Oregon Man Claims IRS Auditor Coerced Him into Having Sex

"I felt like a cheap whore," said Vincent Burroughs of 2011 visit to his home.
7:19 | 04/12/13

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Transcript for Oregon Man Claims IRS Auditor Coerced Him into Having Sex
Two of the most terrifying words in the english language. Taxed all did. And with that dreaded april 15th coming up on monday, it's bound to hit some of us. So, with that in mine, we kick off this evening's program with an audit and an auditor one man will never forget. It involves a female irs agent who the person being audited says determined to get every last deduction, in more ways than one. But after watching this report, you might wonder who's really doing the mooching. Reporter: Riding through the rural oregon landscape -- looks exhilarating, doesn't it? Ah, but up to his handlebars in a big time brouhaha with the internal revenue service. 40-year-old vince burroughs is no easy rider thanks to, that summer night. Honestly, I felt like, like a cheap whore. Reporter: After normal business hours, at 9:00 p.M. Here in eugene, oregon, vince burroughs opened his front door, he says, to dora abrahamson. She was an irs agent. She was auditing him. The two had never met before. She said she was going to do my paperwork. She came up the stairs, knocked on the door, I opened the door. Reporter: What he says happened next as in immediately. You had sex. Mm-hmm. Reporter: How characterize that sexual encounter? It was forced upon me. Trading sex for cheaper taxes? Reporter: Well, this past winter, it would get a lot of people talking. Burroughs says he got several flirtatious text messages. He was seduced by dora abrahamson. She was an irs agent. She showed up at his house and said, "look, have sex with me. Reporter: It would get a lot more of them laughing. And of course, the guy was stunned. He thought only people making more than $250,000 a year got screwed by the irs. But no. Reporter: And it would leave vince himself feeling wait, what? I just f a stress case. I just feel like I'm going to cry right now. But I am, I'm trying not to. Reporter: Years ago, vince says, he was making good money as a local contractor until the economy hit the skids. Vince got behind on his taxes $20,000 worth, he figured. When the call came from the irs a couple of years later, he says it was dora on the line. And she goes, "oh, wait a minute. I think I know you." I go, "okay. How do you know me?" And she goes, "do you race motorcycles?" Reporter: Funny she should ask. In fact, he had won a few races locally. Vince says she knew who he was, but when she texted him this selfie, vince didn't recognize her. And she goes, "well, you are really lucky that I got your audit." Reporter: What is it like to hear the word "audit" from the irs? I started shaking immediately. My heart rate went up. I just tried to cooperate with them as much as I could. Reporter: That meant digging out bank records. Vince could kill an elk with a bow and arrow. Tracking down receipts? Yeah, not so much. Good news, says vince, was that dora seemed most eager to help out. She was sending me texts. Some of them made me feel like i am lucky that she's got mied all did, because she's going to help And then some of them made me feel like, I think -- I think this girl wants something else. I need a hug bad. Do you have one? You are my secret project. How does that feel? Reporter: Vince's lawyer showed a document featuring friendly-sounding texts. Vince says they were sent by dora. I will be there if you text me your address. Oh boy, I got a small surprise. You want a massage? I can put you to sleep. Reporter: So, what about vince's texts to her? And where are your texts? On a cell phone in my attorney's office. There were very few texts from him. And whatever there were from him, had been erased. Reporter: Oh really? Sounds like a few of these texts were responses to something. When she was texting me all this sexual stuff, I did not want to act like I wasn't interested as far as her auditing me. Reporter: So you never told her, "i'd like you to stop with the sexual stuff?" I didn't. Reporter: A week or so after the audit began, vince hadn't gotten the papers he needed together yet. Hes dora asked abo stopping by to give him a hand. And then, well, we asked vince to re-enact what he claims took place. And she just pushed me back, and I kind of went back and i landed like that and she immediately came over, got on top of me, started kissing on me. Then she leaned up and started tearing my shirt off. She took me by the arm, she looked back a couple times and smiled at me. This seductive smile, I guess you could say. Reporter: The rest really should come with its own bow-chicka-wow soundtrack. What happened when she brought you in here? She put her foot up here like this, spun, flopped down on the bed and pulled me on top of her. She was kissing me and then she rolled over on top of me. We finished removing my clothes, removed her clothes and things happened. Reporter: It's certainly been known to happen. Just not in real life. That sounds like the kind of thing that happens in one of those late night movies. Well, that's the way it happened. Reporter: You think dora abrahamson might remember things differently? So did we. But she declined our offer to come on camera and give her side. Do you have any regrets? I regret not calling her boss, because she's taken something from me that I'll never get back. Reporter: What's that? Self-respect. Reporter: Did we mention that vince had a long-time girlfriend? Yeah, about that. She's moved out. Um -- I don't know what's going to happen with the relationship. I love her so much. And -- I just hope understand. Reporter: A few days after their encounter, vince says he got another call from dora. She was stepping down from his audit, conflict of interest, he says she explained. When the new irs agent said vince owed some $69,000, well -- somebody has to be accountable for what the irs does, because they are unaccountable. They run with no leash on. Reporter: So vince took legal action. And even though at one point he says she'd texted him this sexy self-portrait, he now had more than dora in his sights. I am suing dora abrahamson and the united states of america for sexual coercion and the violation of privacy act. Reporter: It was the allegations about dora that got all those headlines. In court papers, she denied them. David moule has spoken to her briefly since that happened. What can you tell us about what her state of mind was? She felt that her name was being smeared. In some ways, she was sympathetic, she was crying. Reporter: In fact, he's considering dropping dora from the suit. So if vince wins, citizens could be footing the bill for the messy afterglow. I imagine the taxpayers aren't going to be happy about paying any settlement. Reporter: What do you think would constitute justice in this case? Justice would be served if the government would write out a check for $100,000. Reporter: You know some people are going to be thinking, he got a free one. Not only did he get a free one, he now wants the government to pay for the free one that he got. I guess they'd have to be in my shoes.

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{"id":18945351,"title":"Oregon Man Claims IRS Auditor Coerced Him into Having Sex","duration":"7:19","description":"\"I felt like a cheap whore,\" said Vincent Burroughs of 2011 visit to his home.","url":"/2020/video/oregon-man-claims-irs-agent-seduced-audit-18945351","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}