NXIVM founder Keith Raniere arrested on sex trafficking charges: Part 5

Keith Raniere evaded authorities for weeks, prosecutors said, by not using his phone and sticking to encrypted email.
5:35 | 04/28/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NXIVM founder Keith Raniere arrested on sex trafficking charges: Part 5
Reporter: When the man know as vanguard goes to war with his enemies, court filings allege he does it with quite a war chest thanks in part to the house that alcohol built. The bronfmans, Claire and Sarah, who are the heiresses to the seagrams liquor fortune, have been, in large respect, the bankroll for nxivm, for its litigation. Reporter: These high society sisters are good for the cash, thanks to their late father, multi-billionaire seagrams distillary chairman. That cash allowed the sisters to host the dalai lama's visit to Albany. My friends, these two young ladies. Reporter: As a proud raneire looked on. Clare bronfman has posted this online, "I've seen so much good come from both our programs and from Keith himself." But some former members might disagree. People have given up their life savings trying to defend themselves. And they're up against the millions of dollars that the bronfmans have at their disposal. I've been sued and restraining orders on me. I've received threats from the company. His weapon of choice is the legal system. They just want to use the litigation, in my opinion, to silence you, harass you, threaten you, and financially cripple you. Reporter: "Terrorism by litigation" is what one adversary called it in court filings. For Bouchey, the legal assault began after she left the group. I've been dragged into 14 lawsuits, and it's cost me $700,000. Imagine 800 court filings. Just try that on for a moment. You're instantly an enemy when you leave. Instantly shunned, instantly cut off, instantly worthless. Garbage, a liar, bad person. They made every effort possible over the years to effectively silence their critics through the courts. And to a significant degree, it appears to have worked. Reporter: Nxivm has claimed it sues to protect their intellectual property and reputation. I never really thought that I would end up in litigation with Keith raniere for over ten years. Reporter: Longtime critic Rick Ross says he's helped some members leave. Then he was targeted after calling nxivm a cult on his website. Raniere's group sued unsucessfully, accusing him of making "False and misleading representations." He had my garbage gone through. He actually paid for my garbage. Reporter: And that's not all. Ross says his private banking and phone records were dug up during the grueling court battles with raniere's group. Is there something about his personality that I'm missing when I see him on videotape? The federal court would order mediation. So I would have to sit in a room with him. What I would say is, is he charismatic? No. I think he's kind of boring, there's one word Keith raniere cannot handle, and that's the word no. The last thing Keith said to me is, "I will see you dead or in jail." Reporter: How would he try to get you in jail? He's trying to have myself, and I know of four other people, extradited to Mexico on extortion charges. They're false charges. Reporter: Oxenberg says she too got a menacing letter from Mexico. I got a letter from a lawyer, and then a state attorney general, stamped, saying cease and desist or you will be imprisoned. Reporter: Cease and desist what? From speaking. Reporter: We wanted to ask Keith raniere about all this hardball. So last fall we tracked him to Monterrey, Mexico, where someone had just snapped this photo of him walking the streets. A nxivm event had just been held at this private home, so we gave it a shot. Unfortunately for raniere, we weren't the only ones searching for him. Prosecutors in New York were on his trail as well. He evaded them for weeks, they say, by not using his phone and sticking to encrypted e-mail. But finally, in Puerto Vallarta, the game was up. That appears to be Allison Mack looking on bewildered during his arrest, all caught on that video shot by his supporters. Keith raniere made his first appearance in the New York court today, he was clad in a tan jumpsuit. Reporter: He's now stuck with cellmates unlikely to call him vanguard. And awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges involving women in that secret society. They come in, and they're forced to give collateral, blackmail. If they stray, if they don't do what he wants, he will release embarrassing photos, information, or videos about these women. We look forward to our day in court. Reporter: Catherine oxenberg flew across the country to attend raniere's hearing. He finally needs to be held accountable for every single woman and child that he's ever harmed, abused, exploited. Reporter: And reached out to her daughter India. I love you, come home. You have to believe that even these charges alone are going to cripple nxivm. Reporter: Coming up, it's now

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"Keith Raniere evaded authorities for weeks, prosecutors said, by not using his phone and sticking to encrypted email.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"54794785","title":"NXIVM founder Keith Raniere arrested on sex trafficking charges: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/nxivm-founder-keith-raniere-arrested-sex-trafficking-charges-54794785"}