I mean, you're talking about hours, and there just isn't enough time. And why would she drive all the way down to Chesapeake with the body parts in the car? Thinking I'm not going to get stopped, I'm not going break down. What a chance that is. You can't stop on a bridge and open a window and throw three suitcases out. Maybe if it was one of these pieces of circumstantial evidence for which you might have a reasonable explanation for one or two, but we're talking a large amount. You can't have reasonable explanations for all of them. It is a mountain, and it's a lot of coincidences, and that's -- absolutely. But coincidences don't always make for the best evidence, and detectives were still searching for any physical evidence that would link Melanie Mcguire to her husband bill's murder. Where is the proof? Where is the forensic evidence? The task force is convinced that bill was murdered and dismembered at their townhouse in Woodbridge, so they concentrate on that. They went back four to five times to search for any evidence. They did everything that you would typically think of, right? They brought in the Luminol, pulled down parts of the walls, pulled out the piping, pulling floorboards up. They really turn this place upside down a number of times. They were trying to find bullets, traces of blood, and nothing ever came up. Couldn't find any forensic evidence whatsoever to establish that this was a crime scene. I don't know how you would dismember a body and effectively clean that up. Despite that glaring lack of physical evidence, investigators still believe the circumstantial evidence is enough, and they arrest Melanie Mcguire. So surreal. A day like any other, getting the kids off to daycare. We surveilled her to the school, waited for her to drop her children off. Walking out of the building, I'm not even off the curb. Melanie Mcguire, can you come with us, please? I knew. Two years and ten months after the first suitcase washed up, the trial against Melanie Mcguire commenced in middlesex county, and it was a sensation. There's no proof that Melanie Mcguire murdered her husband. The prosecutor said Melanie Mcguire is guilty or she's the unluckiest person in the world. Proof I can fight moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. Proof I can fight psoriatic arthritis...

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{"duration":"7:28","description":"In trying to explain highway toll charges on her car, Melanie McGuire claims she went to Atlantic City to move her husband's car to mess with him, but investigators weren't buying it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"73252284","title":"Melanie McGuire claims she moved her husband's car in Atlantic City: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/melanie-mcguire-claims-moved-husbands-car-atlantic-city-73252284"}